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  1. 1 hour ago, Ruruwawa said:

    My point was this:  With Cooking 5 you can make meat last basically forever.  0% raw meat can still be cooked, and as long as it's not stored in a container it won't poof.  Cook it with Cooking skill 5 and you'll never get food poisoning or parasites, even at 1% condition.   

    Ok cool, I was giving him/her options other than that in the meantime. Even though you can eat rotten food and not get sick at cooking 5, wouldn't it be nice to store the meat in a way that causes it to rot more slowly?

  2. 1 hour ago, Ciliate Organism said:

    So you like deep survival but you would not like if it was a semi simulation on survival like castaway? The Long dark for me seem to give this basic experience of living on an island and trying to find food and stay alive. Most MMO do not have this type of feeling because of the arcade style of play. 

    And why would simulating something on survival won't be enjoyable as I thought TLD has been closed to doing that? You don't need to spend hours roasting food it could be that when your roasting it has a timer like crafting in games? TLD has manage to pull of hardcore survival and players love it so why not something close to a sim and fun and challenging at the same time? TLD has brought that desire to players so why not take it to the next step?  

    How about Ark survival they have these type of gameplay but do you like TLD challenges far better then Ark survival? Or are they the same? 

    And Thrasador if you like loot alot how about Ark survival? :) 

    There is a space hardcore survival game where you have to repair ships and parts and its slightly challenging so a semi sim can actually work and  be fun and challenging at the same time! If arcade game can be a hit for casual followers I am sure hardcore semi sim can also attract lots! 

    Do you or anyone know of any similar first person survival games like TLD? I don't know of any and that is why it makes TLD very special cause even the massive MMO don't induce the survival feeling like the TLD does! As the game is more then just eating, drinking and sleeping like you see in Ark survival. There is this realistic survival management that is very important in the game and realistic games tend to head toward these features of why it would attract those who want that survival experience in the bush but can't! 

    Do you or anyone here watch documentaries on survival and just wish something like that could be in a game? Like again the castaway? Has the TLD  given you this desire to watch and experience these things in real life? 




    I have some FB friends that play ARK and told me to check it out.

    I watched some vids...

    I don't do multiplayer anymore because I don't like punks ganking me and then tea bagging my corpse.

    I only single player now, I don't need the headache or drama from others in my game world. I like to have fun when I play games...

  3. 1 hour ago, Carbon said:

     I agree that your eyes are the best measure, but the ??? does indicate weather that is likely difficult to navigate. If one doesn't know the maps, thick fog is as bad as anything else.

     But yes check a couple of times because like quantum particles, the weather does seem to change when observed. ;) 

    I won't go out in thick fog, even if I know the area. Thick fog is just too difficult to navigate.

    I mean the fog, where you can only see a 10 foot bubble around you. So far Forlorn Muskeg is the map where I have experienced this type of fog most frequently. Never mind simply getting lost, FM has A LOT of wolves and they can smell you even if you can't see them, don't do it....

  4. 57 minutes ago, Carbon said:

     Is this illustrative of a bug or the result of the proverbial roll of the dice? I mean, is the loot generated upon the world being created when you enter or within each structure when you enter? Or even later, when you open a locker for example, is the loot generated at that moment?

     I'm not sure of the answers to those questions, but the latter seems the most likely to me and if so, then you were just a victim of probability and chance, not a bug. At least it woulds like 'the way it is' as opposed to something being wrong.

    If it was simply a bad roll of the dice then reloading the save 20-40 times would at some point make all 4 locked lockers contain items again all at the same time. This never occurred. Best I could get was 2 out of 4.

    I assure you, something is amiss. Others have reported similar occurrences...

    I have experimented with the loot rolling mechanics in this game extensively. Out of curiosity. Like @Timber Wolf does with struggle mechanics. 

    This was not normal behavior for the way loot normally works, simply because the original outcome was not reproducible. All other occasions of me reloading saves upon entering a structure, I was able to reproduce the same items in the same containers. It was simply a matter of patience. This was a one time occurrence.

  5. 2 hours ago, Samsonguy920 said:

    I have actually not killed a bear, yet.  The one that likes to hang around Pleasant Valley Farmhouse is starting to test my patience.

    I also have yet to get attacked by one, too.  But that is bound to catch up with me soon enough.

    I haven't killed one yet either, but the one you mentioned is probably one of the best ones to TRY to farm because you can run back into the house, or onto the porch where he cannot get you.

    Watching Geltaz hunt bears will help I think.

    If you get two definite head shots, it usually kills the bear. I think it very rarely takes three. If you shoot it even once though and then run into the house, it WILL eventually bleed to death in a couple few game hours. Then you can go find it and harvest it. Don't harvest it all at once, and make sure you make a fire you don't freeze to death harvesting it.

    Sorry if you knew the last bit already, I was just trying to cover everything in case you didn't know....A full bear takes several hours to fully harvest, and a blizzard can start any hour without most people do it in chunks checking the weather. Also there is a lot of may take a few trips, so it dying near the farmhouse is pretty handy...

  6. I play mostly on Voyager and I have experienced a few pretty severe loot table bugs.

    The most serious was at the gas station in CH.

    When I entered it the first time there were 4 locked lockers and one unlocked locker. When I looted the locked lockers each one gave me THREE decent items...coats, fisherman's sweater, ammo, lantern....all sorts of cool stuff.

    I exited the game without sleeping or going in and out of the door again like a dummy.

    The next day no matter how many times I reloaded the original save upon entering and quitting, at most only one or two lockers had those items. When they did spawn stuff it was the exact same items in each locker as the first time....when they were there...with varying conditions each time. I could never get all 4 to spawn with three things each again though. Just one or two of the lockers at a time at most.

    I figure whatever mechanic that caused that to happen, is the same thing that is happening to others that feel like Voyager gives less stuff than it did before. 

    Maybe back in the day Voyager loot was to the degree that a locked locker meant a few good things.....pretty much guaranteed. Something is causing things to be empty, that shouldn't be empty...

  7. I don't know why I like it. I don't play survival games. I think it's a mixture of things from the art style to the atmosphere.

    I like getting loot in games. Like raiding in WoW to get more, or better raid gear. Somehow looting is more fun in this game. Not because you are finding a magic sword that is better than your current magic sword. The stuff you find in this game means your character may live another day....or another hour. I think that makes any loot in the game much more valuable in general. You need it simply to survive another day...


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  8. Yeah the weights of clothes in this game in several cases are pretty ridiculous. The crafted stuff is the most ridiculous though....

    Hopefully they'll go weigh clothes in real life at some point and adjust things accordingly...

    Cured items should definitely weigh less than uncured are removing the water weight, which lowers the weight significantly....

  9. I'd love a sled for moving stuff from base to base on different maps....

    It's really hard to move all your stuff from one place to another currently. After a few trips you give up and start deciding what you are just going to leave behind....and a piece of you hates leaving anything of use behind...

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  10. That would be alright...

    I don't play Interloper much yet, I tried it a few times and I have watched videos of others play it.

    The main complaint seems to be that every interloper run involves having to go to one of two maps with a forge to go craft tools, as soon as it's possible to do so.

    It's still good to head to a forge relatively soon on all playthroughs to go craft arrowheads....but this would make it not absolutely necessary to go do so. You could try your luck on scavenging the whole map you start on for stuff, and you could luck out that way with RNG on your side.

    I really want to play Interloper to have more scarcity of items, but without insane wolf spaws like on Stalker, and without having to immediately start planning my trip to a forge...

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  11. That I think is my biggest piece of advice.

    I was watching a video of someone playing, and I forget who, but they were totally going by the three question marks when deciding if storms were they could go outside.

    Please don't do that...

    Just go look outside...

    The three question marks of daylight left might be there because of a full on storm...but the game has a range of other weather that can block you from seeing the sun, not just blizzards.

    It could just be overcast, or snowing lightly, or slightly foggy or just go check.

    Sometimes checking a few times, even seems to change the weather. It may be because it gives the "weather crows" a chance to fly over your head, which means the weather will change. So the very act of physically going to check the weather, might change the weather....

    Just my thoughts...

    I haven't been playing long myself, and I mostly play on Voyager but so far I haven't had a blizzard last more than 12 hours...not yet at least...

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  12. This isn't a huge deal or a big problem, it's just an idea...

    So when you are in a full on blizzard in this game, the wind is so strong that the snow is usually zipping by at quite an angle, like 45° or more usually. 

    Some structures also have overhangs from the roof, or partially covered porches, and walkways and things around the ouside of some buildings.

    I was crouched behind a building like this under a overhand tearing up clothes I didn't need and what not during the blizzard, because I try to avoid cabin fever. You seem to get just as wet, just as fast doing this as you would just standing out in the open.

    It would be nice if you could block some or a majority of the wetness of a blizzard, the way you block wind chill depending on how well you can position yourself behind and under partial coverings. It at least shouldn't be a bad as just standing out in the open in the middle of a blizzard.

    Just food for thought....

    The image is me crouched behind the house looking up at the partial overhang as snow was wizzing by overhead.

    screen_(-752, 30, 658)_1f09b1f2-54b5-47a9-b04f-4952857bf2ae.png

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  13. On Friday, July 07, 2017 at 9:08 PM, Ruruwawa said:

    After I craft the bow and arrows I usually have lots of meat.   To conquer the spoiling problem I try to get to Cooking 5 asap so I can eat low condition and predator meat without getting sick.  

    If you are at the camp office and don't want the meat spoiling, use the cabinet and two drawers at the closest fishing hut for about 30 or so kilos of cold meat storage. Sure it's a little jaunt over there, might be sketchy in a blizzard...but it lasts longer than storing it inside the camp office.

    Occasionally there's a dead dude out front by the treeline, it's kind of gross when you think about it....but if he's there, that's another mini-fridge. 

    It's a +50 condition when cooking yes, but the decay rate is much slower when the cooked meat is stored in a cold container like the ones I suggested. I left some fish, rabbit, and wolf in the fishing hut right off the docks in CH by the fishing houses and the stuff was all still over 90 condition after I went to loot the town for several days.

    Most of the houses you can sleep in are technically very cold, but meat goes bad faster in containers inside houses. Processed and canned foods last better in containers inside houses though.

    I would do a Google search for "long dark decay" and check out the wiki...

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  14. 11 minutes ago, Carbon said:

     While some aspects of the combined sound somewhat reflects what I am carrying, I don't have tin cups and cowbells hanging off my bag. I guess the volume doesn't bother me as much as the number of layers and types of sounds present while walking.

    Rofl, true. To clarify I was agreeing with you is a bit much. We need to be able to hear predators around us. We make an awful lot of noise trying to be quiet currently....

  15. I noticed the clanking even changes depending on what you are carrying. Lots of sticks sounds like drum sticks clicking together. Lots of jerry cans and there is the sound of gasoline sloshing around in a metal gas can. The lantern is the most annoying, the lantern often makes the pots and pans clanking sound which is the hardest to hear over and sometimes it confuses me that maybe a dog barked....especially if my stomach is growling on top of it...

    What I noticed....

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  16. Some of it is RNG too I think. Not every possible bear location spawns a bear every time you start a new game....I don't think.

    Your other games that bear may simply not have been present, making the fishing hut area bearless.

    This time though there definitely seems to be a bear in that area...

    Jackrabbit is cool other than no fireplace. You can light a fire on the back porch though. It does give you a great ability to see your surroundings before wandering off the hill.

  17. Sometimes I use it in the off chance someone may have played with me on Aggramar. A one point I was in the Top 10 list of Horde Paladin tanks on my server according to The Armory.

    So during that 1 year window of time I tanked a lot of raids, and I was good at it...

    It got too hectic though. You can only devote the time necessary to a game like that if you are unemployed...I was at the time.

    I prefer single player games now. Multiplayer games often end in drama. Loot squabbles, things like that...

  18. I wish they would tweak the wolf panicking pathing. My coat scared a wolf off, I was like YAY COAT! So he starts running away towards the ice....I back away for a bit.....he comes running straight at me, I'm like OMG!!! He runs past me and behind me, I think ok that's better I actually wanted to go on the ice anyways....So I walk on the ice, I'm walking forward for a few minutes checking behind me to make sure he's gone....I don't see him.

    A few more minutes go by and I hear his barking and panicking, I turn around and he's running straight at me again...I'm like OMG!!!! He runs past me again, but now he's back on the ice with me again, ahead of me. Then he stops panicking finally, but he's back on the ice, the way I wanted to go, and calmly trotting back in my general direction.

    If he was afraid of me it would make more sense if he didn't try to run right into me two times, and past me.

    There should be like an invisible bubble of fear around me when it's in effect, and if he starts running too close, he should bounce off like a bunper car and turn around and run back the other way....not through me...

    Well at least that's what I think. I could be wrong...