Has saving always been this wonky?


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Hi everyone, I've come back to the game recently after not playing for a while. If I'm recalling correctly, the game used to save in exactly three cases:

1) When you sleep

2) When you transition to an "indoor" area, like a cave or structure

3) When you get injured

But now, saving seems a lot more spurious. Entering indoors seems to save sometimes, but not always - the caves in TWF don't save any more, Angler's Den doesn't save, Misanthrope's Homestead seems to save if you enter by one of the doors and not the other. A trailer in Keeper's pass didn't save the first time I entered it, but when I exited and came back in it did. Is this an intentional change? A bug? Or was it always like this?

What's more, the game saved after I passed time for an hour, which I had never seen before. Maybe I just didn't usually pass time? Or is this new?

If anyone can explain the new logic for saving I'd appreciate it - losing progress due to mistakes is one thing, but it really sucks to lose a bunch of gameplay because you thought it saved when it didn't.

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Some are bugs I think.. the trailer and main prison entrance are supposed to save..  I honestly can't say about the caves ,I haven't really looked..


Mine still saves when passing time though,which it's always done for me.. but it is a lot quicker now.

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I did have a bit of an issue with my main run where I went into the trailer right before the cave system to HRV in Milton past the church. I went into the trailer literally just to save and quit for the night but instead of saving my game it said it had an issue and brought me to the title screen. I hope this isn't permtsince I'm at 373 days in my second attempt at 500 days.

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