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  1. Well it's not that you die immediately when a blizzard's coming up, so preparation is the key here. Know your envoirment, look out for shelter, bring some munchies and your bedroll..
  2. Hehe.. good point. I filled the survey first and later noticed that it wasn't from Devs, but from a player. I hope You guys make an official survey one day. Would be fun to take part on that too I don't think this would be good, as most of the players dont participate in any forums
  3. you arent. we are finding disappearing animals as a bug and are working on it. Sorry for your frustration pikkue, and thanks for your continued support. Oki then
  4. Ffs guys, the thousenth time, rly start to loose temper. Why should I even track a wounded animal when it vanishes all of the sudden? Today I even saw a wolf disappearing!? Since 1.83 I wasnt able to track down an animal once, rly frustrated! I wonder that I seem to be the only one?!
  5. Collect some tool, prybar, knife, hatchet, one of those. Mash LMB until the bar fully filled up, then hit RMB. With knife it takes about three times, usually one has about 60% then.
  6. Na, try to spot the wolves, and then keep a huge distance, even in voyager I always try to keep about 20m to them. But why not staying in Pilgrim if you just dont enjoy the wolves in TlD? About 60% of all players play Voyager, only 12% Stalker. So those ppl who advertise it here are really the ones being deep into the game, but as well belonging to a small minority. So relax and play it as you want
  7. Hey, Prefer Voyager myself, as Stalker feels artificial and unnatural somehow.. For me Voyager is the best balance
  8. So after gathering some opinions, maybe this idea was a bit shortminded Was watching a documentary about fukushima, so thats how the idea came up. Tho, there was that one idea around the last days, someone saying that maybe there could be an area being much more dangerous but containing better loot. Might be the same idea in a way. Generally I'm more into nature and small shacks and cottages, too.
  9. Keep calm, pull out your hunting knife and stab it. Drive the owner away with a flare, then take the meat, hide and guts, carry them home and craft a dogskin hat. The smell from this will keep other dogs away from you in the future... LOL.. without context this sounds completely insane! No need for universities, there's the internet folks
  10. Injured several wolves again today, couldnt even track down one God I'm slowly becoming annoyed!
  11. Ye would be awsome, I agree! Or atleast a cavesystem, felt like "yeahaw" when I first entered on of these caves in pv!
  12. It's industrial indeed, so might be rly demanding to the current style, admitting that. I'd love to see this tho. There really is no nuclear power in Canada? Impressive!
  13. Hi there, I'd love to have a nuclear ruin in a level, since I love the setting! As well, living around it could be more dangerous, as a sudden geomagnetic storm would've very likely caused a crash due to no cooling. Would be nice if it had a Stalker-like envoirment, not talking about zombiewoves or trash like that, but a subconscious threatening experience
  14. Thank you for the welcome Raphael. :mrgreen: I must ask a second question since i must confess you left me a bit puzzled about the last part of your official statement, why not educate the gamers as well as entertain them? Take The Long Dark game for what it is; A survival simulator based on situations we could experience in real life, how could we not focus on education and 'just' call it a computer game for entertainment only when the Hinterland team does indeed include real life facts in the game. The aim is to make it as realistic as possible, why not go all the way especially when the debatable ideas are easily installed into the game in contrast to new and more advanced game mechanics? :? The way i see it, i merely asked for a deeper understanding of the pros and cons of outdoor clothing and whatever else we could improvise with for the sake of learning and isn't that an ever noble thing to achieve i ask you? Why avoid this? This is half the reason i support the game because i want people to learn and know the very basics that could keep them alive for the slim days that could result the difference between life and death if their car hit a moose and exit'ed the road down the valley or if they plane indeed crashed into the forest and so on. :shock: I thought the fundemental idea behind The Long Dark was to educate and not only entertain as a game indeed, were i mistaken all along? Take a glimpse to the very first screen flashing up. This is not a simulation, nor meant to educate people
  15. Sounds once more like artificial complexizing. Normally, ppl bring up sanity-bars or sth similar, but this hits the same spot imo. As well, you've brought up many old, old ideas, (cloth, good old weapon discussion), feel free to use the search function. Regards!
  16. Nein, mein nicht. Es gibt pro Spiel nur einen Bunker pro Karte, beim nächsten ist er woanders
  17. <3 Yes, really looking forward to story as well, sandbox usually isnt my kind, too Regards to austria!
  18. Agree, Hänsel & Gretel-style is great for orientation during blizzards! I've usually build campfires for this purpose, but a water bottle trail is way better, requires much less time/material. Thanks for that! Indeed nice one, not thought about leaving things or a fireplace as a mark yet. Thanks!
  19. I wonder about Orwell a bit here, not rejecting that post You claim wrong facts to be true here, as even in sandbox there has been a geomagnetic storm, thats your story, you write it along by playing. You gave an answer yourself regarding the question of a "goal": Survival. People just somehow dont grasp the idea of infinity, no solutions, just like life. Regarding the human mind tho, to say having no goal is a deficit is reasonable. But the world does not care about the human mind that much For all those who dont like thinking further, the story mode is to come (Dont take this as an offense please). We do, but still this is not agreeable, as a sandbox game becomes superfluous when involving an end. The goal is to play The minecraft concept (Apart all that, welcome to the forums btw(: )
  20. Na he's raising a valid point. It's good to track what ppl are doing with the money you gave them hum? Despite that, Orwell has a frank language, but always is interested in a constructive dialog, so no offense by him. That geomagnatic storm thing makes me desperate sometimes when thinking on things that could be done with electricity, but it's really good that the devs stick to their claims. Apart from that, ye guess the same with sandbox. No happy end. The story mode will be different of course, lets wait for the things to come.
  21. Well, I went on walking straight ahead. Germany is populated much too dense to get lost I think