More diverse character quotes.


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I know how much this has been requested. But it's really boring to constantly hear the same quotes from my characters.

I remember. In earlier versions of the game. There were character quotes that I never hear in the latest version.

Some quotes had to do with your characters medical condition. Some having to do with starting a fire.

"Come on little fire!" Is one I remember.

But most importantly. In the prototype for the game. Before it was released.

In this video at one point you can hear the character saying somethings relating to the wolf that is stalking him.

Having more realistic quotes would make my character feel more like a sentient being and not a robot. If you know what I mean. Just have a bunch of quotes ready for certain events.

Like a storm rolling in, being aware that an injury might occur if you take a certain action like walking along the edge of a bridge, seeing a wolf roaming around. Maybe your character could say "I better watch out." or something like that/ Maybe if you are low on certain supplies your character could say; "I'm running low on bandages." Or something.

Just by making the character have quotes that make the chcaracter seem sentient and aware of the world around them would make the game feel much more alive. As well as you might get "attached" to your character. Now that would be something. Crying over your characters death in The Long Dark.

Tell me your thoughts and if Hinterland is reading this can I get some feedback on if maybe this is a planned feature for story mode.

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I like it, the more the better! Even just random things that don't mean anything, "I had a hat like this once" I would really like a sad comment the first time you go upstairs in the farmhouse and see the toys and the crib... And I really want one of the toy tractors just to carry around and set in my base!

Just one request, no swearing, please! Or if it is present at least use very "low caliber" words. Kinda hard to sell the family on the game if I'm playing it with the speakers on and an s or f bomb gets dropped! :shock:


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Making the chcracter aware of surrounding objects aswell. Like when coming upon a corpse (that sounded wrong) the character would say "I'm sorry." Or something. Or a deer carcass "Looks like dinner." Or something.

Or when a blizzard is coming. "I should probably stay inside."

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I like these suggestions.. :) I agree with omitting swearing too. It seems a current trend to include swearing, although it seems forced in more often than not. (And I swear more often than I'd like)

Could be a way to provide info as well -- 'I remember reading that some lichens can be used in bandages..' or 'A friend of mine told me these mushrooms were good for ____ ... I wonder if they're still alive?' .. 'Rose hips, grandma used to make tea from these..'

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Good ideas! Glad to know you feel likewise about swearing, I work in auto parts sales/delivery, so I hear more than enough of it! ;)

If I'm hiking I like to hum or sing softly (just a few lines of a song) every now and then, it would be neat if the character did the same.

More ideas:

"I was here when I was a kid, place sure has changed..."

"Heeere fluffy fluffy fluffy!" (while holding rifle/bow and moving toward wolf)

"got him!" (after making a successful kill with rifle/bow)

"And stay away!!" "Yeah you run!" "If I see you again you've had it!!" (after successfully fighting off wolf)

"There's nothing like a hot drink on a cold day" (after drinking hot beverage)


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