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  1. Today on TLD NATGEO - "Max's Spirit of Vengeance" This Bear Den is located East of the Trapper's Homestead within the Mystery Lake Region, and is a little too close for comfort for those who enjoy residing at the Cabin Frosty has nearly recovered from his injuries inflicted by the Moose weeks earlier, and while scouting around the Homestead found his neighbor deep in slumber The Bear awakes and is off to search its territory for any source of nourishment it can find The Bear doesn't travel far before reaching this woeful, solitary tree in a small clearing, which it patrols around for awhile as it sniffs the air Frosty notices a corpse close by the tree, a victim of this very Bear no doubt. A brief sadness will always strike him as he discovers any fallen human being on the Island, but the melancholy in the air that surrounds this tree is so profound that Frosty must stifle a tear The Bear is continuing on now, and Frosty is determined to investigate this area later on when the Bear isn't on the move The Bear is within sight of the Trapper's Cabin now, and Frosty watches as his mystery neighbor approaches the Homestead uninvited The Bear patrols the field for some time, seemingly unconvinced that there is nothing around to be found Frosty notes that the Bear reaches a decent firing range from the Cabin where a rifle shot can be successfully landed The Bear gives up hope of any sustenance to be found at the Homestead, and starts to return back to its Den The Bear sniffs around for awhile as the rabbits scatter, and then calls it a night soon afterward Frosty is tired also and says goodnight to his neighbor and heads back to the Cabin for rest. He is feeling much improved and believes he will be prepared for the Hunt soon. Tomorrow he will scout around for more spots to ambush the Bear from, and examine the body at the tree that he cant stop thinking about Red=Start Blue=Patrol Green=Return The air is calm the next day, and as Frosty approaches the gnarled Tree a somber mood suddenly befalls him, compelling him forward to investigate the grim scene. The man is frozen solid, his fatal wounds from the mauling he suffered by the Bear are now iced over by the fallen snow. How long ago his last stand at this tree against the Bear took place cannot be determined, and time abruptly freezes for Frosty after what he finds within the mans pocket. A wallet with identification belonging to someone Frosty had grown to know well in the past, a man who he respected and considered his mentor. He was his Survival School Instructor here on Great Bear a mere two years ago, before Frosty was prepared to tackle the hardships of the Island on his own. His name was Max Robeson, and as the heart of Frosty sinks at this revelation, he knows by the hatchet and broken rifle found nearby, that his dear friend had not gone out without a fight..... as was his nature Max had mentioned that he might stay on the Island after Frosty's training was completed. He had stated more than once during their time together that he had developed a certain kinship with the land here, a feeling that he could never fully comprehend nor explain. Max was no doubt living off the land here while staying at the Trapper's Homestead, just as Frosty is now, and although the thought of his last days here are painful he cannot help but feel comforted to know that he was here, and that in spirit he will always remain The day has passed swiftly during Frosty's lament, and he is jarred back to reality by the fierce wind that has suddenly erupted all around him. The crack of a branch raises his head as the wind swirls to alert him, and Frosty is confronted with the murderer of his dearest friend and mentor. Frosty is not prepared, he is healed but he has only a bow with a few arrows and no advantage of position against the beast. He backs away slowly as the Bear advances, and his mind frantically struggles to find a solution to his dismal situation. A tree is collapsed nearby so he heads for it, unaware if it will be high enough to be out of the Bears reach once it charges. The wind sings its elemental tune as Frosty nocks an arrow and takes a deep breath. He aims at the Bear and declares, "This is for you Max..." The shifting wind appears to grasp the arrow with a spectral hand, darting it into the vital organ of the Beast, killing it instantly. The Spirit of Max Robeson has been Avenged, and Frosty breathes a sigh of relief under that tree which somehow appears joyful now, and he smiles at the irony of the Bears final resting place Frosty gathers his friends hatchet and rifle, and carries them along with Max back to the Trapper's Homestead for burial The wind is calm once more as Frosty completes the cairn for his fallen comrade, and he recites a poem Max was fond of quoting about respect for the natural world Frosty harvests the Bear for its meat which he will savor with every bite in memoriam of his friend and mentor Max Robeson Frosty will return next episode for another Bear Hunt on Mystery Lake, so Stay Tuned for more on TLD NATGEO
  2. I didn't know that you can read and do repairs outside at night The moon doesn't even need to be out and only thick cloud cover and perhaps a blizzard will prevent it from working
  3. I read the book after watching the movie years ago but never thought about the connection to TLD until Raph posted this on a AMA he did recently. He also notes some other inspirations Inspirations were legion, but the notable ones: (Games) Fallout 3, S.T.A.L.K.E.R., Half-Life Bioshock, etc. (Novels) The Road, The Dog Stars, Earth Abides, Day of the Triffids, The Kraken Wakes, Oryx and Crake, etc. Really, anything post-apocalyptic and literary (not B-movie stuff).
  4. Thanx @JAFO Well it does still cost you the time to remake it as well as the cured guts, but Harvesting the cloak gives you the hide back and you need only one to craft the cloak or satchel
  5. Today on TLD NATGEO - "Two Moose on the Loose in Mystery Lake" Today's episode sponsored by Big Moose Kicks Coffee Moose are solitary animals that prefer to wander and an encounter with one is rare, but Frosty had the good fortune of running into two of them within less than two days of each other in the Mystery Lake region This Moose roamed into the Northern access area of the River nearby the bridge at the Carter Hydro Dam at Dusk, where it browsed the vicinity for plants to eat and stripped bark off the trees with its antlers until Midnight Here it is enjoying the Aurora just before Midnight, when suddenly it had to return home as the clock struck Twelve just like Cinderella, without the slipper of course It returned at the crack of Dawn for another jaunt around the area, and Frosty was relieved that it did as he wasn't finished studying the animal yet Moose are very cautious and deliberate with their movements, it is not advisable to follow the animal from behind as they tend to double back and retrace their steps to sniff out predators that may be stalking them Anticipating where the Moose will go next through observation is the best tactic for hunter's to employ in order to position themselves safely to take their shot Be aware of changes in the wind as Moose can catch your scent and may investigate, so observing them downwind or blocked from the wind entirely is a wise policy. This is as close to a Moose one can get using concealment by crouching, so always be on the move if the Moose is advancing towards your direction Moose will become aggressive and attack people they spot within range, but they also startle easily and will flee the area for a small amount of time if a rock is thrown nearby them. This will allow the Hunter to reach a safe spot where they can strike at the animal from when it returns After getting too close to the Moose Frosty is suffering from some Broken Ribs, leaving him unable to sprint or climb, along with a decreased carrying capacity. Bed rest of 120 hours will be required for a full recovery after bandaging himself up and taking some painkillers Heading North from Alan's cave one may find one of the five trees marked by the Moose within this area The next marking may even be within sight of the last, as seen here where Frosty snaps a shot of the second tree marking with the third also in view The last two are West of the bridge within sight of the railway The Moose by the Dam spawned nearby this Tree Marking and then wandered onto the River to patrol within the surrounding area of the 5 Marked Trees. Moose are active both during the day and at night, making it difficult to anticipate when they may appear next. Frosty witnessed the first Moose appear at Dusk the first day where it remained until Midnight, reappearing at Dawn which is the second day at the same location. The second Moose was seen between Noon and Dusk nearby the Trappers Homestead. Frosty theorizes that on the day the Moose does appear it will do so only once and it will be at the start of one of the four phase's of the day (Dawn, Noon, Dusk & Midnight) and it will leave once the next phase of that day begins. It is possible that the Moose leaves at the start of the next day which would be Midnight, but that would mean the Moose can be active nearly the entire day if it appears at Dawn for example, which Frosty thinks is unlikely. The fact that two Moose were seen within the same region only two days apart suggests that either every region has at least one Moose or that all Moose on the Island wander between all the regions at their own pace. Frosty is betting on the former, but of course more documentation of the Moose throughout the Island will be needed to absolutely confirm this theory Moose Sighting & Tree Markings Map - Mystery Lake Moose Hunt #1 - Frosty throws a rock to startle the Moose out of the area and then finds a perch on the large rock next to the bridge to await its return The thick double layer hide of the Moose is tough and Frosty is upset that he left his Rifle back in Forlorn Muskeg, but fortune favors him with a 1-shot kill with the Bow. He takes a long nap and awakes in the afternoon to harvest the Moose for its monstrous hide and the lean meat he will soon be cooking up at his Camp at Alan's Cave The Moose is just under 33kg and the meat is tasty and free of parasites Frosty packs up in the morning and heads back to his Base within the region Frosty returns back to base in shock to find a second Moose browsing around the Trappers Homestead, and again he curses himself for leaving his Rifle behind There is a lot of space in the field so Frosty decides to test the aggression range of the Moose just outside the Barn in case he has to retreat inside Standing at this range of the Moose will trigger its aggressive stance, they do not enjoy company and will warn you of that fact by snorting and pawing at the ground with their hooves to signal their intent to charge if pestered further Moose Hunt #2 - Dusk is nearly here and the weather is turning for the worse, so Frosty combs the area and forms a plan of attack. The large rocks near a collapsed tree nearby should have a decent vantage point to strike at the Moose from safely The beast doesn't bleed but goes down after the fourth arrow enters its body and the deed is done. Frosty noticed the beast stagger slightly once the impact of the arrow struck home, leaving it momentarily stunned, which would give a skilled bowman quick on the draw an opportunity to land an additional shot The visage of the Moose from this angle is almost pleasant, and Frosty imagines that the animal may even be capable of a smile in the right circumstances This Moose is a little larger weighing in at 36kg, and Frosty is thankful that he doesn't have to worry about his meals for some time during his stay within the region. Frosty heads back to Forlorn Muskeg and retrieves his Rifle while the Moose Hides cure in the Trappers Cabin. Soon he will craft the Moose Hide Cloak and Satchel The cloak has great protection and is highly resistant to wetness, weighing 1kg less when compared to the Bear Skin Coat, and Frosty can move faster while wearing it but at the cost of less warmth. If the condition gets too low and Frosty doesn't have another Moose Hide to repair it with, he can simply Harvest the cloak to get the Hide back and make a new one This satchel will come in handy when moving supplies and equipment across the regions of the Island but will require Cured Leather to repair it once low in condition Frosty had a very eventful few days and learned a lot about the Moose that roam Great Bear, which he will be reviewing during his healing time within the safe confines of the Trappers Cabin. Frosty will continue to study and observe the Moose he encounters across the Island in the future, so Stay Tuned for more on TLD NATGEO
  6. Welcome to TLD forum @Revantulet Great tips, I've been playing regularly since full release in August and am nearing 400 days in my current Sandbox and I am still learning new things too, such as the torch ground lighting method you mentioned. Btw I noticed your topic about Archery and if you want to practice there is an Archery Target at the Farm with the big Red Barn in Pleasant Valley
  7. Today on TLD NATGEO's Holiday Special - "Stand-off at Spruce Falls Bridge" Frosty has reached the Mountain Town of Milton here on Great Bear Island and has setup his Base within the house situated at the Paradise Meadows Farm Not being a fan of the Farm within the Pleasant Valley region, he was surprised at how welcome he felt when he first arrived, and has decided to settle down there for awhile as he loots the region and hunts for Bear and Moose It didn't take Frosty long to discover this Bear Den as he crossed the Spruce Falls Bridge for the first time, and he was thankful that the Bear was sleeping during his travel Eastward along the road. Frosty plans to return the next day and track the beast across the area The Bear is awake and patrolling not far from its Den at this entrance point into the Northern region from the South-East The Bear patrols right in front of the Eastern side of the Bridge now, blocking any access across to the Western side onto the road leading into the small town of Milton beyond After some time patrolling back and forth the Bear begins to trek across the bridge to the other side. Frosty ponders the grim prospect of stumbling into the beast while crossing the bridge in the late hour, something which almost occurred yesterday he realizes. A toll almost paid in blood and guts to The Beast of the Bridge The Bear soon stops at this point in the road, again blocking access to the bridge, this time from the Western side Frosty realizes to his dismay that this wily Bear is also blocking access to the trail from this side of the bridge, which is the only other way across the Falls from this point. Why venture out to forage fruitlessly for food when it can come right to your doorstep? Clever Bear The Bear continues down the road Westward now, where it will continue the tactic of blocking off access to its territory The Bear patrols from here to the felled tree collapsed upon the road ahead, ensuring that nothing will sneak by unnoticed The silver lining here is that the Bear should be seen if travelling down the road from the West, if the weather is clear enough of course. If not and the Bear begins to charge, climbing the felled tree will provide safety from the beasts paws The Bear begins to retrace its steps back to the bridge now, the long road ahead Westward is unappealing to the animal as it has a secure hunting ground already The Bear continues to roam along its patrol areas between its Den and the bridge and road, back and forth on the hunt for prey until the day ends While tracking this wily Bear Frosty had trouble remaining undetected from the beast, as the high winds at this elevation betray his scent to the animal easily With the Bear on the bridge and out of sight, the Trail down to the Falls is the best hope for avoiding the beast and making it to the road in time to escape However, Frosty has encountered the Bear crossing this natural tree bridge seen here while tracking it after a blizzard struck. It seems to be the Bear's emergency return route back to its Den, so always be aware when crossing here and climbing up to the road, otherwise you may get an unwelcome surprise Frosty returns to his outpost at a Trailer just down the road and prepares for the hunt to come. The Bear is clever, but its territory has some weaknesses that can be exploited by the Hunter The 'Turtle Method' will work well here, allowing Frosty to shoot the Bear and then retreat inside one of the many abandoned vehicles along the bridge for safety The collapsed tree upon the road will also allow Frosty to shoot the Bear from safety as it patrols nearby Frosty decides to use whatever method that will be the most convenient, which will be based on the position of the Bear once he arrives within its territory for the hunt. Frosty is unwilling to risk payment in his own blood due to unsanctioned passage from The Beast of the Bridge, and so the hunt begins tomorrow to clear the threat from the area Red=Start Blue=Patrol Orange=Back & Forth Green=Return The Bear is defeated and Frosty discovers it the next morning once the blizzard that hit that same night ends. The animal bleeds out along the Trail route during the blizzard no doubt, although it is facing the direction heading up to the road The 'Beast of the Bridge' turned out to be the smallest Bear Frosty has reported taking down on the Island so far, weighing only 26KG Perhaps this clever Bear wasn't such a monster after all, and it was never as successful at snagging prey that stumbled into its domain as previously imagined by Frosty From all of us here at TLD NATGEO, we hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy Holiday vacation Frosty will be back in the New Year to continue his adventures throughout the regions of Great Bear Island, so Stay Tuned for more on TLD NATGEO
  8. Today on TLD NATGEO 's Holiday Special - "From Dawn Till Dusk" This Bear Den is located on the Western side of the map, and can be found by heading south from the railway area leading into the Broken Railroad region The Bear is leaving its Den for the day, beginning the long journey through the marsh which will lead all the way Northward across the railway and back The Bear knows the safe spots to cross the ice within its territory and is headed toward its first patrol area for the day The Bear patrols near the edge of the ice at this spot, which is on the Northern side of the patch of land. Be aware if travelling Northward across the marsh from the Old Spence Family Homestead, as you may not see the Bear due to the slight hill The Bear is leaving to head NE towards the railway now, but will stop for a second patrol for food before reaching the tracks The weather is pleasant today for this region of the island, and Frosty is hoping it stays that way as he continues to track the beast The Bear reaches its second patrol area and is soon sniffing out its surroundings for anything edible The Bear leaves now and it has only a short walk to reach its third patrol zone right on the railway The Bear paces along the tracks looking Eastward as it sniffs the air, does it expect an unlucky visitor coming from that direction? The Bear treks Westward across the tracks now, heading towards its fourth patrol area at the Hunters Blind nearby The Bear avoids the weakened ice areas of the marsh as it crosses to reach the Hunters Blind area Perhaps the Bear has found scraps of leftover food here in the past, or knows that humans like to use this spot and hopes to encounter one someday The Bear leaves and heads Southward back toward the railway, it has one final patrol zone nearby the tracks before it will return to its Den for the day The lovely weather miraculously continues to hold during Frosty's tracking of the Bear in this wetland, as the Bear now reaches its final patrol zone The Bear has completed its route for the day and is now returning back SW to the safety of its Den The Bear is back on the patch of land where its Den resides and will soon call it a day and go back to hibernating again Frosty dares to approach the sleeping Bear for a close up shot, discovering that awakening a Bear isn't so easy as he stumbles and curses at himself for his clumsiness Frosty returns to his camp and thinks of how best to ambush this Bear during his hunt. Shooting it from the Hunters Blind North of the tracks is certainly an option, perhaps a shot from atop one of the derailed train carts as the Bear wanders by would work, or even the high ridge surrounding its Den might be a safe spot as well Frosty wants to strike from a distance to minimize the risk of being caught on the weak ice if being chased by the brute, so he scouts to the South of the Den and finds a spot across the ice on a ridge where he can view the Bear as it leaves for the day. He believes this area will do nicely and that he will have a decent shot at the Bear while it crosses the ice. The hunt begins tomorrow morning Red=Start Blue=Patrol Green=Return The shot strikes true and Frosty gingerly climbs down to investigate the blood marked on the ice so he may start to track the Bear. The blood drips are small and spaced far apart from each other, so it doesn't appear that the bullet hit a vital area of the Bear and that it will take awhile to bleed-out unfortunately The typical weather of this region returns today as Frosty begins to track the Bear through the fog until it collapses What a monster of a Bear at nearly 40KG Frosty reports that this is the largest Bear he has taken down so far. The Bear has collapsed nearby the Hunters Blind and as the darkness falls and the wolves begin to howl, he decides to haul the meat there for the cookout instead of risking the long trek back to his Camp Frosty cooks up the Bear as the wolves circle the Hunters Blind, and he carpets the floor with the meat in the hope that it will be out of their reach once the fire is out. That was a long day of hunting and tracking the wounded Bear, starting from Sunup to Sundown and Frosty is very tired. He returns to his Camp at Marsh Ridge for the night and a long sleep. We will be back later today for another episode as the Holiday Special continues so Stay Tuned for more on TLD NATGEO
  9. Today on TLD NATGEO - "Hunting in a Wet Wonderland" This Bear Den is located North of Poachers Camp in Forlorn Muskeg, and is the home of the first Bear that survivors will likely encounter when venturing to this region Frosty watches the Bear leave its Den for the day from the safety atop of this felled tree right along the railway The Bear crosses the ice in front of its Den and heads Southward toward the rail tracks on the hunt for food The Bear patrols here for awhile, perhaps waiting for an unlucky traveler to stumble toward it while walking out of the railway tunnel from Mystery Lake The Bear travels SW leaving the tracks until reaching its second patrol zone here, where it hangs out for awhile as the wolves are scattered elsewhere The Bear is heading NW now back toward the tracks, where one can see it pass by while looking South from the Poachers Camp if the weather permits The Bear is back on the tracks now and heading Westward along the railway towards its final patrol area The Bear's third and final patrol area isn't too far from the tracks so keep your head down when passing by if you see it at this spot The Bear begins its journey back home now by doing a little loop Northward then Eastward around the large patch of ice nearby The Bear's know their territory very well and if one watches them closely they can reveal the safe areas to cross the ice within this region On the opposite side of this hill the Bear is climbing is where the Bear Den is located The Bear heads inside back to sleep now while Frosty plans for the upcoming hunt There are not too many good spots to ambush this Bear from other than the felled tree nearby the railway or perhaps shooting across the ice from the Poachers Camp, but Frosty wants to get the Bear to collapse closer to his Camp within the cave North of the Bear Den, so he decides to strike from up here as the Bear returns home for the day. Just around the left corner and up this point of the hill will get Frosty to the collapsed trees where he will ambush the Bear tomorrow Red=Start Blue=Patrol Green=Return Frosty found the Bear dead the next morning nearby the felled tree along the tracks ironically, time to harvest the meat and haul it back to the cave This cave is on the Northern side of the same mountain that has the Bear Den, and is the only cave North of the tracks besides the Cave system leading to Marsh Ridge This Bear was somewhat difficult to track due to the marsh and lousy visibility within the region, requiring Frosty to rest up at the Poachers Camp to dry off his wet boots to avoid Frostbite or wait for the weather to clear The last Bear within Forlorn Muskeg will be documented by Frosty next episode so Stay Tuned for more on TLD NATGEO
  10. Today on TLD NATGEO - "A Diamond in the Rough" The Forlorn Muskeg region doesn't make a good first impression, as the welcome from this dreary swamp usually involves thick fog, fierce winds, and frostbite on the toes from traversing the wet thin ice. However, Blizzards are infrequent compared to other regions and once knowledge of the dangerous paths are marked, travelling will become less treacherous. Always carrying materials for constructing a snow shelter in the event of a blizzard or more likely while being lost in the middle of the marsh once the fog rolls in is highly advisable. The way forward will appear grim and one may even feel demoralized as they trek across its wide expanse seeking respite. But if following the tracks one of the few shelters within the region to provide that will be found - a derailed train car named Poachers Camp. It will feel like a small comfort if residing here for long periods, as the howling of wolves patrolling nearby will demonstrate, but it has a fire barrel to dry out those wet boots and hopefully useful supplies awaiting the weary survivor. This Shortwave Tower in the North of the region may have supplies to be found, and deer have been seen foraging around the area. One of the few Caves capable for shelter is due East of its location, but be aware that a Bear Den is nearby as well The view from Muskeg Overlook in the SE corner of the region is worth a visit, and one may even find the remains of an Abandoned Camp somewhere in the vicinity when travelling up there. It also has deer and rabbit living within the area and a Hunters Blind not too far from shore Heading Westward from the Overlook one will find two other Caves for shelter where wolves patrol often, as well as a group of dilapidated Bunkhouses with resources to be found hiding amongst the remnants of the buildings The Old Spence Family Homestead adjoins the Bunkhouses and is one of the few welcoming sights within the region. It has a furnace to warm the collapsed shelter when sleeping, and a Forge for crafting the necessary tools. One may find valuable supplies here and around the surrounding area, and is one of the most important landmarks in the entire region. Deer will forage right outside the structure and nearby the Cave not too far to the West where one can Cure the Hides, but so will the wolves so remain alert But there is hope for a more comfortable stay during an expedition to this region that can be found here, and locating this waterfall NW of the Shortwave Tower is the Key to its discovery. A Cave system brimming with coal to work the Forge in the South will lead you there, and once exploring the area new ways of reaching this oasis without entering the Cave will be found It is called Marsh Ridge and besides the shelter from the harsh winds its natural enclosure provides, it has many resources to be discovered. Firewood is plentiful, Deer and Moose forage the area and rabbits roam in groups unscathed due to the utter absence of hostile wildlife Access to the more welcoming region of Milton Basin can also be found here, and with a short climb one will discover Deer and natural remedies in abundance there, with only a short walk back to Camp at the Ridge Camping inside the Cave system is an option but this natural recess within the rock serves as shelter from the wind and has containers for 30kg of storage, and with a Snow Shelter built here becomes the best option for a safe Base within this region Just below the Ridge to the South not far from the rope descent is where this Hunters Blind is located, which has Deer that will forage within range of the structure The path towards the Broken Railroad region may seem daunting when traversing through this desolate landscape, with the lonely railway seemingly unending during the march along its fractured tracks. But this region is more than just a road leading to the end of the line, and although the sun seldom shines here it is always more bright and comforting when it does, especially when viewed from the safety within the Oasis of Marsh Ridge - a true diamond in the rough of this wetland Frosty will return next episode to document the first of the two Bears within this region so Stay Tuned for more on TLD NATGEO
  11. Looks like your set, Good luck
  12. Nice, Good Luck on the Hunt I have not run into a moose yet either I am still using my original Stalker Sandbox I have Camp's setup at Marsh Ridge in FM and in the Cave within the Milton Basin where I've heard reports of them being seen but no luck so far
  13. Yup that's one of my 1st episodes @omoon66 Currently finishing up the episodes for the Bears in FM that will be up this week FYI - Raph is presently on ps4 subreddit answering questions. Very interesting stuff
  14. Here's a Reddit users modded Christmas Crib