Time Capsule versus Main Game


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Never played in time capsule and now have been updating to TftFT etc.  

I have a rough idea of how to get into time capsule play but never played it so my question would be:

To move between regular game play and switch over to time capsule play and back again, is that a trivial process that can be done quickly (time-wise) or will it be a case where moving to time capsule or from time capsule, would take an appreciable amount of time?  I think the latter but thought I would ask especially for how long appreciable would likely be.



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Whenever you want to switch versions, you have to download the entire version all over again; so the farther back you go the quicker the download, but if you want to get back to the current game it might take a while with the size of the current game. 

If you're going back to Perilous Constraint for your old saves, then yes, it will take a bit to switch between the current build and Perilous Constraint. You can download the versions like Early Access Launch or Silent Hunter in a couple minutes since they are both significantly smaller downloads though.

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