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  1. This is not true. The blizzard will lower the temperature sure and you shouldn't be outside. But it is possible to have enough good clothes on that it barely affects you. Really the key to dealing with warmth is finding clothes, maintaining them and performing outdoor activities during desirable times of the day (midday - 5pm is very best, an hour or two plus or take is not as good, more than that and you better be ready to feel that cold).
  2. Didn't know it was not known! It could be that there are so many corpses I have just mistakenly assumed that's the case. I will try and test that assumption next time I play
  3. How do you know this? Why do the crows always fly in the direction of a corpse? You could follow any of the line crows and find a corpse, this is what I have always done.
  4. The meat will not lose weight unless you have startled a wolf. I think (cannot be sure) if you have a wolf tailing you and you go back to your base and go inside, with all your meat outside, then the wolf will take some. But you can still be very close to wolves (like quonset garage) and leave your meat by the door outside and it won't get taken.
  5. Maybe I should have been more specific. The crows only tend to fly in low wind or low snowfall situations, so if you see crows you know the weather is not going to turn into a blizzard within the next few seconds, ie it could still be foggy etc. But they are finicky little things, they quickly disappear moments before a massive storm.
  6. Unfortunately this behavior isn't modeled in game. I suspect they will eventually, but I reckon they will probably give us a method of building an outdoor container for our food first. It would be cool if the more food you stored outdoors the more wolves\bears you get in the area.
  7. The only connection between crows and weather is that if there are no crows then the weather is poor, if crows fly overhead usually its because the weather has turned good again and the crows are moving towards a corpse that they spend a few hours circling. Your best cues for weather changes is the change in wind noise, gusts etc. When I am cooking on a fire outdoors and hear the wind gusts changing I will quickly do whatever it is I was going to do by the time I'd finished, either make some water or a cup of coffee etc.
  8. TBH there's not many scenarios where you actually have to use pain killers. Sleeping it off is usually the best option
  9. Wow where did that map come from?
  10. If I remember correctly I think getting food poisoning again just resets the amount of rest hours you need
  11. no wild animal is so easily tamed. You can save a dear from a bear trap and they will try to impale you. As cool as it would be to raise a wolf pup and have him help you hunt, it just doesn't fit in the game imo...
  12. Yeah its pretty exploitable. Still to be seen if carrying all that loot to the end actually makes a difference though!
  13. Also would like to add. I always have cattails with me as an emergency food. 10 cattails = 1500 calories and they are the most calorie\weight efficient food in the game making them the best food found in the game for any difficulty. There's absolutely no reason why you cannot carry 10 of them with you at all times since they never degrade and they are so light.
  14. Perhaps you should combine your posts Stormwolf It is possible to multiquote by pressing the + button next to the quote button then pressing the popup and you can add multiple quotes to your post.