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Greetings! I am really enjoying playing The Long Dark on both my Xbox One and my PC. However, after surviving Mystery Lake for 20+ days on my Sandbox1 (Xbox) and 9+ days on Sandbox2 (PC) games, I have some feedback.

The world of The Long Dark would be greatly enhanced by the addition of one key object, the egg.

Think about it, we have cans of beans and peaches, energy bars, granola bars, cans of coffee and jars of peanut butter. On my Sandbox2 game I was lucky enough to find both coffee and peanut butter! :o However, we seem to be missing a key object in this world, the egg. Surely the people of Canada eat eggs!

The benefits of adding the egg object to the game, off the top of my head:

  • Make the world more real, as a world with no eggs is just silly. ;)
  • Obviously once we have eggs in the game we should be able to cook with them at a fire (omelet, fried egg, scrambled egg).
  • A new achievement: Egg Hunter - You collected 120 eggs (12 dozen) in a single Sandbox mode game.
  • At some point in the future, if cooking is ever expanded to include more complex recipes, having eggs as an ingredient is a plus.

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2 things.

Birds do not generally lay eggs in winter.

The power is off. Chicken eggs have a pretty long shelf-life, but it's not indefinite. Considering there's no flour, sugar, salt, pepper, honey, cereal, ham, etc etc etc, I'm not so worried about the lack of eggs :)

Also--It's possible there are eggs in some of the fridges, but the character ignores them since they have spoiled.

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Remember though that if the ambient temp is too low than the eggs will freeze solid and crack :)

Neat idea but not as a scavenged item. There are farms in Pleasant Valley so finding chickens may be possible... but for the time being I think not having eggs is fine.

Now if you want to add powdered eggs and milk that's something else entirely. Actually, that would be really cool: light weight, high energy food but inedible (for powdered eggs) unless cooked! Then you'd be adding something to increase variety and choice in the game.

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It does sound a lot like rationing but it's not as far fetched as you think. Homes likely wouldn't need powdered milk/eggs but cottages and remote areas might keep them since they're non-perishable. If you're planning a week long trip to the cottage that doesn't have electricity (for instance) than powdered eggs for breakfast is a lot more appetizing than no eggs at all :)

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