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So I ran out of work today at my job... so for the last 30 minutes of the day I made a little sketch. 15 years of GMing and building DnD and GURPs worlds/campaigns and more recently building maps in Maptool led to this(I always sketch the maps out before I build them):


It scanned poorly... should have gone over it in pen. And yes, my handwriting is terrible, I know. I also realized after I sketched this I left out a bunch of things I thought of at the beginning... notably more detail around the Pleasant Valley exit - I meant to put in some planks on the floor in a small area and a table/chairs, maybe a couple rusted out lockers and maybe an old forklift/skid loader as a kind of loading area for whatever they were mining there. The whole map would be essentially pitch black with the exception of of both entrances and a small shaft of light illuminating the body(half buried by rubble) near one of the forks in the mine track. It's basically a "Ravine" type map for travelling between Coastal and Pleasant... very small and relatively minor but I was bit disappointed we didn't get anything like that when they added PV.

It's small and quick but it'd be very, very tense the first couple of times. The wind could howl through the mine every once in a while and make some very spooky noises. Old rusted out pick axes here and there. So yeah that's my idea.

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I agree as well. It did feel a little odd that I could enter a mine area to travel between zones but could never actually utilize the tunnel to get out of the elements, etc. And after the travel zone between ML and CH (AWESOME!!!), I really think a short travel zone between CH and PV would be great as well. Two thumbs up!

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