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  1. 5 hours ago, CitrinePeridot said:

    Those are all good & reasonable observations & points. I believe I'm going to go with the socks, gloves, & toque idea as that is something I have not yet learned to successfully keep track of. I've gotten myself into a pickle or two already due to this. I've read elsewhere the break down of how and when that risk sets in, but I'm feeling a tad swamped with everything there is to keep track of. It would be nice to have a "fall back" for when I fail to keep that at optimal whether through my lack of experience or the elements. Thank you all for your insights.  :-)

    As far as spare clothes go like Troy said, due to weight restrictions in the can't really carry around spare outfits. However the person who brought it up in the first place, probably meant keeping spare clothes in your base, not on your character. At least that's how I interpreted it, and that's also what I do.

    Other than Interloper difficulty, you will find so many different clothing items if you loot every map in the game, that you can make multiple clothing "sets" if you wish to....and I do. You can keep a light set that you use for looting new areas so you can carry more stuff:

    Trail boots/sneakers, gym socks, cotton undies, jeans/cargo pants, thin sweaters, ski jackets, wool mittens (only weigh 0.1 kilos), cotton toque. Basically all the lightest...yet fairly warm clothing. This would also probably be your high mobility suit for maximum running.

    Then you can have like an armor outfit with the highest protection items in the outer slots, and warm stuff or light stuff in the inner slots.

    You can have a waterproof set for when it's snowing outside with all the highest waterproof clothes in the outside slots, then warmest or lightest in the inside slots.

    Then you can have your "warmest" clothing set, that sacrifices weight and mobility for having the warmest clothing possible. Things like insulated boots or ski boots, (I usually go with boots are just TOO damn heavy, period) wool toques/ski mask, expedition parkas/bear coat, snow pants, wool undies, fisherman or cowichan sweaters, climbing socks, ear muffs, etc....

    Yeah.... lot of work, but even on Voyager I had so many duplicates of some clothing items (except for the best ones like expedition parkas and snow pants) that it's relatively easy to keep multiple sets of clothes in lockers for different situations. Instead of tearing everything up for cloth or leather. There are plenty of curtains in the game now on various maps to not have to tear all your found clothes up for cloth.....unless you want to play for thousands of days....

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  2. 9 hours ago, strongpelt said:


    You sure about this? I did go loot the gas station during the food quest and I didn't run into any wolves anywhere near it. 


    When I say three by the gas station or farm, I don't mean directly by the building....I mean in that area, but yes....over by the gas station and the surrounding wood lot areas by the gas station there are typically three wolves hunting you and deer.

    Sometimes depending on where they move over time there can be two out front of the gas station past the pumps and the car, and one behind the gas station past the junk piles. If they were more spread out when you got there, then you were lucky in that instance. Sometimes all three are right around the gas station, sometimes they are farther out in the wood lots.

    As far as scripting three wolves to appear after the prisoner cutscene by the bus, if they did that then they added it in a patch after I completed that section. After I did the bus bit, I doubled back the way I came which was hugging the wood lot wall around to the path under the "arch." I only saw one wolf in the wood lot,  and no other wolves by the bus in my playthrough.

    I went under the arch to avoid the wolves in town, and because I knew that even though there are up to three wolves in the "gas station area"..... USUALLY only one of them is on the far end of the wood lot at any given moment. Usually when one heads to the gas station, a different one heads out to the wood lot. They seem to rotate around that area, and sometimes there are deer in the same area to chase into them. Sometimes if all three of them see the same deer, all three of them might be following the deer at the same time.....I guess that might of happened to you....

  3. 4 hours ago, JAFO said:

    I fully understand where you're coming from... but disagree with your second sentence. In anything that takes sustained effort over a long period of time, there's something called burnout. And that goes double for coding.. it's brain-frying work at the best of times. Doing quality work when all you really want to do is shove your keyboard through the monitor just isn't a realistic expectation. I'd rather they took a break and came back with rejuvenated brains before getting to grips with the remaining bugs. It might be frustrating for players, but not as frustrating as increasingly half-assed workmanship would be.

    I am probably one of the most impatient people on the planet. I also like to treat each day like it's my last because you never know when you'll have a piano dropped on your head, or you'll be diagnosed with terminal cancer. Some people just don't have time to waste "waiting." In this instance instead of waiting for Hinterland to recharge their batteries to fix THIS particular game, I should be playing other games that are fun. I just didn't want to move on yet, because typically when I move on I never come back.

    So in the event I suddenly vanish it's probably because a piano was dropped on my head, I got terminal cancer, or I moved on to another game....

  4. 16 minutes ago, CitrinePeridot said:

    $40? That's...really not bad actually. Given the technology, I thought & just assumed we were talking about some $100 or so device. So, it would have been a "save up for" item for me. I'll have to scrounge around on some sites to see what deals I can find. Thank you!

    It's not really....I'm just a cheap bastard. I know you can get low end gamepads out there for under 20 bucks. Out of the 40 or so bucks XBOX charges you for an old school WIRED controller, half of that is to pay for the name brand. However you also get what you pay for, the cheap knockoff I got from China may break faster....because it was did I really save money? Only time will tell....

    If you can afford an official XBOX 360 or XBOX ONE wired controller, you are probably better off getting a real one.

    To reiterate again the only reason I'm pushing the XBOX wired controller is for overall game compatibility and ease of use. Wired makes it plug and play with Steam Big Picture mode, and many games that have "full controller support" is often because they released their game on XBOX as well as PC. So they were built with an XBOX controller layout already. Windows is the dominant OS out there and Microsoft owns Windows and XBOX. So games released on PC and XBOX are often designed to use and recognize an XBOX controller....

    It just makes things complicated sometimes with some games when you are trying to use a non-XBOX controller with the game, because the game was designed to think the only gamepad in existence is an XBOX can still be done without an XBOX controller, but it may be a pain in the butt.

    I was just recommending the EASIEST option with the least amount of additional work involved. Not everyone is a tech nerd, some people just want stuff to work out of the box....

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  5. 1 minute ago, CitrinePeridot said:

    Sounds like the wired one would be my best bet. Will have to put that on my shopping list. A further investment into this game, but it's one that I feel will be well worth it if it can/will enable me to have more time to enjoy it. As of now, I've decided to whip out my compression gloves & don them to eek out a touch more next time I "go in". LOL Funny to think I have to have a R/L wardrobe of sorts to get ready to go out exploring in this game. Have my messaging, heating back pad at the ready & my compression gloves as back up along with my cozy flannel pajama bottoms for added comfort. This is called dedication to the cause, my friends. Dedication to the cause.  :-)

    You can find cheap mongrel wired XBOX controllers out there if you look, so you don't HAVE to drop 40 bucks or more on an "official" Microsoft XBOX controller. I think I got this one for about 17 bucks....


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  6. 21 hours ago, CitrinePeridot said:

    Ok. I have considered that it might be my best bet to get one. Otherwise, I'm limited to about 1 hour of play time w/ some pauses at a time. Then, time for a break altogether for a hour or more.

    Well, like I said when playing a game on Steam if the game has "full controller support" like this game does, it's as simple as getting a gamepad with a USB connection. Since Steam made it so it can recognize several prominent controller types such as their Steam gamepad, XBOX controllers, and PS4 controllersx and I had a PS4 already....I just tried plugging my PS4 controller in one day....and it worked.

    That being said, I do find that many games that "claim" to have full controller Mad Max for instance, they seem to often default to an XBOX controller layout. I had a problem with Mad Max for a while getting it to recognize my PS4 controller. Sometimes when I started the game up it would default to XBOX key-presses which can make things confusing. Just Csuse 2 did the same thing....

    Like when the game tutorial tells you what button to press it would say press Y, X, A, or B.....and a PS4 controller has Triangle, square, X, and circle. So that can sometimes make things unnecessarily confusing.

    As much as I prefer my PS4 controller due to how it feels when I hold the balance of the controller, and its weight...To be on the safe side as far as being confused when playing, I almost have to recommend a WIRED Xbox controller.

    I say wired because XBOX controllers typically take batteries, and they don't come with a rechargeable battery like the PS4 controller. A wired XBOX controller doesn't take batteries, but it has to be plugged in with the USB cable.

    Lastly with the USB plug, the controller is recognized immediately through Steam Big Picture mode. If you get a wireless controller that only takes batteries and has no USB cable, then you have to take the additional step of trying to get your PC to recognize the wireless controller through Bluetooth or something....or get a wireless USB dongle to plug into a USB port ontop of getting a controller....

    As cool as the Steam controller looks, like Jafo stated it can be confusing to set up...Also, the same games that have trouble recognizing a PS4 controller, and default to XBOX key presses, will most likely pull the same crap with a Steam controller....and a Steam controller is even more alien looking....

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  7. 39 minutes ago, SnowWalker said:

    Mine does too. I hate that when I'm trying to hit something with a bow. I'm not that great with the bow and I need that dot.

    Like I said, I seriously believe that is intentional to make the game harder....I can't imagine another reason why they would make the dot vanish when you are actually trying to take the shot.

    I do my best to try to remember where the dot WAS in reference to the bow before aiming. I think I also paused gameplay videos of like @GELtazhunting to see where the dot was....

    I believe the dot is just above the tip of the arrowhead, but then the arrow also drops over distance and seems to travel more to one side than the other because of how arrows are shot from one side of the bow....

    It becomes something you just get a feel for, since the dot doesn't really reflect where an arrow will go unless you are firing from very short range. So you just have to keep practicing trying to aim however far above a target you think you have to aim to get an arrow to arc down into the target.....

    I usually save my game like Jafo mentioned somewhere and just shoot until I get it right.....and reload if I don't....

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  8. 14 minutes ago, CitrinePeridot said:

    You know, that actually touches on another issue I'm finding myself having. I have lupus which struck my hands. Things like typing here don't bother me as much as other activities as my fingers are not required to remain in one spot, apply pressure, and repeat the same movements. I'm wondering if it might not be a good idea for me to consider that as I have difficulty with the placement of key spacing. They require me to crook or hook my fingers down, and mine don't always want to accommodate those actions. I don't want to change any key settings, because most people's advice is based on the defaults, and I'm not trying to confuse the crap out of myself trying to keep up with all that. That said, I don't necessarily want to have to start over in yet another way by introducing yet another new aspect. I'm doing good in the game just to be able to back away from something much less anything else. I'm committed, because I love this game. It's just a tad challenging in ways that are in no way Hinterland's fault.

    If you are playing on PC, I would look into getting a gamepad or remapping your keys so they are all easy to won't be hard to retrain your fingers either way. Especially if you are putting things where you want them because they "make sense" to you that way.....

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  9. 10 minutes ago, Wade said:

    I love the game but I was seriously disappointed with how poor the release was.  Not only did it kick off with bugs so numerous that episode two could not even be completed, but you couldn't even spell check the darn dialogue.  Really?  Do any of you even bother to play this game you work so tirelessly on that you need a whole MONTH off?  Oh BTW thanks for the countdown to the countdown.  That was really cool.

    If you are gonna take a month off, then please put the story mode on hold and add some new content so that the people waiting the next year for another episode will have something new to keep it relevant.

    I loved the clothing update.  Please add some more crafting, wildlife, and maps please.  Content, more content, and even more content.

    Personally I probably would have waited until patching Wintermute was completed before declaring a month off for everyone. Fixing the mess would be the least that could be done before everyone gets to go into relax mode. We have been waiting over three weeks now for the flare cache to be patched. It was already patched once, but the patch didn't actually fix it. They had the same issue with the bear ear, the bear hide for repairing Jerimiah's coat, and the aurora not appearing for the dam quest. Those were all things that had to be patched multiple times, because the patches didn't even work....

    It's pretty frustrating having to wait for patches, but I find it even more frustrating to wait for the same things to be patched multiple times.....

  10. 2 hours ago, CitrinePeridot said:

    Right. The curtains were a welcomed addition, and I was very pleased to have that option. A bear bedroll? Hey, didn't even know or consider that was now an option though probably not just yet for me considering I'm on the easiest level. Perhaps I will come across a bear carcass? What luck would that be? Wonder if it provides enough to make one. Hmmm. 

    You need two bear hides for the bedroll, and two to make a bear coat, but you won't be finding ANY dead bears, lol. You will have to learn to hunt bear and not die.

    I recommend shooting in the face from an unreachable spot, or do it near a house, car, fishing hut, and then run inside...then wait for it to bleed out....

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  11. 2 minutes ago, CitrinePeridot said:

    I'm sure that's true. I've just always gone with the defaults within any game, always somewhat concerned I will somehow screw it up if I tamper with it. LOL

    Naaahhh, always tailor your games to you....

    If you screw it all up (not sure how you would, lol) you can always just reset things to defaults....

    Personally I'm one of those people who can't play a game at all if I cannot invert the Y-axis.

    Don't know why....maybe my brain is just wired backwards....or I played too many flying games, but I pull down on a stick to go/look up and push up on a stick to go/look down.

    If I can't invert the Y axis....I just can't play....

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  12. 21 minutes ago, CitrinePeridot said:

    Thank you also @Mroz4k for mentioning the sensitivity thing. That seems to be exactly what it is I am dealing with.  :-)

    Just an FYI, pretty much every game these days has a slider somewhere for look/aim sensitivity. Sorry I didn't mention it, I consider adjusting sensitivity as common knowledge in video games at this point....

    Even after adjusting it in game, I played around with it more in the Steam controller settings. Not sure that part is an option for you though, since you are not using a controller.

  13. Should be a slider under options....controls or something....

    The mouse was WAAAAAAAAAY too sensitive when I started....couldn't aim the rifle at all with the thumb sticks. I'd move the stick a millimeter and the rifle would move 10 feet.....

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  14. 37 minutes ago, CitrinePeridot said:

    The one where you have to scale up to get to it.

    Scale mean climb?

    You mean the first cave you go through where you get the sleeping bag in Episode 1?

    If so there shouldn't be a wolf by the entrance....after you get out of the cave you encounter your first wolf in the Story eating a deer....they warn you about it with a popup and everything....

    There shouldn't be one by the entrance....the exit though, yes....


  15. 2 hours ago, Mroz4k said:

    Actually, the dot is invisible most of the time, and only time it shows up is if you are looking close to something that you can harvest or open. Or during aiming, it shows up permanently (I think at least). 

    Nope it disappears when holding down the aim button, I just tested it to make sure. It would make more sense to show up when trying to aim, but that probably would make it "too easy" according to it disappears.

    2 hours ago, Mroz4k said:

    What I think is the biggest issue is your sensitivity, guys. I used to have mad problems with this because mine was too high - I switched it to be relatively low, and now I no longer have a big issue with missing hits or picking things up. As far as rabbit stone hunting go, yes, it is better to use your knuckles, but if you want to go with a bow, or rifle, most people will need that HUD.

    Who's the "guys" only one person is having trouble aimimg the Dot to pick stuff up, Troy can't see the dot. I turned my sensitivity down to 12 after playing for 20 seconds. Then I turned it down more via the Steam controller settings.

    2 hours ago, Mroz4k said:

    OP, another trick which comes to mind when picking stones up - when you are picking stones up to keep them, press "H" to "holster" them before picking more up. Dont try to pick more stones while holding a stone in your hand... you will likely miss and just throw your current stone away. By holstering it this wont happen.

    People using controllers don't have that issue. Pick up and throw are mapped to two different buttons on controllers.

    2 hours ago, Mroz4k said:

    Additionally, when you are stone hunting rabbits and dont have a stone in your hand, it can be rather obnoxious to press "2" for weapon hotkey to try and find the stones. Easier way is to pick up a new stone from the ground - find a stone, press left click once, and the item window opens up - now, press spacebar. This will automatically equip the stone into your hands. This is immensely useful when hunting rabbits with stones. 

    I just use the radial. It's pretty easy....

    2 hours ago, Mroz4k said:

     If you hit the rabbit, sprint towards it and hit the key "H" to holster the stones you have in your hand. Now, you will have much easier time picking that rabbit up. Deal with the rabbit, then drop it to the ground (easiest way by pressing hotkey "3" for using baits) to stop being smelly, smelliness makes the other rabbits run away from you from farther distance. Now, take a look at the stone you hit the rabbit with, or some other closeby stone - click left click, open the item window, then click the spacebar. 

    I don't think I've ever had an issue with picking up a rabbit other than not getting there fast enough....

    As far as the smell of rabbit scaring other rabbits, that sounds a lot like a made up untested @Mroz4k non-fact to me. I don't believe I have EVER read anywhere including in a patch note, on the forums, in a Wiki, or in a video by game veterans about smell affecting ANYTHING other than wolves. Pretty sure rabbit smell scaring rabbits is in your head. I have killed 5 or 6 rabbits in a row with the other 4 or 5 rabbits on my person, and they NEVER reacted any differently to me. As far as dropping them to avoid wolves tracking you, that's not a terrible idea.....but I generally don't bother doing it.

    I'll ask @JAFO and @Timber Wolf if they know anything about dead rabbit smell scaring other rabbits away from you farther than normal....

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  16. 1 minute ago, CitrinePeridot said:

    Well, it was by that cave one finds there on Day 5 or whatever. It'd killed a deer right in front of the cave's entrance. I got as far as that tree to the right of the entrance. Saw its fangs and decided, "Ahh...Ok. That's probably going to do it for me." ROFL

    You mean the shallow cave on the left side of the road before the pond on the left with all the cattails?

    I'm confused as to which cave....there's about 4 caves you can find before Milton....including the one you have to go through....

  17. 1 hour ago, CitrinePeridot said:

    I just experienced that in my Story mode game. It went into that guarding stance, and that's when I tested to see how close one could get. I then backed away without a brawl breaking out. 

    How close did you get? Lol....

    I believe you can get pretty darn close. I was in the car in front of the church with all the flares in it, and the wolf eating the deer was growling the whole time. That car is only about 10-15 feet from the wolf....

  18. I feel either this:

    20 hours ago, Mixxut said:

    If I was a game developer I would not set release dates before the game is ready for it. Many people have waited since 2014. Few months more would not have been that bad.

    Or this:

    8 hours ago, JAFO said:

    In my opinion, if Raphael had come to the community before release and said;

    "Look.. the simple fact is, we found a major game-breaking bug that took a long time to diagnose and fix, so we didn't have time to properly playtest. We could in theory delay the launch, but not only would that piss a lot of people off, it would play hell with our game-certification process with Sony and Microsoft. So we've decided to release on-schedule but in an untested and buggy state. We know it's gonna be a huge pain, and we apologise in advance for all the hassle, but with all you guys helping to find and report bugs as fast as you can, we can get this thing whipped into shape in pretty short order. Sorry once again, but sometimes things just go wrong. You know how it is."

    Then I think the vast majority of the community would have gotten behind them, and all the grief and acrimony would have been reduced to a minimum.

    Would have both been better choices than the choice that was apparently made...

    Which was say nothing about what went wrong behind the scenes, and not prepare us for game breaking bugs, and then say sorry weeks after many people were already in an uproar about the game being so buggy across all three platforms.....

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  19. 8 hours ago, JAFO said:

    Not necessarily.. since Wintermute, as you you approach them, they'll first go into their "guarding the kill" stance, and growl at you. Only once you get somewhat closer will they charge.

    Yeah, wolves growl at you now when you get close to them when they are eating. I prefer to throw a lit torch at them when they do this, if I am not planning/able(no gun) to shoot them.

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  20. Yeah, the running through your fire was totally unnecessary....If you are standing next to a burning camp fire, once a wolf approaches within a certain distance of said fire (about 10 feet), it starts "yipping" like a scared dog and runs off a bit. This works even if the wolf is charging you already with the intent to fight.

    As far as the rest of your story, that is all HIGHLY irregular. Since you have so little experience with the game, I have a very good hypothesis on what you did wrong, and I'm surprised @JAFOdidn't catch it. He must have been tired and/or in a hurry.

    There is no way THREE wolves would all come at you at once, unless you were really close to all three of walked past them all closely.....which I think you would have noticed and mentioned doing. This seems to have happened to you multiple times as well....not normal....

    I'm thinking you must know nothing of the scent mechanic, and how scent attracts wolves from REALLY far away now if you have scent items on you.

    Scent items include cooked animal meat/fish, raw animal meat/fish(even stronger scent), dead rabbits in your inventory, and especially uncured animal guts you harvested. (They say animal hides too....but hides don't seem to give off much scent) Just two animal guts give you one scent bar, as does 6 pieces of cooked meat, and less pieces of uncooked meat, or ONE dead rabbit. It stacks also, so if you are carrying one dead rabbit, two uncured guts, and like four pieces of uncooked animal meat then you will have three scent bars (the visibly displayed may even go higher). Three scent bars will draw every wolf on a map from more than a kilometer away.

    You should leave uncured guts and hides on the floor of a house (like Grey Mother's) until they cure....or drop guts/meat as bait and then back up so a wolf will eat it and wander off....instead of eating you. You need to drop one piece of gut or animal meat for each wolf coming at you though....

    You should also cook animal meat as soon as it's safe to do so...preferably also in Grey Mother's house with the free ever burning fire. Also, limit the amount of cooked meat you carry to less than 6 pieces, they can still smell you from farther away with 5 pieces of cooked meat than 0 the less meat the better. Also, drop bunnies off in a safe house until you are ready to harvest them, cook the meat, and drop the guts and hides to cure.

    The scent bars, up until Wintermute, used to remain visible as (up to) three wavy lines at the top middle of the screen, but they disappear now a few seconds after picking up scent items. You can view scent anytime from the condition screen I believe, and you can toggle the lines the same way you toggle the time of day sun and moon display. Maybe you even noticed the wavy lines and didn't understand their purpose....that's their purpose, a scent marker.

    Did I get it right @strongpelt ? Were you carrying meat, and guts, and dead bunnies around a lot? Or am I totally off base and you knew about smell? If you didn't have any bunnies, meat, or guts on you and ALL those wolves kept coming after you like that, then you should report it as a new bug. That's not normal....

    PS Yes, ideally you should have looted most of the town during the wood/food quests. I THINK some of the wolves may go away again after getting to the point where you put the necklace on the grave. At least the three that start guarding the bridge during the prisoner quest disappear you can get to the grave.....obviously.

    When you FIRST get to Milton there is ONE wolf patrolling town, about three near the gas station, three near the farm, and one in the barn. The wolves patrolling the town do seem to increase as the quests progress....

    PPS  There are no animals in blizzards, but the blizzard wrecks your clothes over time....

  21. I'm pretty sure the dot disappears once you hold down the aim least mine does....

    I don't go by the dot to throw rocks at rabbits anyway, I go by just above the knucle on the thumb/where the thumb bows up. The rock typically goes just above there.

    I also have the best luck by running around the rabbit and trying to head it off, so I am in front of it and it's hopping twords me. Then I crouch and wait for it to hop twords the sweet spot in front of my thumb and then throw.

    If you practice doing those things, your odds of getting a rabbit should go up....

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  22. 1 hour ago, cullam said:

    Yeah, it's really annoying. So the best head-wear in the game is, realistically, no better than the far more common wool toque. 

    Basically yeah, unless you don't wear the toque over it, and sacrifice the warmth bonus from the hat....which I agree is stupid.

    Anyways I have pretty much given up asking for things. They are just going to do what they are going to do, and so far none of it has been anything I asked for, lol....well except for patching things that are broken....

  23. I think things need to be "balanced" and I agree that currently they technically are "balanced" for the most part....maybe with the exception of rabbits. I REALLY don't like that they take around 2 hours to harvest by hand, and that you burn over 300 out of the 500 or so calories they provide by harvesting them.

    That seems to be something I keep it must annoy me a great deal.

    Like Troy said, I feel Hinterland spends too much time already tweaking things that don't need to be tweaked over and over, instead of improving the game for real. Like by adding hats and other animal hide options to crafting.....