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Raphael van Lierop

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Hello all,

We've just hotfixed The Long Dark Sandbox Mode to v.301, to address the following issues:



- Fixed issue with parts of a Cave in Timberwolf Mountain disappearing when running Low or Medium Quality visual settings.

- Fixed issue with GPU over-usage when game not in focus.

- Fixed issue with player being stuck if attacked while climbing.

- Fixed problem with wildlife spawning at incorrect locations during player Rest (ex. mountain ledge).

- Fixed issue with the game saving when player at 0% Condition (death).

- Fixed issue with maximum fire duration stat being tracked when fires left burning in unloaded scenes, resulting in very long burn time stats.

- Fixed issue with world explored stat sometimes being incorrect when starting a new game.

- Fixed issue with initial fade from black on main menu being stuck, if the player mashes buttons before main menu load. [Controller]

- Fixed issue with being able to switch food items while cooking.

- Fixed issue where damage events were displayed when menu screens were open.

- Fixed issue with pain effects potentially turning blue when stacked together.

- Fixed animation glitches with the Distress Pistol, if trying to fire before aimed.

- Fixed issues with stacked items not transferring from a container correctly.

- Added check to give a non-duplicate default name for new saves (ex. multiple "SANDBOX 1" names).

- Gamepad B button now always cancels text input in Log. [Controller]

- We now display item Condition in the harvest section of the Examine screen.

- Fixed colour of text on the Crafting screen.

- You can now use WASD and arrow keys to scroll through the Log.



- The Hinterland Team

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The Xbox One version of the game has just been updated as well. We believe we have finally managed to find a solution to the "loss of savegames" issue. Please report any follow-up issues here, so we can have a look. Thank you for your patience!

Thank you guys, good work. So be carrefull Mother Nature I'm back! :D

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The Xbox One version of the game has just been updated as well. We believe we have finally managed to find a solution to the "loss of savegames" issue. Please report any follow-up issues here, so we can have a look. Thank you for your patience!

well, I haven't been able to actually since hotfix, but I did lose another save. was only 30 days, but still upset. it was a super start.

oh well, with luck it will be the last one lost.

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Okay let me just start by saying, I love the game!!! Two thumbs up! Love it more every time i play it. My most favorite experience so far would probably have to be walking and slowly dying looking for shelter and right when i die i see shelter 30 feet away. So close but yet so far. lol

Yet, I had some thoughts on how to improve the game.

Well first off, being me, I REALLY love the Journal. I can write down my thoughts, whats happening, locations. i feel like i am writing my own little adventure as I go. Yet, when i die i can't see what I wrote. This kinda makes the journal fell pointless. I would like to see how i Have progressed over the course of surviving. Like if i survived Over a hundred days I can sit back and see what i was thinking. Perhaps if I like the journal entries enough I could save them? I REALLY REALLY REALLY hope y'all add something like this. Please...

Also i don't understand how the time works. I mean I get you want time to pass quickly in the game but it kinda makes the game stupid. I mean if i go to get a drink of water, by the time I drink it I burn 10 calories and 5 minutes have passed. Also it makes one tired really really fast so you have to sleep more and it kinda rushes the game. I was thinking maybe you could make the game real time? but when i go to do something like craft, sleep, or fish, time moves faster. The game is good either way but it is just a thought. Maybe to counter act the time and stuff lost you could pause the game when you look at your items or when you decide to break something down?

Finally, I don't fully understand how your condition works. I mean when it reaches zero I die i get that but how do you raise it when it gets low? Maybe you could explain how the condition and controls work before one plays? Or have a tutorial mode. Also, I don't get how getting exhausted lowers your condition. I mean maybe after 2 or 3 days. but after 6 Hours? I get you are breaking down wood, calorie count, and other stuff but it makes the game kinda stupid. I mean if i have to sleep every ten seconds how can i play? Maybe somebody could tweak that a bit. Perhaps make it a little harder to get exhausted?

I think my biggest problem is how the exhaustion systems work. Makes the game less fun and realistic and more aggravating. (Also I really do hope you make the journal readable after death. it adds to the experience)

Well those are the only things I can think of at the moment. I really do love the game. And the teaser trailer?... Omg yes!! Y'all are going in a totally different direction with the story then i thought it was. I cant wait to play it!

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WizardLizard, if you want to add your ideas to the pot, post them in the discussions forum. Here the devs pay us the courtesy of announcing their work results

Apart from that :D , a time scale the player can set to what he/she likes is ok. Perhaps instead of having imposed on us the 20:1 time scale we could choose 1:1 or 3:1 or whatever. The devs could scale the effort and weather effects so the player gets to the same objective in all time scales having spent the same ammount of food/water/heat/fatigue, just having more time left in the day.

PS: it might help if your criticising was a bit more civil. Certainly the result of much thought and work can't be "stupid".

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Hello all. I'm french and my english is limited, so I do my apologies if my english is bad. I just hope it's understandable.

I searched if someone has already reported this bug, I haven't found.

To the Timberwolf mountain, on the tail section, there's always the famous bug with the doors from one container, who disapear.

When I go to the tail for the first time, in my actual session, the doors are below the container, one floor below, but they are there.


But after a small travel, and a logout, I come back to the tail section and the doors disappeared.


This bug already existed before your last update, but now we can't find them neither to the floor below, neither to the floor above, whereas before we could still find them around the container, on the floor above.


I really looked around the doors of the container, it's impossible to find them. It seems they have completely disappeared.

I recorded this moment, let me know if you want to see it.

Of course this bug doesn't have much impact in the interest of the game. The game is wonderful and completely playable. Thank you to you for your incredible work! Best wishes for this new year!

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