greetings from a tryhard

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I'm a transgender woman that has always enjoyed self imposed challenges in games to make them harder, makes it more fun for me.
While I'm fairly new to this game, it is the first non pvp game i've played that I enjoyed outside of self imposed challenges. Though I still plan on using some of my challenges from other games incorporated into this, challenges i come up myself from playing this game, and other's challenges

I don't really know what to put in introduction posts but I do hope this forum helps with questions, my own thoughts, and just people to talk about this game with as most of my friends are more casual. Nothing wrong with that but I don't know if any would like a game where lowest difficulty has perma death.

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Welcome to the Quiet Apocalypse @Lunerse! Nothing wrong with casual games, but yeah- it's hard to talk to friends who aren't into a game with permadeath as a main feature if none of them enjoy similar games.

I hope you find this place to be welcoming and helpful, with a bunch of new friends waiting to be made! 

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@ThePancakeLady I agree, nothing wrong with casual games or people who enjoy them, including when only enjoy them. I'm not going to view them as less of a gamer or stuff like that. But I like to talk about what I like too and when it comes to games that can risk them being overly stressed at even the ideas, which I don't want for my friends

And thank you, I hope so too :3

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