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  1. Playing on Stalker, gathering some basic gear to venture into Timberwolf Deathland for the first time (not the mountain). Is it kind of essential that I find a revolver before I go? I've got a reasonable survival kit on me, but no form of ranged weapon.
  2. If I correctly recall, they aren't safe. At the very least, you can't quickly make one to protect against a wolf, as they take something like an hour to build, and activity doesn't protect you from getting jumped. What DOES work is trying to start a fire. You don't even necessarily need to succeed! If the wolf comes at you while you're trying to light it, you'll scare it away. The only real risk is if the attempt fails before they get close enough to get scared, and then it reaches you just as you get dumped back into the world view.
  3. With the morning sun, I head out towards the available rope (having dumped weight in the tunnel, down to 22kg). I make my way through the 3-way cave, around the hills, and up the rope to the deer clearing. Nothing much in that cave, but I stop by the containers. Lots of cured leather, some other random items, but nothing that will quench my thirst. That's fine. The bear's path is guarded by a wolf, so I make slow going along it. I eventually get to the rope, having been freezing for at least an hour. At the top, I'm nearly spent, as two climbs in one day is very hard on a poor survivor. I make my way through the tunnel by lantern light, and try to do what repairs I can, on the other side. I'll have to get a good night's sleep before climbing the final rope. In the morning, I head out. A quick check of the final cave to grab whatever goodies rest there, and then it's up the last rope. I stop half way up to catch my breath, but there will be no camp out for an hour: without a fire, it would cost me dearly. As soon as my sprint has returned, it's back up the final leg! At the top, I duck over to the cave, but most of what I find is for those who would brave a fire. So I head on over the the crash site. With my victory at hand, I am struck by a horrifying lack of foresight: Without the ability to light a fire, being at the summit for long enough to loot all the containers is a very dangerous prospect indeed! I'm already freezing, and I've now got to stick around for long enough to take all the essentials, and THEN make my way back to a warmer place! This might have been a fool's errand... However, after looting a few containers, I've got a pair of expedition parkas, and I find myself at a FL temperature of 1 degree! I take a 1 hour nap to refill my gauge, and I'm looking to be in good standing! Upon looting everything, and leaving far more than I usually would, as a late game survivor's kit, I'm ready to go. I've got a rifle, a bunch more bullets, wool longjohns to spare, wool mittens, and every piece of drink or thirst quenching food that was present. I leave behind animal skins, and many redundant sets of tools. I'm over 45 kilos in weight, and although a well fed bonus has kicked in, taking the ropes down would be a bad option. A mountain goat's journey it is! But since the last time I've done this, the law of the code has shifted. The usual strategies I would take end up costing me far more dearly than I'm used to! And sprains now cost more resources to deal with! By the time I reach a piece of ground that was designed for human feet, I have many sprains and injuries, and my overall health is below 20%. In this shape, I'll not risk wolves and weather. I make my way for the tunnel, as fast as I can, in my limping state. In there, I light my lamp, and head to the other side. My current weight will be difficult, so I dump many items that I won't need yet, on top of the ones I discarded on my way up. Making my way back, I pass the time until I'm tired enough to really make up my terrible condition. I eat and drink, and pass out for the night. Given that I'm still over my weight allotment (but no longer is a massive, can't run kind of way), I decide that I should avoid ropes. I take the long way around to the cabin, having to dodge multiple wolves, and a bear along the way. It's a huge relief when I arrive. Once I rest up and dump all the thing that I won't need yet, I can head back up to the tunnel, and grab the rest of my supplies. After that, I'll need to o check if the other crates were smuggling liquids, and take whatever there is. But at this point, I think it would be fair to say that as long as I can keep it repaired, I'll have basically all the clothing that I'll ever need. And without long term survival being an issue, I'm basically just collecting bullets and the means of hydration. Once I've cleared the tunnel, and those extra crates, I'll be able to leave. The game of carefully planning my routes, sleeping places, and water, will continue.
  4. And mystery lake (at least the map) is blatantly off by 90 degrees.
  5. FM to ML pretty much has to be zero gap, as the implication is that you're walking directly into the other one, when you cross over. The size of a lot of the mines is a big question mark. And of course, I might not have sized things correctly. I was doing a certain amount of gut feel - "Does this map feel about x% the size of this other map, when walking across them?"
  6. I make up my mind, and head toward TWM. I'm likely to get all the clothes I'll need at the summit, after all, and I've now easily got enough water to get me up there. I'm sure I'll find a bunch more pop and canned food on the way, and at the top! Nothing much at the draft dodger's cabin, but I follow the new path, up to the plane crash. Aside from some thirst quenching airline food and pop, I find another fisherman's sweater, wind shell, brown and plaid wool sweaters, and sweet baby jesus, COMBAT PANTS! In some poor soul's luggage. Between Skeeter's Ridge and the bunker, I've also got a hacksaw, a knife, a hatchet, and even a revolver! So given that I don't have to think about my long term survival a hundred days out, I've got basically all the tools I'll ever need. In general, I'm trying to take looping paths that won't retread the same areas on returning. But the bunker is an exception, as there's no way around that area! So it's a great place to leave supplies that I won't need until later. I dump my quality tools, some sewing kits, some extra clothing, 3 litres of water, and some food that won't go bad. I also take the time to repair some of the clothing that could use it, finally slake my thirst, and go to bed. In the morning, I head up the rope and Woah! I just flew up that thing! Am I too used to climbing tired, or did they modify the climbing mechanics since I last played? On may way to the cabin, I hear a suspicious sound, so I take a wide path. Sure enough, we have another moose! I'd love to get me a moose hide satchel for this run, but I have no rifle or bow. I don't think a revolver or flare gun is going to do the trick... At the Cabin, I pick up some nick nacks, then start prepping for the trip. I've been wearing my two fisherman's sweaters, as well as insulated boots, and my mackinaw jacket over a ski jacket. But for this amount of climbing, I think it's time to switch to a mobile layout. Light sweaters, wind shell over a wool vest, and trail boots. I head out to the wing. A wolf chases my almost the whole way, and I'm now assuming that I'm going to need to spend some bullets, but he breaks off, just as a finally turn to face him. The crates have canned peaches, pop, lantern fuel, and medicine. On the one hand, I could just haul all this back to the cabin. I decide to press on, and make a detour to the lower tunnel cave. I can rest there, and leave all these goodies, not too far from home. Pushing on to the top cave, when I can't warm up at a fire seems dangerous, so I overnight in the tunnel. Tomorrow, I should find out if this was all worth it!
  7. I'm working on a challenge playthrough where I'm not allowed to light any fires - try and find the max survivable time. To do this, I'll probably need to do some route planning through the whole map. So since I had to make this anyway, I figured I'd share it!
  8. So what next? To truly maximize the length of time that I can survive, I'll need to loot pretty much everywhere, and do it as efficiently as I can, for the more uninhabited areas. So maybe the right move is to head straight to TWM, now that I have enough water to sleep for the night part way up. It would be nice to find a stim or an energy drink before I got there, to help with powering through the climb. But the fact is that I really need to figure out some sort of path, through the whole map, hitting all good water sources. The bad ones too, if I can manage it! I'll probably have to start rationing water, once I'm in a decent position. Guess I should sit down with a marker and a set of maps!
  9. Attempt 2: A much better start Woke up in the new Pleasant Valley. Nothing much to be found at the Lonely Homestead, other than hearing both the hooting of a moose, and the roaring of a bear at the same time. So it was run like hell time! Also had to dodge a few wolves, but made it to the barn safely. Picked up a crow bar, but nothing very exciting. Time to go find some toilets! Water is life, and when it runs out, I'm dead. The next stop is the farmhouse. A wolf caught my scent and started chasing me. I keep backing away, then duck through a hay shack and make a break for it. A nearby dear helps distract the wolf, and I make it to the basement safely. AND WHAT A BASEMENT IT IS!!! (I'm playing on Stalker, not Interloper - that will come later). I find a balaclava, a mackinaw jacket, a fisherman's sweater, and insulated boots! By the time I clear the house, I also have a Canadian toque, same simple tools. Plus of course, a few litres of water, 4 cans of pop, and some condensed milk. I go to bed satisfied, and try to work out a gameplan for the coming days.
  10. Attempt 1: Short lived. I spawned in the TWM gorge. I decided to go for broke, and try to make the summit. To avoid getting eaten, I had to climb the rope away from the wolves, so that was a bad start! I slept for a couple hours in the first tunnel cave, to try and recover some temp, but it didn't give me much. I managed to get up the rope to the deer clearing but then took longer than I should have to find the next one, due to darkness and heavy fog. I eventually found the rope, completely exhausted. At this point, there was no choice, so I climbed anyway. I made it most of the way to the top, but eventually fell off the mountain. Couldn't try again with a sprained wrist, and I was well in the red condition. I sat, and quietly waited for the cold to end it.
  11. I don't think this one has come up before, so here's a relatively simple challenge idea - whatever difficulty setting floats your boat, with NO fires. Obviously, you can't survive indefinitely without fire, as you'll eventually die of thirst. But how long can you last? There are a fair number of toilets out there, not to mention foods and drinks. Of course, this also places some restrictions on your ability to travel, as if you can't warm up with a fire, then some things get tricky. Hunting is also worse (although not impossible, as you can always just eat raw meat, and suffer the consequences). Who wants to try to go for the absolute upper limit on survival time without a fire?
  12. I guess I got lucky! On highest difficulty, he took the bait within my first hour of fishing. I only caught one other before he jumped on.
  13. Yes, there is something very handy behind the waterfall! But, you have to go through the water to get it. There's a path around the right side that should allow you to go for a dip.
  14. Factorial gets nuts, so I was just thinking additive score. But remember, you can't really make up the difference by delivering to just a few customers for longer. That would be true if it was, say, 1 point per paper delivered. But if it's 1 for the 1st of the week, 2 for the 2nd, ... 23 for the 23rd, then to get the highest score, you really want to find a way to hit all 23 of them weekly. Because there are a limited number of paper products in the game, the way to maximize points is to hit all 23 deliveries.
  15. cullam


    It's hard to say for sure, but I've always found the gameplay quite smooth.
  16. Might I suggest a points system instead? Your first customer is one point, but your second is two. So if you can deliver to that 22nd customer, it's worth a lot more than just 21.
  17. He heals by slowly recovering condition while awake. It's very slow and painstaking, but it can be done. It means, depending on sleepwalker level, it might take a few weeks to fully recover from a wolf attack. In terms of starvation as a strategy, I've had to do it frequently on my Bjorn the Berserker run. Since most instances of eating mean food poisoning, and an immediate need to sleep 10 hours, I've gotten pretty used to usually only eating about once every two days. But I can't use the weakness due to hunger bug, as I need to sleep 10 hours before I can even start healing, and need to still have food in my stomach by the end. So the penalty to wakefulness is always long gone by the time I get to heal.
  18. Day 67: With the morning, there is a medium fog. Not so heavy that he can't see, but it certainly blankets the morning. He is muchly recovered from his harrowing journey. There is no sign of the other wolf. So Bjorn crunches over the snow, gathering his things, by the slain wolf. He leaves the meat for now - he's just fixed himself up, and he'll have to get by more wolves to reach the forge. Coming down the hill, he at last sees his destination. The wolves appear to be not guarding the entrance, and he makes it without contestation. And finally, laying here by a locker, is his Mjolnir! At last, Bjorn is a true viking! Given the cold, Bjorn must light a blazing fire. And since he's already doing that, he feeds more wood, and ample coal to the blaze. He works the bellows, and shapes the iron over the furnace, hour after hour. But before he goes to made making arrow heads, perhaps he should look to use one... Bjorn has not yet secured any food supply here. He steps out of the remains of the barn, leaving his fire blazing. Near enough, he is able to attract the attention of a local wolf, and lours it back towards the barn. See him take shelter in a man-made structure, the beast looses interest. But as soon as Bjorn draws his bow, it gets scared and high tails it away. A second attempt at finding some lunch produces the exact same result! Bjorn tries a third time, and this time is able to let the arrow fly. Another shoulder hit! Another wolf running off to die in the freezing cold, carrying Bjorn's arrow. On his fourth attempt, everything finally goes right, and Bjorn has a few kgs of meat to harvest from near his warm barn. He restokes the fire, and breaks down the crates, and cracks the safe. Nothing but fool's garments, and food fit for dogs. Oh well. He feeds it all to the fire. Day 68: Bjorn's second day working the forge is largely uneventful. He makes arrowheads. He skins the wolf, just to change things up. Keep the fire roaring, he eats and sleeps, but in the constant light of the forge, Bjorn no longer even knows if it be day or night. Making a single arrow, away from the warmth of his furnace costs him more than a fifth of his health. Clearly, the crafting of arrows shall wait until he's in a better place! He returns to the forge, and sleeps again, while his belly is still full. At the end of the day, he has 19 arrow heads.
  19. Bjorn the Second, Day 66: As dawn approaches, Bjorn's cave begins to cool, to the point that even in his bedroll, t'is a little chilly. Not enough to worry, but it's something to keep in mind. There are 5 lumps of coal, which will be quite useful for the work that's to come. Bjorn has over the past weeks needed to burn far more of it than he's like, just to stay warm. At the first of daylight, he peers outside. He must now rely on their being wolves outside! His health is less than a quarter. The cold is bitter, and he sees a wolf passing a rocky outcropping. This is no time to get fancy with a bow - a struggle now would almost certainly be a death sentence. He must remain hidden, and he's not yet had the practice with a bow to fire it from the ground. He shoulders his boomstick, and slowly crawls towards where he saw the best disappear. The slow going means his warmth is leaving him quickly in the morning frost. He rounds the corner, and there it is, no more than 7 meters ahead of him! He takes quick, careful aim, and with a mighty thunder crack, the beast is slain. But Bjorn cannot relax yet! His warmth has all left him, and t'will be some time a'fore he can have a warm enough fire! He starts one in the morning sun, and removes 3 pieces of meat by the time it's been long enough for coal. Even with a piece of coal in the blaze, it still isn't warm enough! Curse this morning frost! He adds a log and a couple sticks. He won't gain enough warmth from this to make it back to his cave unscathed. The other wolf has smelled a fresh kill, but keeps running away from the fire. Bjorn removes the rest of the meat from the wolf, and ponders what to do next. After a moment, he dumps a bunch of the large items he's carrying. Speed is the order of the day! And he will pass this place on his way to the forge. His cave is a mere 80 meters away, and with a light load, he can sprint there. He gathers three of the wolf steaks, and makes a break for it. What little warmth he had did not last the whole way, but he eventually makes it to the comforting embrace of the earth. His health stands around 15%. Even back here, it's not quite warm enough, but with his bedroll, he should be OK. Daylight efficiency be damned, he downs the first steak. His stomach erupts into fire, and he chokes down the other two. He takes his medicine, and lets the nightmares take him. Bjorn wakes around dusk. The energy potion he'd been drinking to keep his night march going is now exacting its price, as he's still a ways from needing a full night's sleep. And with his health so low, he needs a full night's sleep! Bjorn alternates between dancing in the cave, to tire himself, and meditating. He thinks of his ancestors. Would they be proud of him? Would they welcome him again when he returns to Valhalla? Not if he goes willingly, so he must fight and struggle. Life is struggle, and death only rewards those who fight to their last. At last, as a beautiful green permeates the sky, Bjorn is tired enough to sleep. He drinks a potion to help his wounds, and returns to his bedroll.
  20. Bjorn the Second, Day 62: Bjorn gathers his belongings, and heads straight to the yard, via The Cliff of The Brave. There are 22 more hours of work to be done on this second coat, and he might as well complete them before leaving! He works until dark, eats, and sleeps. Day 63: Bjorn organizes his possessions. This place, he might one day return to, if needed, but he'd rather not leave anything particularly interesting. Travelling while overburdened might be dangerous, but perhaps he will brave it. Bjorn Finishes his lovely coat and a couple of new arrows, before heading to bed hungry. No need to heal tonight anyways! Day 64: Bjorn awakes to a horrid itching sensation. It's not yet day break, but his eyes are bulging, his palms are sweating, and he can't concentrate on anything. It's like this mighty viking has suddenly become a'feared of the dark. It is good that he plans on leaving today, as he does not think he could spend another moment inside! Sailors used to call it Cabin Fever, and it has fully taken hold of him! He steps outside into the waiting area. He begins to cross the yard, but a wolf comes charging at him. To avoid the creature, Bjorn backs into the vestibule. Once the wolf has lost interest, he shoots the beast with an arrow. Curses! He hit his mark, but the blasted thing ran off with his arrow! Bjorn is already cold from this little sojourn. Perhaps this outside be may calm his itching nerves? There are vast supplies of wood from breaking up all those crates while bored of a night. Bjorn stacks them up, and starts a mighty blaze, right there in the room by the bed. Sleeping with the sounds of the outdoors is soothing, even if it's only for a quick nap to warm himself. As he comes to his senses, he can hear the wind starting to pick up. He warms an energy potion, and takes a torch from his fire. Is he living in a time vortex? Another wolf runs at him, from the same spot! He uses the exact same trick on it, and puts his arrow once again into the beast's hide, causing it to be carried away into the growing winds! Bjorn adds another broken hunk of wood to the fire, and rests to warm up. When he wakes, a full blizzard striking the world. There is little to do but boil water. If he ever returns, at least he will have plenty to drink. Bjorn gathers more wood from inside the shed. There is still ample supply. Eventually, there's nothing left but to stoke the fire and go to sleep. He eats a wolf steak, and has the great fortune of swallowing the flesh without incident. He sleeps dreamlessly in the outdoor bed by his cozy fire, as the night rages on. Day 65: In the morning, the horrid weather still holds. Perhaps it passed in the night, but now it's back in force! Bjorn keeps his fire going, and waits, keeping a warm energy potion on hand. Eventually, the weather has cleared, although it's approaching evening, and the winds are still too high for the crows to mark his arrows. But he's waited long enough! He strikes out, and sees a downed wolf on the path ahead. One arrow returned! The other will just have to wait for him, in the wild. Coming to the track, he sees a train car in the distance that he had not yet explored, but it's guarded by two wolves. To Hel with it. If he returns, mayhaps it will be a bonus reward. But one of the wolves has already sniffed him out! He strikes a match and sets a fire. It does not catch, but the beast has already been scared by his sparks. Bjorn picks his way through the broken cars, and eventually comes to a rockfall blocking the path. He can climb over it, but the cold is getting to him, and this will be a more sheltered place than most. He sets a fire, and adds on offering of coal, once it will accept it. He leaves his energy potion out by the fire once more, and sleeps an hour at a time. It is a long journey, and it will pay to be fresh and warm. After three hours, night has fallen, but Bjorn is warm and toasty, and near his full strength. He drinks the warm liquid, takes a torch from the fire, and climbs over the avalanche. The dark is extreme, but he follows the path. The warm bean brew is greatly helping to heat his insides! By the time he reaches the tunnel, he's only a little beyond half way to freezing, despite carrying an unwise 42 kgs of supplies with him. He steps out, into the marshes. He quietly follows the slope to the right. His aim is to take the path along the mountain side, over to the forge. There's even a cave he can warm himself in, if he can reach it. Bjorn is freezing as he crosses the log bridge, and his potion has warn off. The terrible weight makes for a gruelling trudge. He sees the twisted broken metal of an old signal tower, guarded by a pair of glowing green eyes. Bjorn drops to a crouch, and painstakingly walks long the slope, feeling the life drain from him with each passing, freezing second. And while hunger will kill him slowly, it has been killing him for the last 20 hours, and his health is getting a little dangerous! But he finally drops from the ledge, and crawls into the cave. It is warm in the back! Bjorn is not very tired, and will eventually need to properly heal, so he simply passes time in his bedroll. The forge is near, but his life is draining dangerously low. He'll have to hunt for food, and heal, before he can dare to sneak by these wolves.
  21. (Cullam comes back to the game, after at least a week away) Bjorn the Second, Day 59: Bjorn arises from slumber, and ponders on what to do next. Clearly, this mission of working the great forge is not going to go as planned. Mayhaps it's time to head back through the marshes, and try to seek a hammer at the cold forge. He dumps the unboiled water out of his can by the fire, gathers a few cured hides and saplings to transport, plus the great heavy sailor's rope, and slides on down the cliffside. He can see the wolves across the lake, so heads directly towards the yard, without harassment. He approaches the yard cautiously, but remains carefree. Good. There are still 8 slices of meat waiting here for him. He will not need to go for a hunt just yet. And look at this! Bjorn is up to FIVE cured wolf pelts! He applies his craft, and works on making a second coat until the darkness interferes. He takes three portions of meat from the snow outside, and returns to faltered sleep. Day 60: Before leaving this forsaken place, it would behoove Bjorn to venture down into the bowels, in search of treasure. With the light of day, Bjorn still has food in his belly, and will need to tire himself before he can recover farther. Slinging the rope over his shoulder, he checks the yard for wolves, and makes haste to the mighty crack in the earth. He secures the rope as his warmth leaves him. "T'will be a long climb back out" he thinks to himself, as he repels down the cliff face. Born hurries along. The remains of two deer, and even a wolf are ripe for the taking, but he resists. He is not short on food, or extra skins that he'll have to haul around. He find a fellow adventurer carrying an arrow, and a parchment giving some interesting tips on archery. At the far end of the ravine, he finds a large box, tangled amidst the twisted metal. He eagerly prys it open to discover... Dried beans, lamp oil, and remedies to bless bad water. While certainly a useful take, not exactly a triumph. The cold has been biting at him all this time, so he walks back to the rope. He'll need to rest on the climb, so he plans on saving his sleeping til then. He drops a little of the extra firewood he's found on this trip, and begins his ascent. As efficient as he's tried to make this trek, he's starting out with just over half of his wakefulness left, and it's a very long run. The half way ledge taunts him, much higher than he'd realized. When his strength gives out, he's not quite made it, but he crawls upwards. Numb fingers just barely scraping the icy rock, he finds purchase, and slides, panting, onto the rock shelf. He slowly rolls over, wakefulness at but a tenth. It's early afternoon, and the sun is bright. He digs out his sunstone, and sees to the fire. Looking at his wood supplies, he decides that he might save a coal for his eventual weapon-crafting! He dumps two fir logs and 12 sticks into the fire. He now has over three hours of warmth, plus what his sleeping bag may offer. As long as the weather holds, he can regain his strength, his warmth, and a little of his health! But there is a problem. While tending the fire, Bjorn has noticed a grievous error. He does not have a can... But he's sure he took it! He remembers dumping the unboiled water and... and he must have left then and there, forgetting to actually pack it. So eager was he in his rush to leave, that he absent mindedly must have laid the can back by the fire. There is nothing for it now. Bjorn has a little over a litter of water on him, as well as various potions, if needs must. He calls on Thor to keep the fine weather steady, and sleeps for three hours. He awakes to a dead fire. He's not yet freezing, but it's near. No time to curse his luck, he must get back to warmth! He gathers his bedroll, and ascends the last of the climb. He makes his way swiftly to the yard, rushing his caution only slightly. He's cold, and in need of water. But there is still enough, so he sleeps away the last of his full belly, hoping to recover most of his health. Day 61: He awakens a few hours before the dawn. With little else to do, he breaks down the last crate in this shed. Again, there is no hammer, although this is no surprise. At daybreak, he makes for the hunting lodge. He sneaks through the yard, without quarrel, and avoids the wolves that guard the lake. He's freezing as he reaches the gate, but it's not far to shelter. As he passes the pond wolves, he sees one stalking with a look of determination in its evil eye. Bjorn takes pause with this, as he does not think he's close enough for the beast to have seen him. Sure enough, as Bjorn runs towards the hut, the wolf charges, but not at him! He hears a squeak from behind, and rather than barge straight through the door, he turns to see that wolf, now enjoying its tasty meal. Bjorns knows these evil creatures deserve no such pleasure, and fires an arrow into its shoulder. It runs away and the arrow breaks, so Bjorn retrieves his arrow head, and the rabbit, then walks into the lodge. There's his can! Bjorn makes water and tears every ounce of flesh from the wolf-rabbit. There are still steaks a'plenty outside, but an extra rabbit skin would be nice. With minimal overload, he should be able to take all the curing items from this lodge back to the yard tomorrow. While he has some coat work yet to face, and a great deal of curables to decide what to do with, the other forge awaits. Bjorns eats his fill, and returns to nightmares. He will conquer them, just as he's conquered this day and each before it.
  22. Wow, that's.... I'd say a difficult challenge. An excellent idea!
  23. In Pleasant Valley, behind the red barn, there's an archery target. It even usually has a few arrows in it. Practicing with it is a good idea. You can even cheat a little by quitting the game every few minutes, so you aren't wrecking your arrow condition just for baseline practice.
  24. There's also at least one very tricky twist where three zones meet. There's a spot where you can walk along a cliff edge, then which side of you the rock face is on switches, but the map makes it look like one solid cliff wall. So you can walk with your right hand up against the wall, and still get turned around. Wow, that explanation couldn't possibly have been helpful!
  25. Yeah, counterintuitively, wind protection only counts on the outer most layer, so you only get one item helping with wind for your legs, feet, head, or torso.