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  1. dang i cant find it
  2. thank you so much!
  3. just wondring if hinter land fixed the swear filter it dosent always work :( had to play the game on mute with subs and the filter
  4. i havent been playing tld for a bit practing for a 60k torutemnt on split gate but still have not died
  5. so i killed a bear but it didnt show the carcasee in CH found my arrows too. second bear i died blead out on the way to queanset 16 days was how long i lived
  6. thanks btw i just got 10 days stalkker in costal highway idk why XD had a lot of close calls thanks for the tips!
  7. they should add one more firearm in ep 4 when you get spotted they fire a gun at you thats not a rifle or a relvoler that would be cool maybe a glock
  8. hi ive been playing the long dark for a few months now and i suck the best ive gotten is 5 days on custom please help (it was in ash caynon and got the gold mine)
  9. i very much agree on this i was taken by suprized of how much there f bombs there were thanks for the filter hinter land but sometime it dosent work can you fix that?
  10. ive never heard the main menu theme i play on ps4 btw