What I think should be brought from Wintermute to Survival


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Bringing the Bear Spear to survival would finally give survival players a way to "win" bear struggles.

Bringing the Scrap Metal Shard as well would give interloper players an easier first knife, something that they could find around any crash and on bodies near that crash.

And the last tool I think would have a use in survival is the Bolt Cutters. They could be used to breakdown some things, open cans and if HL wants to, they could add some locked gates around the world.

Then there are the side missions. While not all of them would actually work in survival, due to them requiring people, alot of them are there to either teach you about the game or enhance the lore of a region.

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3 minutes ago, HyperLordBender said:

Id like to see them mixed with normal wolves, and make packs actually interact (fight each other). Would make for some fun watching

It's fun watching when I scare the bear or moose and they kind of run into each other😁  that causes the rabbits and deer to run around madly too.  I've had it once or twice in the birch forest area. 


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