Is the Hunting lodge in Broken Railroad haunted?


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Here is my situation. I do have two hunting rifles laid down under the window near the stove in the lodge. The Curators rifle is on the shelve on the fireplace chimney. I woke up and went out. Whoa moose is out. So I stormed to the lodge, took the Curators rifle from the shelve and went hunting. All went well and I spent day harvesting the yummy moose meat and precious hide. I hauled the meat in front of the lodge. Then I took the hide and guts inside to cure. When I entered I noticed only one hunting rifle is laying on the ground. I scratched my head and went to the fireplace to hang my Curators rifle on the shelve. The second hunting rifle is there. I swear I did not touched those two hunting rifles for weeks since these are empty and Curators is loaded, ready for hunt. Have anyone else experienced something like this?

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Years ago I had an uneasy feeling while I was on some hilly forested terrain, cant remember  where now. I wanna say on the way up Timberwolf Mountain or the edge of Mysterly lake where there was a possible bunker.

  But I could swear that there was another set of footsteps nearby that waited till I was moving to resume. Though the footsteps were less of a clunk of boots and more like snowflakes rustling in the wind.

I felt I was being stalked! It was probably just some weird echo or bug of my own character's steps but it really spooked me!

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