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  1. Hope its not too late to give an answer in this thread 🙂 During day, you will find most valuable stuff by traveling outside. If your warmth bonus of your cloths is to less, you might need to warm up during the day, which cost you time or weight (for carrying fire fuel). So most efficient day is a day without a warm-up break. With 12-14 Celsius of warmth bonus, you will achieve that. In some day time you even increase warmth when outside - depending on the weather: If you get less then 10 degree Warmth Bonus. You will lose way too much warmth. Another consider
  2. you are right. I tested it. Sprinting is helping you to control how tired you will become at the end of the day. This tiredness helps you a) to recover more health through sleeping and b) to sleep or skip the night, since you might not be able / not like to do anything during night. Instead to be idle in night, you can "hibernate", since sleeping reduce the consumption of calories and water. But what I missed in TLD was the exact differences - lets say how expensive sprinting really was. My test route marked in green: I started with full warmth, fatigue, belly and not wat
  3. Thank you, but that doesn't help. It only works for a short time and in the following thread there are more ppl struggling: https://steamcommunity.com/app/305620/discussions/4/3001046778355978080/ The noSync-directory will be created after some time again. There is no information, why it is being created and why it takes over the controls with its initial key bindings. I am not allowing the game to have internet access - only steam is allowed for updating games. This worked the whole time for all of my games on Steam. Why should others blindly troubleshoot, if there are developers di
  4. whirls

    Improving UI

    Thank you for the reply. Ok, if I continue encounter the pick-up-rabbits problem or stone-immune-rabbits problem, I will try to explain it to support.
  5. What I realized, whenever you enter a building, it become so much more relaxed. In other games, you still have some horrors in the building. hinterland could introduce some zombies, mean wolverines or ghosts, demons haunting in the buildings. Or to be more realistic, generated NPCs. Like in "This war of mine" you have then also moralic choices ... and besides its actually more realistic that you are not the only survivor.
  6. I see. Sorry, missed these posts. Yes, walking with altitude differences might make thinks difficult to implement, but I think these are elemental stuff in this game like walking with or through a storm. Yes, depending on the type, it would cost initial energy plus energy the whole time:
  7. man .... another thing I couldn't know. Thank you very much. Yeah, my plan was to rush to the Pleasant Valley. On the way I realized I still had a high frostbite risk and then a storm came. A few desperate hours later I faded away ... with the Affliction. I like that. In the end the character can still shoot well with bows with frost bites on the hands - so maybe body parts are still healable or "re-trainable" 🙂
  8. Perma-death and renewable are not conflicting with each other. Thank you. I didn't know also ammo were washed up! Anyways the game for me is about stalking and scavanging on the mainland not on the icy beaches. The sandbox is for me dead, if every house and cave is explored, because then its playing sit and wait. I mean after few 100 days the gameplay in TLD changes alot in from "Interesting Exploring and risking dangers" to "Get your ass up and kill some deer". I understand you guys. I like and play perma-death alot. What do you think about following idea?: Once eve
  9. Sorry, hoped I put my concerns / suggestions on the right place. Its the wish list, I also looked and scanned some pages of each forum.
  10. so it means you can repair one pair of socks 1.000.000 times while not falling to 0% while another pair of socks being ravaged once are forever gone. I actually also like the ruined idea and your explanation, but my example just now shows how unbalanced this works. Shouldn't be there a limit of repairs for each cloth then? Its only logical, if the wolf take out your boots and eat the socks before it run away. Maybe with some Nom Nom sounds 🙂 Rarity is great and rare items should be taken care of. But I don't want to be the wardrobe manager storing all the cloths somewhere pinpointi
  11. I think I dont need to give examples where you "need to pay blood" for something which has an endless setting. Most people anyway wont survive endlessly. Besides its unrealistic to stick in one area the whole live (5000 days) and nothing is becoming renewable. Actually I understand you: you are a "hardcore" guy like the no-hit-run dudes in darksouls. But you don't need to force that to everyone. We can provide such mode - maybe with even less and less animals to hunt down - like the "Escape the Darkwalker" event. For some people it makes fun while others have their own challenges and difficult
  12. Hi together, this suggestion is the reason why I found this place. The game is very great. The graphic is an USP - I like it and the many game mechanics are awesome. But after playing a few weeks I became demotivated: There is no challenge in something you can't know or can't understand. I can't know how much calories, water, fatique I lose or get, when I sleep, stand, walk or run. Despite of other opinions, it seems that running still makes sense to use for daily basis. You just need to save enduarance for climbing or fighting wolves. I collected some key factors about rates and needs bu
  13. another suggestion. I know it might be difficult to implement and take time. Animals: - Bisons - Tigers - Foxes, Lynx, Racoons, Wolverine - Aquirrels - Aries, Boars - Owls, Eagles - Seals
  14. Would be great to be able to recover from Frostbite again. Todays case: I spawned in Timberwolf Mountain and the whole time up to the pleasant valley, I didn't had a hat, which in turn my frostbite didn't recover at all even when sleeping a full night in a preppers cache. How about that a "Well Fed" affliction would counter one Frostbite? So also the Well Fed affliction would disappear.