arrow drop from bear when entering interior (and sleep)


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Here is what I did :

Shot bear with an arrow (I hit the head). Arrow was stuck in his head (he was still alive, and moving). I entered a building and slept 2 hours. Went outside and checked around. Found the arrow 57% (not broken) on the ground right where the bear was when I entered the building. But no bear corpse.

Did it again later, almost exact same events (second arrow did not hit the head, the bear wasn't at the same spot when I entered the building). I finally found the dead bear corpse further (no arrow, of course cause they were already picked up from where the bear was when I entered the building.)

The issue is : how could we pick up arrows if they fall from targets when we enter a building (and sleep) ?!? They end somewhere unknown and we will never find them ! They should/must be with the corpse like it used to be !

I would like to know if other players experience the same issue, or not, please.


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