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  1. Can I ask where you found this memo? Because I can't seem to find a single cache anywhere. I think it should lead you to the first "joplin" bunker up where the entrance to Timberwolf Mountain would have been.
  2. I am stuck. I need kerosene. Is it possible that I've depleted the maps resources before I have finished the episode? Im at day 10 or so, hardest difficulty, I feel that I have doublechecked the map. I did use a lot of it before i knew I was gonna need it for the questline. Any tips?
  3. Lesno

    New Maps

    I have been having this thought in my head. A randomized region, build up by say 9x9 big pieces of premade landmasses. The region would be randomly generated each time you walked into it. But with some familiarity in form of the landmasses. Iam not sure it makes sense except in my brain.
  4. With the rework of bow and rifle aim, will you be adding a new sound for the bow. It’s about the only sound in the game that sounds off to me.