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  1. I don't know for sure, but this seems intentional on the part of the game devs. A porch would be like the ultimate hunting blind otherwise.
  2. Lol this happened to me too. Not sure why it took so long for me to figure out. I'd say keep the thread, since there might be more of us out there who are just too ashamed to admit it 😂
  3. Seconding this, except I will typically craft the rabbitskin hat, deerskin boots, and rabbitskin mittens. It's easy enough to get a stash of rabbit/deer skins and guts, and they're basically infinite resources. The boots are on par with mukluks (which are very rare), and I can save my leather pieces for repairing the satchel. Even prioritizing warmth like this, my sprint meter is still at 75%. Not too bad since I'm protected from most weather, and it's still fun for me to seek out the rare clothing items.
  4. Maybe I'll finally find out if humans respawn!
  5. This has happened to me a few times in some older versions of the game - I found that transitioning between regions also helped, if restarting ends up not working sometime in the future.
  6. I had reached lvl 5 on all the other achievements in my longest game, so I needed a foolproof way to get lvl 5 on the revolver or risk wasting all of that work. So I read 2 (maybe 3?) revolver books, and then killed pretty much every animal in Mystery Lake. This is sort of cheating, but I figured if I ran out of bullets, I'd be screwed. Like you said, since it was an older save, I feel like I ended up with less revolver bullets than I would have. So I restarted the game if I happened to miss a shot, and I ended up reaching lvl 5 pretty quickly.
  7. Other than tasting like water mixed with the color brown, no ill effects to report! I'll let you know if I die later on though 😂
  8. Lol too much mixing of religious metaphors? 😂
  9. Worshipping Saint Branch as it ascends into heaven 🙏
  10. New, safer meat storage options!
  11. LOL. This is amazing - especially the entire dead wolf stuffed in the pack. Maybe this is why it always sounds like he's dragging an entire hardware store around.
  12. At this time of day, since the sun is so far beneath the horizon, I don't think there would be a lot of illumination. I looked up some IRL sunsets and they seem to be similar to this shot. I also have the graphics set pretty low, so there might be some normal details missing...but in general, I agree they've made some very intentional stylistic choices that sacrifice some of the realism. Something I've noticed about the muted/subtle light is that it actually makes the game more challenging. If there were tons of light rays illuminating the scenery at sunset, it would be much easier to navigate the world and notice more subtle details. Like in my screenshot, you can barely see the Mountaineer's Hut in the bottom right.
  13. Like ThePancakeLady said, not all of them can be removed. Truck batteries are a no-go, but unless a hood is damaged, you should be able to right click them out of cars. I would also like to invite you one of my favorite threads on the forum:
  14. I hate HRV for the same reason. But if you're not against using maps, I find the Whiteberry Toarda-style maps to be really well made and very helpful. I decided it was more fun for me to use the map and experience the region, rather than avoid it completely.