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  1. so there IS modding possible for TLD?? Found a good collection: https://xpazeman.com/tld-mod-list/
  2. So what I learned from my misery with killing wolves: Don't kill wolves. Use flares, torches, camp fire, run away etc.. Its just too expensive A match is cheaper than a bullet, which lastly you can use for killing bears, deers and moose.
  3. I thought also about it, but wolves are quite expensive. They cost a bullet or alot of pain. Therefore I like to get at least everything out of them. Btw If Hinterland introduces wolf clothes for all body parts, wearing all of them would increase even more the fear of the wolves from you and there would be again a balance to not need to try avoiding them so often. Currently the Wolf Skin Jacket doesn't scare so much actually.
  4. Yes, in my case I have now around 20 wolf pelts and can't do anything with them, because my wolf jacket never really get destroyed by struggles. Struggles hurt most times the head and hand cloths. So my rabbit skins can go away, but not the wolf skin ....
  5. Yes, its a cool side effect to use. Warming up cooked meat or water for getting the warmth bonus isn't possible 🙂
  6. Currently when sewing, you always need exact a specific time. Like also for destroying furniture or reading books. But when crafting most workbench items, you can abort and continue later. The last way enables you to cook in parallel and reduces alot of wait time. It would be great, if most of the activities coult be paused and resumed some time later on personal need.
  7. I completely agree to that. For example the modding community in Dont Starve Together enabled Klei to built alot more functionality and features. Modding is a very creative and active feedback to the devs.
  8. Why can't we make leather out of pelts? Or craft all kind of clothing throughout any pelt? Like a wolf pelt hat? I would appreciate it alot, because depending on the gameplay, people won't get any kind of pelt. The quality and weight of cloth could depend on the pelt you are using.
  9. Currently painkillers Rose Hip Teas are useless compared to the amount you have it. What about following suggestion?: When using it, your body gets a temporary immunity of restrictions upon sprained wrists and ankles. So when a wolf comes, you can take some of them and use a weapon despite having sprains. Same for climbing ropes.
  10. Just eat only 1 bear / wolf meat at a time. Never it less than 1 kg meat, because even eating 100 g carnivore meat will cause the affliction chance. If you get the real affliction, you usually have enough meds around. Good thing: during that affliction you can eat as much carnivore meat as you like. So I start eating carnivore meat, when I got 3 wolves dead. If a bear is dead, I hope I get the affliction in order to save normal food. I got the affliction in Ash Canyon and survived it by collecting all the reishi mushrooms in the southern canyon.
  11. You need to know the map and where the wildlife is in order to relax while being in a safe region. If you think in every corner a wolf could be, you ll get stressed out. So get the maps: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1901570789 Bears are very easy to avoid, if they block your path, then just try another time / day. Wolves are a little bit more difficult, but similar. Problem is they are more and smell you easier. Timber wolves are indeed a pain. I see it like this: if you pass a region with timber wolves (bleak inlet), you ve a good reason
  12. The garage is a good interface to Desolation Point for crafting arrow heads and heading back to coastal highway with less time. You can also go to pleasant valley, caves and have more loot around. The garage has also much much more space. You can hear the wolves, if they are nearby and use the hills as well to hide from them. The cars, and houses nearby can be used to flee easily. Just if you go outside, the first 10 seconds wolves make no sounds and can surprise you. Currently I spawn in Timberwolf Mountain, getting some tools and get a moose and Trekking Backpack in Ash Canyon. After th
  13. So I finished Eps 4. Was alot of fun. One of the few games, where I play the most recent updates! Some Feedback: I tried to increase the difficulty, but couldn't find anything in the options I got stuck on a street while going near the cave, which was increasing on altitude, but the street had quite little steps 🙂 Another thing: when leaving the cave, I went to the caynon down and not 100 m away from the climbing rope, a wolf just spawned right in front of me
  14. do we have already a blackrock map for survival? Does survival mode has already access to Blackrock?? 🙂
  15. Hope its not too late to give an answer in this thread 🙂 During day, you will find most valuable stuff by traveling outside. If your warmth bonus of your cloths is to less, you might need to warm up during the day, which cost you time or weight (for carrying fire fuel). So most efficient day is a day without a warm-up break. With 12-14 Celsius of warmth bonus, you will achieve that. In some day time you even increase warmth when outside - depending on the weather: If you get less then 10 degree Warmth Bonus. You will lose way too much warmth. Another consider