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    LOL I said the same thing. Like... Son? You got a whole rifle on you. Shoot Vachon, then when his buddy comes out, you take HIM out, then you go inside, find Matthis and take him down. But I think the honest answer why you DON'T do this is A.) There are a lot more convicts than the game shows and B.) Mack is the boy scout. He probably won't just shoot an unarmed dude, let alone three.
  2. Lol I did not. I don't think I even knew deer made noise. But I also play with the volume kinda low cause I get freaked out haha
  3. Am I the only one who didn't notice the sound change? Lol
  4. Pretty sure the issue is too MUCH self worth. Which really is super sad. Imagine thinking you're better than someone because of how you play a video game lol.
  5. I feel like it's okay to disagree with people without name calling... This episode WAS inundated with wolves... But the context seemed relevant enough. Several times in cut scenes it's mentioned that surviving the landscape outside the prison was nearly impossible, because of the wolves. I think it's less about whether or not you're adept at handling the wolves and more about how you're handling the landscape. I ran into four packs during the entire episode. Once when I was getting the medicine (this was a black wolf, who I accidentally shot in the face cause he scared me lol), a se
  6. Unless you're like me and are a complete idiot and hiked your way back on foot from the dam because you didn't realize that door was an exit LOL
  7. As a writer, I can say I actually appreciate that the devs did NOT go that route. It is so imperative to a narrative that you maintain consistency and continuity with characters. Growth is fine. Flaws are also fine. Failures are fine. But ultimately altering a character's nature to the point you're suggesting would be so diametrically opposed to the narrative, it would absolutely have ruined the story for me. Mack is the good guy - the boy scout, as Matthis points out. Even at the end, he chooses flight, over fight, and this is very much a character based choice. He would rather protect Jace t
  8. Lol. I feel like this game has traumatized us a little...
  9. THIS. 100% This. Of course considering I filled her fridge with dog food, expired goods and about 60lbs of water, I'm kinda concerned what that soup had in it LOL
  10. Actually, thinking along the lines of the OP... I wonder if you could have something like pepper spray or mace -- rare, obviously, but it would be interesting. Something used specifically in those moments when you're -being- mauled. A pepper-spray to the face for the wolf and he's not gonna worry too much about biting YOUR face anymore. Might also work on a bear if it's specifically a 'bear deterrent' variant.
  11. Feels like feeding the troll at this point. Probably best we just abandon the thread and let it get buried, instead of continuing to try and reason with the unreasonable.
  12. That's tragic, and I am so sorry. If it makes you feel ANY better at all, the first time I played Story mode, I got up to the top of the plane crash area and walked into my own campfire. So at least you didn't die in a really really stupid way!
  13. Well, if you read through the replies, you would see I made a few contributions, including one that would render the OPs suggestion useful. If you really think that Potato spuds and marshmallow guns are a valuable suggestion, you should make them in a new thread. Otherwise, that's just trolling. But I'm not an admin. Do what you want. I wish I understood why folks like you would rather be seen as aggressive and disrespectful than someone other people could glean knowledge from, but there's no sense sneaking through a rusty gate. Have a good afternoon.
  14. So you are trolling on purpose? Okay. That's all I needed to know. I just wasn't sure if you were doing it intentionally or it just came across that way.
  15. Yeah. Haha. The mom in me tries to appeal to people's decency, but I'm starting to realize you gotta have some, for that to work. Clearly Lord won't be satisfied until he's been ignored by everyone on these forums, and it's a shame, because he probably has some credible ideas, but no one will be able to read them.