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  1. I have the same problem. The weird thing is that my key bindings wouldn't save a week or two before the update as well.
  2. Before the update I had 6 cooking pots placed on the stove in Community Hall in Pleasant Valley. I know they were there because I go there often and I had it written in my journal. Now after the latest update they aren't on the stove anymore or anywhere in community hall. There haven't been any other disappearances of cooking pots in other places. This is a 200 day voyageur run on Steam that I started in May.
  3. [Hunted Pt 2] Fixed an issue that would cause the Old Bear to disappear, if the player transitioned at a very specific point in the Old Bear’s animation. Seems like they fixed the bug that the bear would despawn in his cave after the player entered a building. This happened to a lot of players from what I've seen.
  4. The same this happened to me in the cave between MT and ML. I started 3 times in Mountain town and died 3 times because I couldn't get to ML. One time the darkwalker was in front of the cave to ML. So I turned back and went down the rope. He teleported there and I had to go back up the rope. I got to the cave and he was there again...
  5. I loved the event. I'm happy there's another event like 4DON. My only complaint is the maple syryp and ketchup chips badge. Creating multiple saves just with the aim of collecting enough syrup due to its scarcity is kind of tiresome.
  6. Thanks, I was worried the breaking condition was higher. According to the wiki there are 14 containers on the summit. That would degrade my hacksaw to 20% so I should be fine.
  7. I'm going to the summit of Timberwolf Mountain Tomorrow and my hacksaw is 90%. I was wondering up till what percentage is the hacksaw safe to use. From what I've read it can jam a container if the condition is too low.
  8. Is autowalk working for everyone? I can't get it to work. The key binding set to Z doesn't do anything when I click it.
  9. Videos would be nice. Adding some TLD soundtrack in the background would make the videos even better imo.