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  1. I like the concept of a food item that is useless until prepared. Though 300 calories isn't much for all the work (same amount as [evil] sardines). I'd say 750 is more reasonable (same as condensed milk). Just my opinion, though. (I also like instant ramen, so I have bias here lol)
  2. I dunno about a "meter" for sanity, but some more mental afflictions would be great. We have cabin fever (which could use some work) so why not something else? Maybe a trauma affliction that causes your character to instinctually stop and/or run away from whatever their trauma is from. (Live wires in Carter Dam, wolf barking, etc.)
  3. I'm glad I'm not the only one. Trapper's cabin is a staple of TLD. It can't be forgotten this easily. (Thomson's Crossing screen isn't bad, but don't forget to remember the original.)
  4. Lankyone


    In addition to the hotplate, maybe the electric stoves you find in various houses could be aurora powered too? I like the idea of a more interactive aurora.
  5. For you today I have a suggestion regarding a potential revision of hunting in the game. When a player will drop meat in the snow, a predator shall be attracted to the meat and will eat/steal it. To prevent this, the player could craft an improvised cloth sack or use a moose satchel to put the meat in. The sack would then be hung from a tree using a mountaineer rope or some sort of craftable rope (from fishing line?) I'm sure you've noticed how some players will cheese the bleed-out mechanic. A way to prevent this would be for the player to have to guard their kill from predators. Failure to do so would allow the predator eat the carcass. (This mechanics can be something for higher difficulties.) (I deleted the old one and reuploaded a revised version. Sorry to make you read it again, and thanks for doing so.)
  6. Lankyone

    Big Reishi

    It may seem a bit too fantasy-like for TLD, but I could see this as a reason to go into the aurora elevator mine in CH. These big mushrooms on a tree trunks in a caved in cave after the surface collapsed. Along with some of that blue moss, some miner corpses, and maybe a ravenous wolf guard? Or a train car with loot or something also.
  7. I'd like the ability to shoot crows out of the sky. It may make the game too easy, but that not being a feature has bugged me for ages.