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  1. 1 hour ago, ChillPlayer said:

    Yes I can confirm it too, after speaking to Jeremiah again about the Flare Cache it appeared where it should, the quest updated and I've finally got the achievement.

    Now there's only the Faithful Cartographer achievement left to get fixed and then I believe all major, as in game/achievement breaking, bugs will be fixed I hope ;)

    Nice, thank you for the various verifications peoples!

    Now when I feel like getting my The Long Dark groove back on, I won't have to fiddle about with various backup saves....and/or starting Episode 2 over....

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  2. Apparently they finally released the patch for Jerimiah's flare cache....

    I've been playing Subnautica, not sure when I'll feel like playing The Long Dark again.

    That being said, if anyone else has a save like mine, I'd like to know if the patch fixed the flare cache retroactively....or if I have to start Episode 2 over....or if even worse I have to start over from Episode 1.....AGAIN....

    The type of save game I would be interested in hearing about is anyone who got Jerimiah his meds, picked up the cache note in the Carter Dam for Allan's Cave Cache and got Allan's cache, but then did NOT get 50 Trust with Jerimiah because they were waiting on this being patched.

    If you were in a similar situation and now that it was patched, you got 50 trust or more with Jerimiah and then the cache appeared and you were able to collect it, I'd like to know before I mess around with old saves and whatnot....

    Thank you to anyone who takes the time to respond!

  3. On 9/13/2017 at 5:13 AM, ingrobny said:

    From what i saw in the video, we didn't miss out on much from that cache, when i leave episode 2 i have to leave behind a lot of stuff anyway, i had so much stuff i would carry with me from episode 1, but i could barely walk, so i had to be very selective about what to bring with me and i think the same will happen now when the times come to exit the dam.

    Well I don't particularly care about the flares in the "flare cache" either, but there is an achievement for finding all the caches. An achievement which is impossible to achieve until this is patched....

    As far as loot, yeah they implemented mechanisms to limit one's ability to hoard loot between episodes. I defeated the first rope in Episode 1, and the second rope in episode 2 appears easier to defeat. First it doesn't snap....allowing multiple trips. Secondly you can place heavy items over the blocked area the same way you move items in your base.

    I really don't understand the point in attempting to not permit you to carry whatever loot you acquired between episodes anyways....

    Hoarders gotta hoard....

    (Hinterland should make a shirt that says that)

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  4. On 9/12/2017 at 3:13 AM, JAFO said:

    Then you're doing something really strangely.. I almost never make use of wolves when I'm after deer. When I want deer, I stalk and shoot the deer. Wolves don't enter into the picture at all. As @Mroz4k mentions above, there are several locations where you'll find deer without predators nearby.

    My preferred technique when bow-hunting deer, before level 5, is to get behind the deer while crouched down and sneak up on it. I'll try to get as reasonably close as I can, without spooking it. When I'm close enough and it puts its head down to graze, I stand and take the shot.. right up its arse.. 90% of the time it drops on the spot. Of course, that depends on the accuracy of your shot, but after a while you get pretty good at putting the arrow right where you want it, and the close range definitely helps.

    I think what he was trying to say is he has to kill tons of wolves to get his skill up to lv5 so he can then stalk deer and shoot them from crouching position.

    What you should be telling him is you can crouch to approach deer and hide behind trees, and then pop up and shoot the deer while standing real fast.

    They usually don't notice you right away when you stand, as long as you don't take any steps while standing....

  5. 8 hours ago, JAFO said:

    From all accounts so far, it looks like Fluffy has definitely "moved on".. (whatever Raphael meant by that..)

    I believe Fluffy is dead....

    In Episode 2 when you go to Carter Dam and explore it to get Jerimiah meds, the corridor that you used to take to get down to the room with the big generators (the generators that you can see from the control room windows) is blocked with a metal gate and rocks on the other side. 

    Later in Episode 2 when you are able to get to the big generator area via an alternate path, if you go to the other side of the corridor blocked with rocks there is a dead wolf carcass near the rocks.

    I believe the dead wolf is probably supposed to be Fluffy....

  6. 28 minutes ago, ingrobny said:

    Okay, i started a new game the other day, so i have a new game with the latest PS4 patch, i just watched a video about where it should supposedly show up, so i'm on my way over ther now and see if it's there, updating the post after i have been there :), but there is no marker on the map so i don't have high hopes.


    Nah, it's not there :|



    From what i understand if we have Allan's cave cache active it will be bugged, but i have taken that cache long time ago, so it's not that one that causes the problem, i have a cache in Forlorn Muskeg that i haven't picked up yet.



    I have a save from before I went to the dam and got the note for Allan's cache (allegedly even getting the note breaks the flare cache), and I'm just not playing anymore until this is patched. I haven't been playing The Long Dark since September 1st (which is when I reached Episode 2 after restarting Episode 1 at least 5 times for all the other patches). I started playing Subnautica instead with Jafo.

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  7. 43 minutes ago, ingrobny said:

    I can't find it either (PS4), where is it supposed to show up? Could it be in Jeremiah's hideout? I haven't been there yet.

    No, the cache has been broken since before this thread was started. It was supposed to be fixed in the patch that came out before this thread, but it wasn't. We have been waiting for a new patch to fix it since. Since the thread began another patch was released which didn't address this issue in the patch notes. 

    10 hours ago, jkripper said:

    Found this post on True Achievements:

    Update: Raphael van Lierop posted this in the Hinterland forums a few days ago.

    Fixed in next patch. Steam and PS4 will come first. Xbox will follow once we are through cert. Not 100% sure about ETA yet.

    This post was made over a week ago, but then everyone at Hinterland was granted a month off. I asked if this patch was still coming a few days ago, and Patrick said yes, but the flare cache has been broken for almost a month total at this point.

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  8. Just now, JAFO said:

    Yeah.. I'm very happy with it.. 12 buttons, thumbstick, throttle, and the stick twists for z-axis control.. handy for helicopter sims especially.. but my long-term gaming-rig plans involve getting a Saitek X-56 Rhino:



    Holy Mary, mother of that's!;)

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  9. 16 hours ago, JAFO said:

    Well, they can and do.. but most people these days think they're too old-fashioned. But when it comes to controllers, I'll take one of these over a console-style controller every time. Feels more natural in my "old-fashioned" hands. And no matter what brand it is, no matter how fancy it looks or how many buttons it has, they all work exactly the same!

    May I introduce you to the humble joystick... This is what the one I have looks like.


    (and no, I don't use it for TLD.. keyboard and mouse does me just fine for that)

    WOW.....that's quite the "joystick."

    It's almost like you are compensating for j/k :P

  10. 10 hours ago, TROY said:

    I'm not sure if it was this way and changed, or if someone simply told you this and you accepted it, but it's not true. Quartering a carcass can be done without first removing hide/guts, and fact also produces the hide and guts for you as part of that 2 hour process. They will be on the ground for you to pick up with the quarter bags. This belief may explain why you see quartering as being such a waste.  

    I already tried to tell him this in a another thread that was also about harvesting bears or quartering them....I'm not sure why he constantly spreads so much false information without even checking if it's right by trying it in the game first....

    "Unless I am wrong, but I believe quartering takes more time then simply "harvesting" the leather and guts first (if it doesnt then I suppose it makes sense to quarter)"

    You ARE wrong....

    It would take at least 2 hours or more to harvest the bear hide and 10 guts....AND it would take ANOTHER 2-3 hours to harvest all 30-40 kilos of meat....

    If you quarter it you get all the meat in bags, and the hide and guts are automatically harvested and lying on the ground for you to pick up in just about 2 hours total....

    The only condition you lose would be like 10 condition on the first hour's worth of meat if you harvested it first and separately, and then harvested the rest without quartering. The meat in meat bags from a freshly killed bear is typically 70 condition or higher.....which is plenty of condition above 50 condition to get it back to 100 with cooking.... 

    If the bear or whatever animal is still pretty fresh, the two hours are worth the tradeoff to get everything off the animal at once and in two hours.

    The meat bags decay at a rate of 10 condition per 24 hours,  or at least twice as slow as leaving meat on the bear carcass, giving you much more time to harvest the meat bags, than if you left the meat on the bear to rot.

    I ALREADY explained ALL of this to you in the other thread a couple days ago.

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  11. 6 minutes ago, CalNieDaGtarGuy said:

    Actually, Wintermute got me over my fear since you had to face the inevitable in order to move forward. I have since been able to headshot nearly every wolf I see. Looking forward to the addition of moose and beyond!

    I'm glad you got past the fear of wolves finally. I did too!

    I view them as more of a nuisance now, something I have to go deal with....but I'm no longer afraid of having to deal with them.

    Especially with bait and a bow or rifle (usually bow because it's lighter and I have loot hoarding issues). I carry a couple small pieces of cooked leftover meat pretty regularly. Then if I hear barking I drop a piece and back up. When I see the wolf going for the bait, I shoot it in the face....

    No more fear....

    I still do my best to avoid them, especially if I'm not looking for meat/hide/guts, and I'm on my way to/from somewhere that I have to go for some other business in the game. However, if I fail to avoid them and they see me, then I just take care of them....

    The game feels even more fun to me now that I am not constantly in fear of wolf attacks everywhere I go....

  12. 16 hours ago, JAFO said:

    Looks like I have some more reading to do.. just like @Thrasador, I'm out of touch with some of the latest developments in display technology. Thanks for the links, Thras!

    Your welcome m8....yeah I was surprised too, I didn't realize how much had happened regarding display technology, and v-sync improvements....

    That one article I linked that explains the different display technology benefits and capabilities was the most useful/interesting in my opinion....

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  13. 6 minutes ago, niklanidja said:

    Im using the one that came with this monitor, and this is the only game that was causing any issues like i said, all good now

    I understand you fixed it lol, but you are stuck at one particular resolution. This is still a mystery for my this doesn't make sense lol....

    Are you still running it in windowed mode, or can you run it full screen now?

  14. On 8/29/2017 at 7:37 PM, niklanidja said:

    Only thing that seems to work is windowed mode but not for more than 10-15 minutes, crashes afterwards. Too bad i really wanted to finish this game 

    As it turns out, if @JAFO or I were more knowledgeable about refresh rates and v-sync this post that you made weeks ago about your problem being partially solved by using windowed mode, should have been a clue....

    Apparently when you run a game in windowed mode, Windows forces on old school v-sync and triple buffering....which helps with differences between your monitor's refresh rate and the game's current FPS....

    I did NOT know that until I read the post below....

    Running the game in windowed mode uses something like v-sync and triple buffering through Windows Desktop Window Manager (DWM).

    Somehow this caused an improvement and allowed you to play longer because there was something bad happening with trying to run the game at the 144hz refresh rate of your various resolutions that I guess the game/your monitor/your graphics card didn't like.....

    Even if you are using the correct dual signal DVI cable, I am wondering if you can run the game at higher resolution with a lower monitor refresh rate, with or without using an FPS at 60FPS. There could be some issue between having such a high refresh rate of 144hz and then running the game at very low or very high frames per second....

    Using v-sync and triple buffering somehow plays a part too....

  15. The best similarly priced monitor with a displayport input that I could find was an MSI one on Newegg. However it had freesync for AMD cards instead of G-sync for NVIDIA cards. Pretty sure freesync simply is not utilized if you don't have a freesync AMD graphics card.

    The cheapest G-sync monitor on NewEgg was like 350 bucks...wozers!

    The only reason I mentioned it is because 144hz is a pretty damn high refresh rate, it says when games experience a frame rate dip below the refresh rate, the slowdowns and stuttering can get pretty bad.....that's why Freesync for AMD and G-sync for NVIDIA were invented in the first place....

  16. Here I found this article from March of 2017, it does a great job of explaining all the different ports out now.

    Technically IF the NVIDIA GTX 980 TI has the NEWEST displayport technology on the card, then it's even better than dual link DVI, actually even the old displayport technology is on par with 1080p at 144hz. Also, like I said there should be three displayports on that model card, so even if one is malfunctioning, there are still two more ports....

    At the very end of the article it also says this:

    "No matter what connection you choose, you'll want to ensure that you go into your monitor's settings (OSD) to set it to DP 1.2 or HDMI 2 and into your GPUs settings to configure the faster refresh rate."

    That model benq monitor doesn't have displayport does it?

    If so, that blows....they make nice monitors though, huh? I never heard of them before today....

    That monitor allegedly came out in 2016....I don't understand why the heck it doesn't have a displayport...input...

  17. 21 minutes ago, SnowWalker said:

    Why can't they make one universal controller for crying out loud? I'll tell you why, 'cause they're all greedy mofos and it's a scam, a money grab.

    Well my PS4 controller still worked....the game was just telling me to press buttons that are only on an XBOX controller....sometimes...

    So you can still use a bunch of different controllers with the game....

    Like I said though a lot of PC Windows titles are also on XBOX because Microsoft owns them both, so when they say "full controller support" they aern't really lying.....but they meam XBOX controller specifically. Like for Mad Max they had a controller button map you could look at, to see what button does what in the game, but it was a picture of an XBOX controller with all it's buttons labled. There wasn't separate pictures for PS4 and Steam controllers though, because they aren't going to take a picture of every controller in the universe and label it for use under the controller options menu in the game.....they probably just went with XBOX because it was also an XBOX title.

    I was just saying it seems that often times, for the reasons I described above, full controller support often refers to XBOX controllers by default....especially if it's a game on PC and XBOX.

    Since Playstation is owned by Sony and they don't make a computer OS (like Windiws), their controller layout probably isn't going to be the default layout in most PC games....

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  18. 2 minutes ago, SnowWalker said:

    Hahaha, I do the same thing and like you don't move an inch and then aim and shoot. Never works unless you're lucky, lol. I don't care much about it. I'm never in a situation where I need a bow, lol. I never play Interloper anymore because it's too much like work to me :D I get enough work at home and at work.

    Oh I love the bow....simply because it weighs 0.50 know so I can hoard more loot....;)

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  19. Well, that's all I got. I didn't realize resolutions, refresh rates, and DVI connections had gotten so damned complicated over the last 10 years....

    I believe the last time I built a PC we only had VGA and ONE type of DVI.....simply called DVI.

    We didn't have displayport technology or HDMI, and it seems like there's now old HDMI ports and new ones that are better....

    Just do you know, this "new" displayport technology also supports high resolutions and refresh least higher than HDMI, and there are supposed to be THREE displayports on your GTX 980 TI card....

    And one HDMI port....

  20. 19 minutes ago, Thrasador said:

    I read the threads about this particular model screen and this refresh issue. It says if you have the right cable, a dual link DVI-D cable, there are stll two different DVI ports on the back of the monitor and they are labeled in a way that makes it confusing for a lot of people. Try the other port and see if it supports higher resolutions....even if you think it might be the "wrong one." 

    Here check out this reddit thread, and hit "view more comments(if you have to)" and go way to the bottom, the guy in the thread tried the other port....which I think was labled DVI-I.....which you would think is the wrong port....and then higher resolutions at higher refresh rates worked....

    Nvm, that was a benq what a peculiar naming convention....

  21. I read the threads about this particular model screen and this refresh issue. It says if you have the right cable, a dual link DVI-D cable, there are stll two different DVI ports on the back of the monitor and they are labeled in a way that makes it confusing for a lot of people. Try the other port and see if it supports higher resolutions....even if you think it might be the "wrong one." 

    Here check out this reddit thread, and hit "view more comments(if you have to)" and go way to the bottom, the guy in the thread tried the other port....which I think was labled DVI-I.....which you would think is the wrong port....and then higher resolutions at higher refresh rates worked....

  22. 21 minutes ago, niklanidja said:

    On my own, i use benq xl2411 144hz its 1080p  DVI since i want 144hz i was trying to run in 1080p

    You are using a newer DVI-D dual link cable then right, and not some old DVI connector you had lying around the house then right?

    Q. What does single link or dual link mean?
    A. DVI-D and DVI-I connectors come in single link and dual link formats.  Dual link DVI has more pins and allows for a higher resolution and faster refresh rates. Single link can display up to 1920x1080 @ 60 Hz and dual link can display up to 3840x2400 @ 41 Hz.

  23. 1 hour ago, niklanidja said:


    I fixed it, tried every single resolution and only 1280x1024 wont crash, thanks guys 

    What are you using for a monitor? A TV? An LCD/LED computer monitor?

    What cable are you using to connect to the monitor/TV? Dvi? HDMI?

    What were you trying to run it in before(when it was crashing), 1080p? Or 4K?

  24. 35 minutes ago, niklanidja said:


    I fixed it, tried every single resolution and only 1280x1024 wont crash, thanks guys 

    Wow good job man! So in the end it seems it was at least somewhat graphics related....

    Did Hinterland ever get back to you to tell you to try this, or did you inevitably just figure that out on your own?