Ability to Use Previously Cooked Meats in Stews


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Currently, the recipes only allow for raw meats to be used, but I don't usually walk around with uncooked meat on me if I can avoid it.  It would be nice to be able to use up a cooked portion of meat to whip up the stew when one finds the recipe card and other ingredients (like broth and flour) in a place (as opposed to going outside again to, say, shoot a deer, just to make a stew).  Perhaps the finished quality could be lower to reflect that already cooked meats (or fish) were used up to make the stew if it is felt something needs to be done to compensate for this convenience for sake of game balance.

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I totally blanked on this yesterday; I have a bear all butchered and cooked and then I killed a wolf for its pelt and thought "oh, I could take the meat as well and make the Stalker Pie", quartered it, harvested it, and then remembered that I didn't keep any raw bear meat 🤦‍♂️

New policy: as well as keeping peaches and syrup aside, keep raw meats aside. I've been doing this with rabbit and ptarmigan, but not with predators.

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