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  1. If all my assumptions end up being wrong and the HUD turned out to be good I wouldn't fell ashamed. Because I'd be too busy enjoying the update then to care about this topic. But if the HUD turns out to be horrible then I will not bother paying for all the story mode seasons that hinterland creates in the future. I'd just download them from a third party website instead. (Don't take that as a threat hinterland. You have already taken over 1 million dollars from others)
  2. It's probably a moderator sabotaging the poll, because he really wants the new HUD in the game.
  3. If they keep the tab HUD the same way. I'll be happy.
  4. http://www.thelongdark.com/news/posts/light-at-the-end/ "We’ve done a complete aesthetic overhaul of our UI & HUD"
  5. The HUD was first posted on April fools day as a joke https://mobile.twitter.com/RaphLife/status/848268336123084800 Now they have taken this horrible design and put it on The long dark website!
  6. If you press tab on you're keyboard you will get Thirst / Hunger / Rest / Cold bars with health and temperature numbers. Hinterland is planning on replacing that HUD with the right picture you showed me.
  7. Could you sent me a screenshot of the current radial on you're device?
  8. They removed the numbers and bars.
  9. I've decided to mute you for a week. Hopefully by then you will stop annoying me.
  10. 3 posts on 3 different topics doesn't really count as spam.
  11. Hinterland really wants to keep the new HUD because they started deleting some of my comments. (The ones that where warning people about the new HUD design)
  12. The HUD was intentionally sloppy. They first showed this HUD on April fools day https://mobile.twitter.com/RaphLife/status/848268336123084800 I hope these idiots are not actually serious about putting this HUD in the game.