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i dont know if this was a glitch but i nearly had a heart attack, i was minding my own business, going through the ice cave in hushed river valley to AVOID the wolves an bears an stuff, when all of a sudden i turn a corner and a wolf is growling right in my freaking face. i had no weapon, thank the stars i was using a flare to light my way cause if i had a lantern i woulda been dead.  has this always been a thing? was i just really lucky before? was it a glitch? part of the new update? somebody tell me PLEASE!!!

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The possibility of that wolf spawning in that ice cave has been there from the start of HRV.  He doesn't spawn in all the time though.

The community has named him, but I'm having an alzheimer's moment and I can't recall his name right now. (Is it Sketchy?  Perhaps someone else can help here?)

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