Wintermute style spawn in survival


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I think it would be a good idea to have the ability to spawn in the same way as you do in Wintermute in any difficulty for survival. That being (for those that have yet to play Wintermute) at night, during an Aurora, in Mountain Town, under the plane crash. The plane and surrounding area would be on fire, you would have that metal shard in your hand (yes, a tool in interloper, its not a good one and wont upset the balance at all). HL could also add other such spawn points with different results wherever there are plane crashes or helicopter crashes.

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You know I just started Storymode last night and I loved the opening bit at the crash, being prompted to bandage up, and then take shelter. I've been playing on Survival all this time, it was kind of nice to have objectives to fufill. so yeah, a hybrid challenge with those elements in survival mode would be cool.  

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