Bug still here over a year later - most blizzard and weather sounds are completely messed up

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I made a post and bug report over about a year ago about this same bug.  Wind and blizzard sounds are completely messed up, sometimes not playing at all, sometimes playing the wrong sound.  Happens in both interior and exterior locations.  Really immersion breaking and I was hoping it would have been fixed by now.  I've attached a video with an example of this big.


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The main one I've noticed is the PV farm porch,when you're inside it,it sounds windy,on calm days,but total silence outside.

I'm sure they'll get round to fixing things when they can..

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@casper613 I thought this had been fixed. Like you it has driven me nuts. I put the game down for a few months. Then an update dropped for Xbox in december or january and all of a sudden I am getting the intended audio in relation to wind. Ironically, I now have intermittent silent auroa's. transistioning (any type) however seems to fix it. I have not made it to the new zone of contamination. My current stalker save is 230 days and I just finished repairing all the transmitters. If I get to ZoC and there are silent blizzards again...I don't even want to specualte how mad I'll be. Are you getting wrong wind audio across all regions? Is your save older than the most recent update on PC? 

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