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  1. I believe I'm required to post in this thread Enjoy Take a moment to look up : Seattle NWSeaplanes Kenmore Air Vancouver Van City
  2. SEAplane


    Either way... Another leg of the journey. "Clear prop!"
  3. Who's out there mending lines and where at? Driftless Area in the midwest, USA Washington state, USA
  4. SEAplane

    I want a SLED

    I used to think I wanted one too, but now I like what the lack of one brings to the distances. The one place I really wish I had a sled involves climbing so I don't see that working out so well for me.
  5. @June Keep those pictures coming. Loving the views from up there.
  6. Interesting idea. Not sure on implementation. I do like that the breath is in the same style as the world.
  7. I agree it's all there but maybe it's me, I need to notice more subtle changes. Quonset for me 'seems' most accurate. Trailers and Camp Office, I struggle. Sounds like a blizzard, looks darker like a blizzard but it's just wind and sunny. Thank you for the mountaineering hut. I have used sound to navagate in low visibility. Listening for the sound of the building. Could there be more unique and distinct sounds for special buildings? Something to create that investment of story, and functional at the same time? (House with a wind chime, camp office with a swinging sign, a whistling window gap at a house, etc.) some things are there but it seems common for all but a few buildings. While this isn't functional windows per say it's related to problem space. "Well if that sign is moving it must be quite the storm." It's part of what makes the hydro dam spooky, and I know the team gets it. I'd love more. As for the sounds, great work on that front. Pipe stacks, metal roofs etc... they add to the emersion. Could sounds be added for precipitation (like sleet) hitting the building, or the 'hush' of snow?
  8. Well said. I have to keep reminding myself it's not a 'Bushcraft Simulator' either. Easy mindset to fall into when it works as well as it does.
  9. It might be too much to ask for them to change. The lighting changes and that adds to the feel, but frosted or not would be cool. As others have mentioned keeping track of animal movement would be nice too. What if you thought you saw eyes at night looking back at you?
  10. SEAplane

    Nature vs you

    I enjoy playing with clues and if it's part of the storyline or even sandbox 'story' it adds depth. I also enjoy the mystery of not knowing the full map. If we did get maps in game I hope they are partial. I don't know how to keep the element of earn the knowledge in this day and age when it just will be shared. I do it too, and have used and like many of the really great map/map makers. I think the risks need to not be random, but that is not to be confused with lack of knowledge or misuse. Simple or complex its those lessons add to the richness of the game. Ah the Dam... I died on that river. Bad combo of lacks: temp, visibility and correct supplies. I still hold that place in contempt. It was greedy of me too the way it happened. Not sure other greed decisions/moments so far have had the same effect. It was the first time I felt like I couldn't trust something that was 'safe' game mechanics. Well beyond the lesson of say stepping into a fire. It happened before I had read much on the forum. For what it's worth I was ok if was a 100% 'dead end'. We need places we just should not go. I respect it now... It's a wicked place, and where it's located... It forces you to remember the nature of TLD.
  11. SEAplane

    Nature vs you

    Yeah... Que the 'something woke you up'. Gives that more drama too. It leaves you praying for the cabin's fire to keep burning bright. It's keeping the gathering pack at the shadows edge. What is that three of them now? Do you have your rifle? The bed roll... It's, it's just embers drifting across Mystery Lake. They cast a glow. A path. Can you make it to a lake cabin, or there is Trapper's too. Where is the pack? Wait, wait, just need a moment... wait.... I say no way to put it out... Just leave a burned out shelll like the other buildings but wrap it in fire as it goes up.
  12. SEAplane

    Nature vs you

    Agree on agency, and maybe fireplace only is the key. Still an uncleaned chimney fire would be an issue overtime, even on a wood stove. Wakes you in the middle of the night ... Room on fire and you have to find the door. The glow and horror of it all.
  13. +1 observatory +1 float plane dock / small airport