Time to retire Cabin Fever?


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Cabin Fever was originally intended to stop survivors from hibernating. Sitting inside all day and passing time, often using the starvation strategy along with snares or other sources of easy meat to survive for really long periods of time, and expending basically no resources.

But, now we have scurvy. Scurvy takes 25 days to fully develop, the risk becomes visible after 20. You now have a serious, life threatening need to find sources of vitamin C, so the starvation strategy isn't going to work, because you will get scurvy as you're not getting enough VitC daily.
So, hibernation isn't really a viable long term strategy now.

Additionally, meat is not a source of vitamin C at all. So, snaring tons of rabbits or using 1 bullet or arrow to bleed out a bear so you can live off of its meat for a month is also not going to work, even if you're not going to hibernate.

The old strategy of sitting inside all day and barely eating enough meat to survive is now completely dead, even without cabin fever enabled. You can't only eat meat and stay inside forever. Even if all you eat are fish, those still probably don't have enough VitC inside them to sustain you if you're only eating 700kcal a day.

What do you think? Has cabin fever outlived its purpose now that Scurvy is in the game?

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20 minutes ago, BugReportEnthusiast said:

The materials required to make tip ups aren't renewable in the same way that snares are, you have to beachcomb for em

You can still fish with just line and a hook and each fish you catch is a major source of vitamin C, so still toss in a few rabbits from a nearby grove and you're hibernating just the same way as before.  Perhaps you need to make more knives than arrows at the forge now because harvesting the rabbits causes some wear and tear on your tools now, but still doesn't super encourage "getting outdoors and exploring" in the same way cabin fever does.  So, no, I don't think scurvy replaces it.  Turn it off in custom if you don't like it.

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