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  1. yep, I have been through the dam fairly well with torches and during the day. This run is very RNG - no prybars, only 1 set of simple tools that are too far to retrieve for now and hardly any matches. Next is bagging my first deer near ever near the dam, and clearing some wolves and getting started on some critter based clothing actually clothing has been the plus - double wool toques, a ski jacket and parka, work gloves and work boots, double thin wool sweaters, combat pants. I just need more underwear and socks - just like IRL, ha ha
  2. Youll never guess what I found under a shelf in the lake cabin!!!!!!! :D DEVS: the fire starting system needs a little simple attention. Please make the defaults sensible!!!!! If Im carrying any other tinder at all, I dont want my first option to be birch bark. And guess what, If Im carrying a flaming torch, I probably dont want to try to start a fire with a magnifying glass on a cloudy day!!!!
  3. Ive been to all of those places, but Ill look again - do I need to physically destroy crates or boxes to find it? still got 2 flares left! - A wolf spotted me and I got so scared I was going to die without using my bow (AGAIN!) that I lit a flare and ran with it most of the way from trappers cabin to an ice hut to go fishing so as not to waste precious fire. I did catch 7 fish and boiled 2.5 litres, so worth it. Felt like an olympic torch ceremony with 2 wolves in tow because I picked up another hitchiker on the lake
  4. I have never made it out of a HRV start alive - just dont know the route. Been cheating a bit looking at maps to help with TWM starts. I have rattled around caves dying in TWM quite a lot until I worked out if you head straight down ASAP to the lake cabin and then to PV its a pretty good start. How do you make it to the summit of TWM without a hatchet tho? I was under the impression it was not possible because of scrub barriers
  5. guarenteed? Ive done nothin but dodge wolves and hunt for that fricken magnifying glass for the last 3 days! Some nice sunny days too! OK, Ill stay in ML and go looking once again. As an aside, is it worth a trip to mountain town? never been before. I have already nabbed all the cattails and coal from the connecting cave near the trappers cabin, but I have been too obsessed with the bow and arrows to go exploring. Id love to get some tools because I have about 18 arrows heads and 6 cured birch, but each arrow takes so long thanks! BTW, this is probably not news to most people, but after making the trip from PV to ML many times through the dam gorge , I finally stopped to explore a bit rather than just sprint through it. There is a very accessible cave with some rabbits outside in the gorge -- where I found a bedroll and two cans!!! what a treasure! Ill definately be stopping there from now on.
  6. Where can I find matches. This has been a weird game, the culmination of lots of games and getting eaten by wolves and losing 5 or 6 days starts. I just want to experiment with the bow and arrows and finally, I have constructed them. This games seems to have a sense of irony, because usually I am falling over myself for matches and quality tools, but finally in the game where I manage not to be murdered by wolves for long enough to construct a bow I have found only 2 matchboxes and no tools at all! Currently at mystery lake cabin with 3 matches left and low on water. started in PV and moved through Mollys, signal tower and the hydro station to get here. the matches I found were in Mollys basement and at the FM farmstead with the forge where I made my tools. There are no matches in the dam or in the good lookout tower in ML. trust me I searched hard and no magnifying glass either. My current thought is to go thru FM because of cattails, and head to the mainainence yard in broken railway. I guess the other option for matches is ravine to coastal highway and hope there are some there somewhere? cheers for help, I want to experiment with this bow, not dehydrate to death!!!! oh, PS, can the DEVELOPERS make it so the game doesnt offer up my precious birch bark as default tinder when I have 20 cat tail heads? THANKS!!