TLD in the Grocery Store

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1 hour ago, Patrick Carlson said:

Seems appropriate. ^_^ Watch out though, if you drink too many you'll have to sleep the next 24 hours outside to recover. 

No worries. It's highs in the 80's, lows in the 60's this week. A nice sleeping bag and plenty of bug repellent is all I need. :lantern_fuel:

1 hour ago, Tbone555 said:

oh man. this is something i need in my life. which store did you get this in??

Jewel (owned by Albertson's) of all places. They have a pretty decent craft beer section nowadays. They even have mix-n-match six packs for 9.99. You can pick out up to six different beers to try. We are trying three different kinds this week, I knew as soon as I saw this one we had to go with the mix-n-match. If I like this one, I might get the full six pack next time.

1 hour ago, Wastelander said:

I keep throwing money at the screen but it won't come out!


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