Something very odd indeed - bug?

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Playing custom, TFTF. I'm in the gunsmithing room at Blackrock. I have two rabbits - I harvest one and at the end, the screen showing what is left to harvest shows a - 1 (minus 1) for guts. I click to harvest and get the kind of noise you get when a door won't open without a key....going back to my main inventory, there are still two rabbits showing to harvest, along with the meat, skin and guts from the first. I choose one of the rabbits to harvest - it's now showing -1/-1 for guts. I try harvesting - this time it allows me to do it. But the blurred background you get when performing any kind of harvesting or crafting action goes a kind of poisonous luminous green, the sun/moon icon whirls around at lightning speed - it's like I've advanced time for 3 or 4 days - and when I've finished harvesting I am tired and have hypothermia risk!! Yes the door to the room was open, but I'm fully clothed with good clothes and in the room itself - so well out of any wind when the 3 or 4 days passed (my food and water levels haven't dropped so I still have the well-fed bonus).

Very odd indeed.

It may well be just me, but I'll create a save in case - I think I can probably save the rogue rabbit in my inventory that is causing this.

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