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  1. It's very good, I can totally understand that this would be a fan favourite. I think that the same would count for me if I started playing the game sooner, but for now the Crossroads Elegy theme remains very identical for me, because I always heard that on the main menu. Maybe I enjoy the wintermute theme even more if I listen to it more often. It has to grow on you, you know
  2. Just googled the wintermute theme, so now I pretty much understand what you mean haha. I started playing the game almost a year ago so I have never known anything other than the crossroads elegy theme ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  3. Yes, below is a video from the main menu after Episode 3 release. It is the same music as after the release of Ash Canyon, only then the background region changed to that one.
  4. The developers changed the background and the theme of the main menu to fit with the newest update. I think that it looks really good and has a fitting soundtrack. But if I have to be honest, I'd say that the previous background and music was even better, which captured the atmosphere of the game to a greater extent. Every time I started the game I waited at the menu until the music was over, whereafter the wind would pick up and night would fall. For that reason I hoped that the developers would do a similar thing with the new region, but this time it is just a still image this time with some
  5. I found a deer that was able to defy the laws of gravity. Also I just found out about the heritage filter and I really enjoy to take screenshots with it😁
  6. Thanks Suggestions for special locations are always welcome. I'm at least thinking of adding a coast guard harbor somewhere in the southeast because there has been discussion about such a location being on the island in another forum page
  7. Alright, I have decided to make an attempt at creating a map of the entirety of Great Bear Island. If anyone is interested I can post several updates here, otherwise I will only post the result if I finish it. For now it will only be the part of the island that already have the existing regions, because who knows what other regions will be added with the remaining episodes. In the second picture you can see the maps from the previously mentioned Steam community page as a basis on which I will draw the map.
  8. Finally managed to reach the lighthouse for the first time
  9. All of these ideas sound very interesting. Although it is reasonable to have on the island, I personally do not expect there to be huge built-up areas in the game itself. It is a survival game with a focus on the hostile nature after all, so if the devs add something big I expect that such a location will be balanced to make the game more enjoyable to play. I haven't explored the whole map yet so I don't know how it is with other places, but the Town of Milton for example is destroyed for the most part. It is a relatively large settlement for the game, but still, because many buildings in the
  10. Thanks for your feedback. I honestly created the map before ever visiting the forums, so I should dive into them and find out the other background theories of the island. As for the map itself, it is indeed cultivated and developed to a great extent, which would make unsuitable to be implemented as a survival region in the game. It is just how I imagined it to be the gateway to Great Bear Island, sitting in the bottom left corner of the map and being the only bit of civilized grounds in the hostile island. If I ever expand the map, I will for sure reduce the amount of connectors and make the t
  11. So, during survival mode I sometimes use the maps from this Steam community page https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1901570789. The game itself and these maps inspired me to think about what the rest of Great Bear Island could look like. I decided to try and make an imaginary region map myself, because I just learned to find my way around Illustrator and for my profession I must be familiar with Illustrator eventually. The map you see is visually inspired by the maps from the Steam guide. It is meant to be some sort of touristic map with basic information prior to the event