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  1. Rope-hauling a bag up less-than-vertical terrain is tricky. More often than not the load gets stuck, especially if the bag is not a purpose-built technical haul bag with e.g. a torpedo shape. Perhaps this could be an incentive in a possible free climbing zone for the player to do a risky free climb: to retrieve an old technical bag and the contents? Most such kit stores well, for example the US/CAN Nanga Parbat 1988 expedition was saved by ropes (and snacks) they found stashed in a bag left on the wall for years, at over 7 km!
  2. Hiya, thanks for your well-considered reply! I'll quote soundbites from you above and try to defend my points. 😀 1.2 TLD Science! This is fantastic stuff, the lengths players have gone to over the years trying to fathom the mechanics via Excel-lent deduction! Shows some serious love! 🙂 Realism aside, I'd like more activity in mid-late Loper. I would like to see the quantity of meat on bear carcasses double to triple, depending on how much the character's calorie consumption could be upped, but for balance the bear meat should go bad on unskinned carcass very fast and the marine bears
  3. This is interesting, something I was alluding to above. In a situation where one just should not risk losing both the immediate ability to function due to acute illness, or the longer term condition due to prolonged gastro distress, drinking from a toilet cistern even though it looks clean is not a choice to make lightly. Then again, after being sunbaked and freeze-dried for a couple of days with no water and still without the means to make a fire to boil your finds, thems the breaks. (cue Tuco drinking out of the first horse-trough coming from the desert in The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly 🙂)
  4. In boreal forests in winter, lichen is a superstar. Not so much perhaps in an acute survival scenario, but especially for winter stores many peoples in the US, CA, and Scandinavia have collected bagfuls of the edible varieties. As posted previously, one can find many uses for the various lichens in the Northern hemisphere. I think a couple relatively minor changes to the lichens in TLD would be an easy way to add depth to the game. I don't suggest plain-out adding this to the game without balancing. Do you have any ideas? Canada's Horsehair lichen as a darker variant of the current O
  5. Nordique

    Forest area

    I'm afraid you're spot on regarding the graphics assets. I too would sorely like to see the great boreal forests done right in a game, meaning you can get lost for a real-time hour if you don't know what you're doing, and sometimes even then. Then again trees are ... very much in the core of TLD. Hinterland has the skill to skip boilerplate speedtrees. Given a foggy forest bowl handily limiting the draw distance, the game's graphic style should allow for a suitably great number of procedural complex trees even on consoles.
  6. I fervently hope something like this would still make it to classic TLD -- along with an equally passionate wish for a sequel. I've done a fair bit of climbing and am super surprised how intricately and in how positive light the activity is represented, both Storymode and Survival. For example the Climber's notes betray a deeper understanding of the activity on the part of Hinterland. This has me hoping there would be more of it, and this suggestion that a free climbing spot would be a rare Easter Eggish (hopefully randomly placed just like e.g. the bunkers and signal fires!) offering a
  7. Hi, here's some more little things that I think would be easy enough to implement for added in-game content, and preferably difficulty: 7. Red scarf. Storymode has the Astrid's scarf object all ready. Just add it in Survival as a placeable, perhaps once the player finds the namesake scarf. The interaction bit for suitable bushes and tree limbs is not hard. And of course with heavy winds the scrap should have a high chance of being destroyed, or moving downwind to another place to confuse the player. 8. Blaze marks. I must be one of the few to actually use the in-game inuksuk as a pat
  8. Well, didn't the original backstory have Will as a veritable logging-camp grown woodsman? But that was then. I certainly don't intend a wishlist of 'realism' fixes. I can echo the oft-repeated notion that early game TLD is super intense, but that it then plateaus somewhat. This thread attempts to list suggestions that are 1) simple to implement 2) make the gameplay more varied and add difficulty 3) mainly in ways that target early-mid Interloper where the margins are deliciously thin. I am however also fond of the monotony aspect in mid to late game, noting that it is there when little mi
  9. Yes, I too think it would improve the game noticeably, with very little dev effort, were the water supply less secure. I like how much obvious effort has gone into TLD's mechanics: for the water economy, it is the character who judges all the drinking water he/she finds as okay or need-to-make-sure by boiling. I have thought about this and believe it would both make mid-game loper more interesting and force new choices on the player if the water consumption would be simply doubled. This would go nicely with your suggestion of being able to take non-potable water from e.g. the few flowing
  10. Erm ...bear with me, I know the in-game nutrition has been debated with gusto. I too have thought about it for a long time. My bold conclusion is that it would make sense to flat out repair the in-game calorie counts by giving everything a 50% energy boost. Meaning both the character's daily consumption and the yield from foodstuffs. This would not change any mechanics. In my opinion, the only real negative from this would be some lost continuity when comparing historical TLD exploits. The advantage would be a more realistic game world. Now this sounds strange, but I'd also prefer a more
  11. Great to see this thread's got some views. Time for the next installment, then! 4. Workbench 2.0 -- now with a usable drawer! All workbenches should acknowledge and allow using tools and materials placed on the worktop and in the drawer. This way I could leave my Quality Tools on my main workbench, put the dozens of feathers, tips, shafts etc in the drawer and just craft, not adjusting my inventory. Or place the plain Tools and a blade on a reserve bench and stack that with guts and furs, and return to craft when cured. I know freely placed objects on the workbench would be harder to ch
  12. Thanks for the compliment, I'm happy I managed to convey my elated spirits in writing! (see ps. below) I'll happily clarify, the main point for emphasis italics, but add longish notes, sorry not sorry for googlin' on a lazy Sunday 🙂: 1. Yup, even more than most game animals, thems what they ate. I'd prefer that bear meat from CH and DP can not be eaten when Well-Fed. "Uh, sardines little fish, rancid bear Biig Fish." Just as you described, a unique ID would do it handily. And yes! I too think a couple more judiciously dropped voice acting approval/disapproval clips for both character
  13. Hiya, I often think of some small things that could make the game more interesting, meaning harder, with little dev effort. I, um, think I've got plenty of suggestions so I'll start with a small dollop first. If you like what you see, I'm afraid I have enough for a series. 🙂 1. Fish-eater bear taste can be funky. Could Will/Astrid acknowledge this by refusing to eat CH and DP bear meat if not starving? This in response to the glut of bear meat available. 1.2 IRL I have intermittent access to bear meat. Suffice to say seaside bear should not be a treat, and the coat should come off fi
  14. I wholeheartedly agree, the immersion is unreal. And much love to Hinterland for what you just described. Games that keep on growing and entertaining for years on end are very rare. Though I also feel the funny sort of envy when reading how new initiates 🙂 are taking it all in for the first time, I am thrilled with the amount and quality of new content in the form of new regions and major mechanics: BI and AC really give me the beginner's goosebumps all over again!
  15. Definitely, various backpacks would be the way to go, especially since there are already various packs in the game as textures -- probably not as objects tho. As suggested before, it would conveniently add depth well through late-mid-game if the player would need to start with pocket-carrying (a neat justification for current or even further slimmed down Interloper starting gear?) and then hunt for increasingly better carrying methods all the way to custom built portage rigs or pulks... All this would also introduce further micromanagement, which TLD has been avoiding and cutting down over the