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After finding the "secret lab" with the "machine", I fully explored the observation room and finished the tale.  I came away scratching my head though:  What was the purpose of the machine?  Why did Rudiger put it there?  What was he hoping to achieve?  Were we lead there to get "another piece of the puzzle" without fully understand what the end-game is?

I guess I need to go through and re-read all the logs/books/notes/etc. and see if I missed something. 

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For what can i understand, rudiger it's trying to extract, research or use certain aspect of the mind for an unknown reason.

The workers discover the truth late, and the security chief fails to destroy the machine, so this is likely the reason why an epidemic disease have expanded around the island and killed every worker of the project.


This says nothing about what rudiger's knows about 'the world that is coming' and what exactly the machine does, but it's a start. I really like the lore of the tales because it is not so obvious and several theories or explanations can surge.



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