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  1. 1 hour ago, manolitodeespana said:

    Sure thing, if you play on PC, though essential when you're on PS.

    @manolitodeespana You can instantly bring up the fire interface by pressing left on the d-pad of a controller - at least that's what I do, using a PS4 controller, playing on PC. I'd be surprised if it wasn't the same controls on consoles. Do you know about this? 

    The other arrows on the D-pad are useful shortcuts too - probably the same as what @JAFO said the 1-4 keys so on a keyboard.

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    2 hours ago, Ice Hole said:

    There are three scenes that depict this pipe sticking into the air.




    Being in the centre of the shot is the only thing suspicious.  Looking at this pipe up close I was unable to discern the mystery of this monolith.



    Yes I noticed this - and combined with the graffiti of a pipe spewing water with the word 'future' under it, I felt sure that the controls (wheels and levers) on the overhead walkway near the main gate would activate it, during an aurora. No luck though. Then I wondered about that suspicious fuse box during an aurora, maybe enabling the controls - also no luck. But then I wondered - what if I'd had scrap metal in my inventory at the time...?

  3. 6 hours ago, Valuable Hunting Knife said:

    - a bug.  There has been a bug already in the cannery with the work bench which has subsequently been fixed, and as far as I am aware it's the only location where you can't break down crates, which is somewhat inconsistent.  I heard about other bugs with doors shutting and locking people in, so maybe with sorting all that, if the secret route is currently blocked by a bug it may have gone under the radar (no one reporting something they don't know for sure is there!).

    Yep, this is what my money's on.

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  4. In response to the OP - while I agree the route to the Cannery Workshop is convoluted and not entirely 'natural', overall I think it's a good inclusion, for two reasons:

    1. It was interesting and exciting - especially given that for my first journey, I had 5 or 6 vicious Timberwolves barking at me, just waiting for a false step. It was deliciously tense, and for me a landmark experience within Bleak Inlet. There's a saying 'never let the truth get in the way of a good story', and I think that applies here. But also - (see 2 below)

    2. It's not entirely unnatural/contrived, given the note explaining that the workers had jerry-rigged the route through the cannery rafters specifically to avoid the Timberwolves. The part that does feel contrived to me is how rickety the route is, in several places, and the fact it's one-way. However I'm prepared to forgive this because of point 1 above!

    But - the thing I definitely don't enjoy, is having to traverse the same route over and over again. @RossBondReturns, you've provided some great info indicating there apparently is a shortcut, but so far nobody on the forums seems to have found it. I've created a separate thread dedicated to sharing the learnings about this famed shortcut (given this thread is really about the convoluted route, and what people think of it). If you find out anything more, please post at the other thread! 


  5. 5 hours ago, ajb1978 said:

    I've spent the past few game days breaking down everything at the cannery, and couldn't find anything.  That fuse box looking thing in the control room just after you climb the initial rope looks hella suspicious but there's no option to interact with it.  I've checked all the equipment and haven't found any sort of "open door" or "tie rope" thing anywhere.  Wondering if maybe it's some sort of remote control, I went back to the pensive lookout and echo one radio tower looking for maybe some kind of switch or secret key, broke down everything, and nada.  Even inside the cannery workshop, although I did find a couple neat goodies by breaking things down, nothing opened any sort of shortcut.

    Both during the aurora and otherwise, I might add, just in the event something becomes interactive while powered, but not during the day.  I'm starting to think the "shortcut" is really just that rope climb down from the pensive lookout tower.

    On the plus side, I've been re-using the same 12 revolver casings for a couple game weeks, since I'm parkouring the cannery so often I just keep reloading the same shells.  So at least I can confirm the casings don't wear out.

    Edit: I think I'm gonna start shooting things.  Maybe that's the key.

    Thanks for a great reply! 

    I'm pretty sure Raph has indicated the shortcut is to the Cannery Workshop, because it was in response to a tweet when someone talked about having to do all the beam-walking. If I recall correctly. I'll try to find the Twitter exchange, but it was in another post on these forums, by "Ross Bond Returns".

  6. Thanks Raph and the team, for continuing to exceed expectations of just how good a developer can be.

    Hope you all enjoy a well earned rest over the holiday season, and I will indeed be spending a good amount of time within your masterwork. 😄

    Bleak Inlet and Errant Pilgrim have been a superb addition in my opinion, upping the risk-reward stakes for players who dare, and adding significant character to the game world in the process. 

    Great vision, great delivery. You got it.

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  7. I've seen mention in a couple of other threads that Raph has confirmed there is an unlockable shortcut to the cannery workshop. Apparently there is a hint in the Errant Pilgrim launch video.

    Anyone find it yet?

    I've tried walking around with rope to find a tie point, but no luck.

    I've tried the levers and wheels above the main cannery gate during an aurora, no luck.

    I noticed some graffiti that shows water coming out a pipe, and underneath the word 'future', and wondered if that's a clue.

    To me it feels a bit contrived that finding the shortcut is so hard, when it should be trivial to tie some rope off the end of the pier. Hope they signpost it better in future.

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  8. On 11/21/2019 at 2:06 PM, odizzido said:

    From what I recall you cannot even shoot through the completely open windows in the farm house in pleasant valley. I understand that to the game it's simply a wall, but from our point of view it's pretty awful. It would be nice if it made a little more sense in that way.

    I'm was sure I'd shot and killed wolves and bears through the open windows on the PV kitchen porch, until I read this, and now I'm doubting! I've definitely shot a bear through the open window of a little guard house, near Hibernia processing.

  9. 1 hour ago, ajb1978 said:

    I'm currently in the middle of doing a re-sweep of all previously explored regions, making a point to visit every structure, although I am skipping explorable caves and the entirety of TWM because there are no cars, and it would make no sense to find sulfur and stump remover up there.  Although there is that cargo plane....hmm...I may have to backtrack and hit up TWM again.

    Anyway car batteries abound, and pretty much everywhere you find a car, you can find batteries.  I've also found stump remover and sulfur in many locations, as well as cans of gunpowder in the ML and PV prepper caches.  Even traveling light with just the bare essentials to harvest lead, relying on food stores left behind, I'm currently overburdened, and looking like at least two trips up and down the ropes back to BI.

    So yeah.  Maybe if you're book hunting, start over, but there's quite a lot to be found with existing games. 

    Thanks for the detailed info. So does that mean going through all the previously-searched drawers, cabinets etc in locations you've been to?

  10. I'm also very curious about this.

    I did find a Gunsmith book outdoors in FM with my 170d Voyageur, and I had been to FM before the update, but not to the spot I found the book. So the update has definitely placed at least one new item in a region I'd previously visited - but I hadn't visited that spot (the Bunkhouses - were they new in Errant Pilgrim?)

    I'm planning to explore Bleak Inlet with my Voyageur, then start a fresh Stalker.

  11. I can't speak for other difficulties, but I've taken my 170d Voyageur to explore Bleak Inlet, and boy oh boy do I feel alive again. 


    I am really enjoying the interaction with the Timberwolves. I love how if you get close enough, they all stop and look at you. You look back at them. They look at you. It's tense. But don't look too long - you'll lose your chance to get out of there.

    My strategy has been to scout for them in good weather, then retreat and find some environmental advantage. Once I've found that, I'll go back and engage them. In this way, I've managed to eradicate one pack, and whittle down one more. But my favourite part was getting caught by a large new pack, while harvesting one from the old pack. I feel like their behaviour has been improved from the original Wintermute - it wasn't so hard or stressful as it was. I think they might keep their distance more now?

    Only issue from my perspective: When they're in 'idle' mode, just roaming around, they often all turn at once! It looks kind of silly. When they change direction, they do so almost simultaneously. Would look far more natural if there were a few seconds delay between their moves.

    Great work Hinterland! They're an awesome addition, and thanks for listening to the feedback (well, maybe you were going to do all this anyway...)

  12. I also can't resist carrying around waaaaay more 'emergency' supplies than I need. Moving from Camp Office to Trappers Cabin? Better take 3L of water, 5 bandages, 15 cloth, a couple of firestrikers, 3 flares, three different firearms, and a bow with 10 arrows.

    You know. Just in case.

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  13. I posted a thread about this a while back - at least there's no tense music in Survival, but unfortunately the morale meter is there  😟

    I just find the morale meter is unfairly helpful (which is fine if folks want it, but maybe not 'on' by default), but aside from that it certainly destroys any immersion or natural feeling in Timberwolf encounters, for me.

    I'm exploring Bleak Inlet with my Voyageur, but plan to come back with my tougher characters once I know it better.

    Otherwise, I am really impressed with the update - awesome work Hinterland!!

    Earlier post is below.


  14. 48 minutes ago, Noble Rotter said:

    You all do realize that voting for The Long Dark is a wasted vote because the game is uneligible for this years awards.  It was released in 2017.

    Definitely not a waste of time! The category 'Labor of love' is explicitly for games that may have been released in earlier years, but which the Devs have continued to update and support. It says this on the award blurb, and also Steam has a filter in place when you vote, so that any ineligible games actually can't be voted for. Great category in my opinion.

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  15. On 11/27/2019 at 6:15 AM, ThePancakeLady said:

    If you love this game, even half as much as I do, and love this studio even a quarter as much as I do...

    And you use Steam (whether you own the game on Steam or not...):


    Just a not-so-casual suggestion. 🥰


    You beat me to it, I came here for this purpose! Got my vote.

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  16. 48 minutes ago, ManicManiac said:

    I think the system works fine as it is... To me, the timber wolf packs are good just as they are (considering it's just a story mode thing for now).  I think if folks take a little time to get used to it, they'll be okay.

    I find it funny that folks complain about the morale meter... because if that had been hidden, folks would likely be complaining about a lack of conveyance... irritated because they can't tell what's going on. :D  Hell, even with the indicators some folks still couldn't figure out how to deal with them or what was going on... despite the fact that there was a pop-up screen explicitly stating exactly what to do.

    You know, I think I've changed my stance a little. I think for Story Mode, the Timberwolves are fine as is, since Story Mode is kind of 'training mode' anyway! But I still strongly feel all the sentiments in my OP apply to Survival Mode. Fingers crossed for December!!!

  17. On 11/2/2019 at 6:40 AM, thefistoffury1 said:

    Of course, let's not get too far with the "realism" and "immersion" (quotes not for sarcasm, but emphasis) because there is no real life thirst or hunger bar, sometimes these vital needs seem not quite urgent and 5 minutes later they prove to be very urgent. TLD has clear vitals meters that fill and deplete, and the morale meter is no more gamey than they are.

    My point is, the Long Dark should have a more intuitive timberwolf morale meter, but it should be neither too vague nor too uninterpretable by new/casual players. Perhaps Easy has the classic bar and dialogue , Normal has only dialogue cues like @jeffpeng...

    I did ponder the fact that the hunger/thirst/fatigue meters are there, yet I don't find them jarring or distracting - the key difference, I think, is that the Timberwolf morale-meter reflects something *external* to the player character, that the player character could not reasonably have accurate knowledge of. It's 'magic knowledge'. By contrast, those *internal* meters are reasonable because you/Astrid would know how hungry/tired/thirsty/cold she is.

    The pack number & morale-meter is the most jarring example I can think of within TLD where the UI provides 'magic knowledge' to the player - but there are lesser examples, like the flare and torch timers. Personally I would prefer those to be gone too - at least in survival modes, because they force more responsibility onto the player. Thank heavens there's no magic map-marker on Survival mode! It's precisely the lack of magic knowledge that forces the player to really engage and pay attention to the environment and is inhabitants. I've never had to get to know a game's terrain as well as I have in TLD, because my survival depends on it. This results in such wonderful satisfaction at becoming adept and knowledgeable within the game, and is a large part of what keeps the game interesting. Uncertainty is the spice of life 😄, as long as it's 'fair'!

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  18. 10 hours ago, jeffpeng said:

    The one issue I see is: how do I actually communicate to the player the progress they are making fighting off the Timberwolves without displaying it? What comes to mind is the so called "Survivor Monologue", a tool TLD already uses to communicate needs of the player. Self talks like "Ha, take that!" when successfully lowering morale or "Got one!" when actually hitting a Timberwolf would give the player information how he is doing. Also there could be lines like "Just stand your ground..." when at 50%, or "They can't take much more" at like 80%, just to keep the player motivated to keep going.

    Great idea. And thanks for the welcome!