Allow us to skip all the title cards.


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Recently I had to spend quite a bit of time troubleshooting some problems with launching TLD. Which required restarting TLD many, many times. And every time I had to wait for each title card to let me cancel it so I could get to the main menu. I don’t have anything against the title cards per se. But I have already tediously skipped each of them, perhaps thousands of times.

Please add a check box for “☑︎ Don’t show again.” Or a setting in the preferences to disable the title cards. It is a small thing. But over and over and over and over… it really detracts from the game when it is launched.

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On 2/16/2024 at 8:23 PM, dahemac said:

So… it is possible then. Why was it not always in the base game?

Well the mod just flat out disables them. The disclaimers were included for a reason so they won't just disable them. And adding in an ability to selectively diable them after viewing them the first time is understandably a low priority with everything else going on.

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