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  1. Um, thanks for sharing I guess. However, as the topic here is non-acute, long-term afflictions like ribs and parasites -- the latter of which can e.g. in the case of tapeworm last for years gradually weakening you -- they could perceivably allow reading. For balance, perhaps slower or with a chance to waste the reading effort.
  2. The topic on reading while down with Parasites got me thinking how much the books and reading add to TLD. However, could the skill books play even a bigger role? As always, my suggestions aim for increased difficulty at maximal ease of implementation. Beddy-bye reading has been covered. And improved book schemes have surfaced in the wishes, too. Perhaps the following slight tweaks to Skill (and other) Book usage could get more mileage out of the existing fantastic mechanic? The downtime during blizzards, longer cooking sessions etc, perhaps even while ice-fishing (if we had signalling i
  3. Though I don't see great need for allowing reading only during parasitic infiltration, I like where this got my mind racing to. The TLD books are fantastic, lore art and mechanics wise! I would like to wring more use out of them. Not to hijack this one, I'll drop a new topic thanks to your initiative, @ThePhoenics!
  4. For me Loper could use a more consistent difficulty curve. I've played Interloper-only for years, and my suggestions are to tweak Interloper into a more relentlessly engaging experience. I would like to prolong what IMO is the absolute best part of TLD: the first 50 or so days. I think it is suboptimal to deny the player already-created content. Currently most of the difficulty in Interloper comes from content restrictions: best-tier clothes, firearms... On one hand I appreciate the poetic scarcity, but on the other I think it would be interesting to have to make more choices, with harsh
  5. That's a great way to see it! In my head canon I subscribe to the other prevalent view, which is grittier. Probably this goes a long way explaining the tweaks I've had in mind! The rugged islanders have had little use for non-essential items of the high-heel type to begin with. The luckier ones have sashayed out of there with their everything already years ago when the economy tanked -- Every time I see a home flying the Canadian flag I dub it belonging to the island's nobility, akin the Milton Bank Manager 🙂. Then with the Event, the remaining few holdouts had finally enough of the
  6. Footwear size should matter. It is understandably very rare for games to consider clothing item sizing. Even thinking about the processing overhead from a table of sizes tracking various items in a sandbox makes one shudder. But especially in TLD where clothing is an integral part of the experience (and freezing even more so), I think a Cinderella problem with footwear would be an interesting mechanic. I'll restrict my proposal to shoes, which I think could be just within reach, coding effort and processing wise. Perhaps a grade of Small - Fitting - Large on all footwear items would
  7. Actually nets would work, very possibly even too well for balance in the coastal waters and especially in a lake with an inflow (TWM). Now it just so happens there is a veritably Canadian method of setting gill nets under the ice: Prairie Ice Jig. Could be interesting if e.g. Fishing 5 would grant the ability to fairly laboriously set up an ice net. This could e.g. involve crafting the net for hours on end from guts and cloth, multiple ice holes, usable maybe only in a special zone with just the right type of water body etc.
  8. Now this is an interesting topic, trapping and baiting for fish and game! If not for base TLD, perhaps for a mod afterwards? I would love it if in-game a skill book for such were available. Trapping books have been popular for close to 200 years so it is plausible a rustic tome could be found in TLD's setting. As a side note, it would make sense while being simplistic to be able to craft yarn out of cloth -- would eat nicely into the relatively meager cloth supplies in exchange for passive hunting. Of course, in what I expect to be the TLD style, the more elaborate fishing contraptions wo
  9. Yes, an upgraded cooking system would be a very welcome addition, something I really hope will come up -- if not to the base game, to a mod later. A more intricate cooking could very poignantly highlight the (admittedly few) cozier moments in TLD, you know, for both when huddling away a blizzard in a farmhouse with a six-plate stove steaming away, or the very rare cosy evening with a fire going at a viewpoint, to provide a super stark contrast to the daily grind of survival. Now this is a good balancing step, @Mroz4k, perhaps the traditional long stick would need to be fashioned to reach
  10. Rope-hauling a bag up less-than-vertical terrain is tricky. More often than not the load gets stuck, especially if the bag is not a purpose-built technical haul bag with e.g. a torpedo shape. Perhaps this could be an incentive in a possible free climbing zone for the player to do a risky free climb: to retrieve an old technical bag and the contents? Most such kit stores well, for example the US/CAN Nanga Parbat 1988 expedition was saved by ropes (and snacks) they found stashed in a bag left on the wall for years, at over 7 km!
  11. Hiya, thanks for your well-considered reply! I'll quote soundbites from you above and try to defend my points. 😀 1.2 TLD Science! This is fantastic stuff, the lengths players have gone to over the years trying to fathom the mechanics via Excel-lent deduction! Shows some serious love! 🙂 Realism aside, I'd like more activity in mid-late Loper. I would like to see the quantity of meat on bear carcasses double to triple, depending on how much the character's calorie consumption could be upped, but for balance the bear meat should go bad on unskinned carcass very fast and the marine bears
  12. This is interesting, something I was alluding to above. In a situation where one just should not risk losing both the immediate ability to function due to acute illness, or the longer term condition due to prolonged gastro distress, drinking from a toilet cistern even though it looks clean is not a choice to make lightly. Then again, after being sunbaked and freeze-dried for a couple of days with no water and still without the means to make a fire to boil your finds, thems the breaks. (cue Tuco drinking out of the first horse-trough coming from the desert in The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly 🙂)
  13. In boreal forests in winter, lichen is a superstar. Not so much perhaps in an acute survival scenario, but especially for winter stores many peoples in the US, CA, and Scandinavia have collected bagfuls of the edible varieties. As posted previously, one can find many uses for the various lichens in the Northern hemisphere. I think a couple relatively minor changes to the lichens in TLD would be an easy way to add depth to the game. I don't suggest plain-out adding this to the game without balancing. Do you have any ideas? Canada's Horsehair lichen as a darker variant of the current O
  14. Nordique

    Forest area

    I'm afraid you're spot on regarding the graphics assets. I too would sorely like to see the great boreal forests done right in a game, meaning you can get lost for a real-time hour if you don't know what you're doing, and sometimes even then. Then again trees are ... very much in the core of TLD. Hinterland has the skill to skip boilerplate speedtrees. Given a foggy forest bowl handily limiting the draw distance, the game's graphic style should allow for a suitably great number of procedural complex trees even on consoles.
  15. I fervently hope something like this would still make it to classic TLD -- along with an equally passionate wish for a sequel. I've done a fair bit of climbing and am super surprised how intricately and in how positive light the activity is represented, both Storymode and Survival. For example the Climber's notes betray a deeper understanding of the activity on the part of Hinterland. This has me hoping there would be more of it, and this suggestion that a free climbing spot would be a rare Easter Eggish (hopefully randomly placed just like e.g. the bunkers and signal fires!) offering a