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  1. also I broke down all the cardboard boxes and planks I could in the workshop; nothing
  2. Howdy Raph Are you messing with us when it comes to the BI shortcut hunt? were you simply referring to bringing a rope to the Plateau? any who I love you game and I'm looking forward to episode 4 cheers
  3. Another interesting idea is that the note in one of the buildings says something like: "I'm going to rig something up in the cannery workshop, but I'm staring down a deep hole here". Maybe he's being literal and there is a hole which you can climb down with a rope somewhere?
  4. I am no game developer, but I would assume that porting the game to VR would be so time intensive and not be worth the money they would make from it, but if anyone knows anything about VR development and porting please feel free to let me know I am wrong.
  5. lol we need a moose hide camelbak water blatter
  6. why can you remove the battery from a car during the aroura?
  7. i bet he will be in episode 3
  8. an improvised hand axe made from a rock that would help a bit chopping rocks and cutting things would be neat
  9. vta4ever

    ankle braces

    an ankle brace that decreases the likelihood of a sprain that the ankle it is placed on. maybe also an improvised bandage wrap that has a lower chance of preventing a sprain.
  10. I know we already have cabin fever, but I think that it would be neat to have a mental health meter that is affected by: how much you eat and drink, pre-existing conditions such as one that makes you sad when you kill rabbits or causes mood swings (maybe there could be a badge that effects how many, if any conditions exist), reading a self-help books or adopting a pet rock. good mental health will make you perform actions quicker and burn slightly fewer calories. bad mental health will make you burn slightly more calories and your character can become grumpy, causing him to give up occasionally while performing actions like crafting or sowing and maybe even refuse to get out of bed. what to ya'all think?
  11. does anyone have any good stories from any outdoor activity? (biking, hiking, skiing, snowboarding, backpacking, rafting, anything) make em funny if ya can, we would all love to hear em.
  12. I have been playing video games for many years now, and am a fan of command and conquer red alert 2, the Battlefield franchise, call of duty MW2, Minecraft (please don't cringe it was basically my childhood) and indie games the astroneer and... the long dark. I love flying and want to become a pilot.
  13. a slingshot crafted from sticks and a leather or rabbit hide that last for a few uses and that would be a more effective way to hunt rabbits would be nice.
  14. it would be nice it sees the clothing that you are wearing when you use a weapon or a light source. for example, if you are wearing a wolfskin coat then you can see the sleeves of the coat when using a weapon like the rifle. also, fix the rock clipping into the mine door in desolate point, the one kinda near the stone church.