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In real life survival, you can make "cordage" pretty easily from almost any material that has long fibers: cloth, the inner bark from trees, grass, etc. It is called the "2 ply twist", and I have made bowstrings from grass before that can stand up to a 60lb selfbow. The thicker the cordage and the tighter the twist, the stronger the cord will be.

You can actually make LONG lengths of cordage pretty quickly if you've got nimble fingers. After doing some yardwork in the fall, I had a Yucca plant that I didn't want. I then cut off the 10 or so leaves, and in an hour, I had 20 feet of cordage.

Using intestines are cordage for everything is, in my opinion, a waste of the intestines. Why can't we use sinews or the 2-ply cordage mentioned above? Sinews and 2-ply cords are faster to prepare, easier to work with, and more "useful" than intestines. Sinew has natural glues and holds tighter than gut, while 2-ply cords are just straight-up everywhere.

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I was trying to think of something you could make cordage out of that is already in the game and cattails is one.

It could be interesting if we have to use cordage for more things such as lashing a hatchet head onto the handle when it needs repairing or even making rope.

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