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  1. Does this also mean that people can get the badges & the feat later if they don't obtain them before Nov 12th?
  2. I just completed Archivist a few minutes ago. I went through all the locations except for the final two listed for Broken Railroad, which I decided to complete last. When the aurora started, I went out from the shed to the maintenance yard exterior and clicked on the PC in the little enclosed outdoor area with the bed and - to my surprise - it gave me the challenge completion! Is this a bug? Is there supposed to be another PC inside the maintenance shed as listed in the challenge requirements? In any case, I'm annoyed because now my save game is gone and I was planning to use my remaining
  3. Thank you! This certainly helps. I watched another video since I posted this: they had a lit flare and a wolf growling at them. They threw the flare a couple of times and the second time seemed to scare the wolf off. In my previous experience from earlier versions of the game, the wolves would always charge me when I tossed a flare at them. Do you think this behavior has changed?
  4. I agree that the late-game gameplay is a little lacking. I suspect the expectation is that once you've become "satisfied" with your current sandbox game, that you should start over and try again, adjusting the gameplay as you see fit (difficulty, custom options, etc). Adding additional resources, major gameplay options, etc could potentially upset the game as it is, so I highly doubt that they'd introduce any extreme measures. With that said, there are some things I think Hinterland could introduce for late-game players that wouldn't be overly taxing (given what's already in the game) and migh
  5. The problem is that improving your mending skill is vastly out of proportion to the other skills in the game, and it requires finite resources to accomplish. I wouldn't consider warming up some tea or coffee in hot water to reasonably improve my cooking skill, but it does. Fire starting, harvesting, gunsmithing, and most of the other skills can be mastered with focused practice within a few weeks of game time, if that. Why should mending clothing be any different? What's unreasonable is that they don't include crafting clothing from animal hides and guts to be a similar enough task to imp
  6. I have to agree. Even with tons and tons of unnecessary repairs, I went through an absurd amount of cloth, sewing kits, fishing tackle across multiple regions just to get to Level 5 Mending. I believe it took me about 180 days (with the last 30 days or so being me specifically focusing on repairs every day rather than actually "playing" the game). At the very least, they should include skill increases when you craft clothing, since you're essentially using the same skill. Perhaps for every hour spent crafting, you get 1 point in Mending.
  7. Apologies to revive an older topic, but it's one that I came across via search, and the posts in here describe what I find frustrating with the most recent updates to the game in terms of wolf behavior. Rather than starting a new post and rehashing what others have already said, I thought I'd piggyback on this one. Is anyone able to summarize what used to work and now doesn't, and what works now, to scare wolves away? Or point me to a definitive (exhaustive) guide of those two things? It's annoying that every video / post / guide has to specify which release version it was created after s
  8. It still happens in my experience. Yea, that might be good as well. I know some people were clamoring for more randomness for the animal spawns, especially in higher difficulties.
  9. Perhaps they did that, and you're right - I don't know if they added an extra roll. I haven't heard of them doing that for any other items in the game, so I'm going to assume they didn't. I haven't played enough iterations through Carter Hydro since the update to know. Maybe others (who have) can chime in.
  10. Many have said (paraphrasing) "if you don't use the spray cans, then what's the harm?". Well, it adds more of these "useless" items mixed in with the regular loot tables. I found a total of 8 spray cans alone while searching the Carter Hydro Dam during Winter's Embrace, many of which were in containers. Sure, there are plenty of other supplies on Voyageur, but that's not the point. IMO, they should only be found on shelves and never in containers so that you leave the chance of finding other gear in those containers the same as it was before they introduced spray cans.
  11. I like all but the last one. As a Canadian, it wouldn't feel right to rip up a flag for something so... superficial. Just my opinion, though.
  12. It's a good idea, but I think I'd rather the developers tone down the crazy antics of larger animals running half way across the map, up and down steep inclines, etc for an hour after getting shot. At the very least, they could have the injured animal progressively slow down until they finally give out.
  13. We're at the very least getting one more region containing Perseverance Mills, an old logging town.
  14. I like the idea. At the very least, they could set minimum requirements for the options selected in your custom game to still make progress towards earning the badges.
  15. There are many topics and misinformation surrounding the "mechanics" of the world posted online because TLD has gone through so many different iterations over the years, and what was once true before may not be now. Things like: changes to how wolves behave, how cooking works (both for items on the slots and nearby), outer vs inner clothing, and so on. Wintermute somewhat tells the player about these mechanics now, such as with crafting the rabbitskin hat/mittens, or for making teas from the prepared ingredients, but I find the lack of information (especially about how to deal with wolves), ev