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  1. thank you it seems the wolf pack was a little intimidate by all the bears. they ran away squealing into the night...
  2. The moon beckoned brightly as the celestial winds played their magical tunes against the highly rarefied night sky. the call of the wild was ringing in my ears... I am the aurora whisperer...
  3. I think that is technically outside. Not sure I'd want to risk leaving stuff there, but it would be easy enough to test by just leaving a gut there for a few hours and see if there is any change in condition. Next time I'm up in that next of the woods I'll give it a try and let you know. I only ever stopped there once or twice to ride out a blizzard. Seems to be a good place to hunker down to get outta the wind.
  4. That's been around for a while now, but still pretty cool if you ask me.
  5. oh and how dirty they are... I got a bucket and some cloth also some freshly boiled hot water. Why is there always filth and litter laying on the floors of every post-apocalyptic game ever made? Doesn't anyone clean up after themselves anymore? Games like this are why I need to stay on my meds...
  6. Spell of Darkness, eh @Stinky socks where do I find these "evil" timber bunnies?
  7. oh snap! So much going on... so many questions... Who, what, where, why and how??? it's gonna be a long two weeks! I can't wait to play this!
  8. Hmmm, you'd think that there would be dozens of such spots considering the size of the island and the mere fact that so much of it is timbered. But the Birch Tree forest does bring some interesting colors with the various grasses that grow there between the trees. I often look at those large trees and wonder if the Devs didn't just resize the saplings to make the big trees!
  9. Playing the Nomad Challenge Decided to end the run at Trapper's Cabin in Mystery Lake so I lugged a lot of junk along from the over stops since I was in the neighborhood. I left so much stuff behind, it was ridiculous. I did keep all the bullets. I ended up with lots of bullets! I had a few duplicates of everything. I ended up finding the tools prepper cache and was rewarded with an abundance of jerry cans, lanterns, assorted hatchets and knives... was able to repair everything in the room to 100% before the fat lady sang! So I wanted to share a couple of pics of my fin
  10. Congratulations! It does take some level of commitment to keep playing the game sometimes! Well Done! What's next, shooting for 1000?
  11. So, I'm up there at the Signal Hill radio tower and of course find my trusty lantern nearby... (anybody ever play "Zork") It's in pretty bad shape but there's plenty of fuel and I finally get it fired up. I figure I'd get maximum lighting by putting it on top of the coffee maker in the break room and since the lamp was in the window it would nicely illuminate the radio desk. Now, It's either really darkly tinted glass or it's so darn dirty the light can barely shine thru it. So, if it's tinted why even bother putting a window in there? It's the little things
  12. Nope, you can't craft a bow because there are no maple saplings to harvest. Nor are there any birch saplings for arrows. Even the usual stray and/or broken arrows that you typically find aren't present. Usually there are a couple of broken arrows in the dam door, but not this time. Otherwise you would have found at least one good arrow and a bow in DP up in the little area where you find the campfire and the deer carcass. I often find a broken arrow there as well and usually a maple sapling spawns up there too. you did check there I assume. yeah, so negative. The only arrows your g
  13. I almost spilled my bong when I read: "...As she was descending to take your bleeding corpse for reproductive purposes..." and that's why @Pencil, you end up where you end up when you come to!
  14. wow, this was a lot harder than I expected it to be
  15. Yes, I did take the money... came in useful to help get the fire started!