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  1. You forgot the bear bedroll, 3 or 4 stims, and food for 7 days.
  2. From Errant Pilgrim's changelist : CHALLENGE MODES [Hopeless Rescue] The Distress Pistol can no longer spawn outside of the Timberwolf Mountain Crash Site.
  3. Great news! I play this game since 2015, and I can say this is the best game ever. I have 48 yo, and started playing videogames with about 10 years, on consoles like Intellivision, Atari2600, and this is the game I have spent more hours, and enjoyed most in my life. And it can surprise me, and make me leaving work earlier just to play. Thanks Raphael, and Hinterland.
  4. Wow. This is a really great idea.
  5. I never noticed temperature decreasing without taking torches. For each torch, there is a 1oC decrease, but thats the only way I've seen temperature decreasing. I'll test it soon...
  6. Raphael twitted that he is thinking to give this name to december updated : "This Is Going to Hurt You More Than It's Going to Hurt Me"
  7. romerabr

    4DON 2019

    That's correct. It was the first place I went last year, I was planning to spend the 4DON at the summit, and it was heartbreaking when I counldn't find the rope.
  8. Is it possible for those who downloaded the new update to post some screenshots from PV, so I can see the changes? Of course, the Spoiler tag must be used! I´ll only be able to play on the weekend!😨 Thanks!
  9. Probably your meat was moved to lost and found container, and since it had 0 % condition, it just vanished, like all other 0 % stuff. I guess that was something the developers didn't foreseen.
  10. I was so afraid, I had to hid under the car's seat!
  11. I searched on the main page, not in the version page. Sorry and thanks.
  12. How canI activate the old versions, on steam client?
  13. I have a stalker save, and with more than 500 days, I still have more than 300 cloths on my porch, with more than 1000 hours worth of fire, and 1000 pounds of meat. More than 200 matches, 3 or 4 firestrikers, and a magnifying glass too. Lots of pelts (more than 50 bears & deers, 10 mooses, and more than 100 from wolves and rabbits and 400 guts). 200 scrap metals, 10 wetstones, lots of rosehips & mushrooms, and still have more than 10 MRE. Knives & hatchets, 3 hammers to break the ice on my fishing hut (I live on TWM, in the hut). When i make my round, i can gather 40 or 50 sticks/day, going from place to place. I have bases on 3 more caves, with food, water, and wood, where I can live for many days. The only thing I need is birch saplings, but I still have lots of arrows, and a few rounds for my rifle. I found 70 revolver bullets, but never found a revolver, since this is an old save. I can aesily live 10 years here.
  14. Great. Will follow here.
  15. Look here: I was luck that the second wolf took just few hit to beat. It was an old save, stalker, with 510 days.
  16. My favorite too. In my current save, of 504 days in stalker, 350 were in TWM. Om my Interloper save, for 380 days total, 220 were in TWM. I Make trips to bring cloth (650 units), Scrap Metal, (Almost 200), Pots (4), and other few items.