The last drop of insulin (a story by alone sniper)

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Hi guys !!! ^_^ 
How you doing ? ;) 

I working on a novel. I get inspired by TLD !!!!    I Should Thank my friend who helped me !!! @Wastelander @Baukster77 

I will edit this whenever I can !!! So don't forget to check it out !!! (I will do my best but it might have a typo !! :$

I hope you enjoy it !!!  

Don't forget to comment your idea about it !!!!!!! 

The Survivor 

The sun was setting slowly, as little snowflakes came falling from the sky. Young teen was running through the streets. He suddenly stopped in front of a dilapidated apartment building. He looked around, but there was nobody there. He took a deep breath and looked at the building, it used to be one of the biggest buildings of the neighborhood. But that was before the earthquake happened. Now it was just a death trap. The earthquake destroyed the entrance, and the building was not accessible. He walked around the back of the building. There was a small old metal fire escape ladder at the back of building.  After double checking his backpack (today was a good day!! He found a tuna can !!!) he started to climb ladder .

Arash climbed up the ladder. and after fifty steps later he was at the rooftop. There was a big hole in the roof, and on the other side of the roof there was a door that led to fifth floor. Arash stepped on a plank that was laid over the hole. He tried to keep his head up - the hole was about six meters deep.... 

He finally reached the door and opened it, not before watching the sunset for a second.

"Well, one good day's about to finish" he whispered. After a few minutes He entered the house from the rooftop door. 

A big part of the staircase had collapsed about a year ago. so he walked carefully to the  fifth floor. There was a lot of stuff on the floor, but the usable stuff he had taken a month ago. He sat by the big hole and jumped to the fourth floor. This floor was full of stuff, which made  walking pretty hard. It took some time for Arash to get to the door.

"Never gets easier" Arash said. He got out of the house and climbed down the stairs until he reached to old wrecked door on the third floor. He tried to open the door but it didn't open. 
"Come on!! It's going to get worse day by day !!!! " Arash said Impatiently.  finally he busted the door down. The door landed on the floor.  Arash tried to keep his calm. 

He entered the house and put his backpack on the ground, lifted the door to its place. after that he looked at his semi-wrecked house. 





 * : Arash is a Persian name

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