#86 No Collision with Deer (v.094)


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I've seen this happen in a stream as well -- I think it was one of Accurize's streams (but that was in the previous version)... happened right by the Office Camp. He wanted to bounce the deer back towards the approaching wolf.

I'll watch to see if I can spot it happening in the update.

SIDE NOTE: I think we should be allowed to try bouncing or diverting the running deer heading at us -- but take severe health/injury damage if they don't divert and hit us instead.

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Happened to me too, although it wasn't a deer, it was a wolf. I thought it was attacking again, but instead, it ran through me. It's at the end of the video I just posted to gameplay videos.

You can see it also around 3:15 mark in this video:

[bBvideo 560,340:1r0quvpi]

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