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  1. You can see the sploosh from the waterfall during pitch black night? Nope! You can see your breath like whipped cream during pitch black night? Nope! (come on people, even in the moon light it's so transparent that you hardly capture its presence. This case is a cake smeared into your face and it's annoying) Why is there a piss stained mist in the barn yard level? Nope! Why do the smaller windproof jacket overlap and censor the entirety of a giant parka? Nope! Why are windows in pitch black darkness glowing orbs just like the splashy waterfall but not a source of actual light? Just black them out already, if they shine from the moonlight then an area of weak light should also emit, or nothing at all. So nope! I ran and literally bounced less than a feet on flat terrain and got hurt for three wounds and a major clothing damage? That's just dumb, even for the randomized accident engine that's dumb.
  2. Didn't read other than the title so i'm going to go ahead and presume: Books with actual content to read? Gladly small common tips regarding actual survival that can have been taken out of any survivalist books so it could be commendable even for a game? Absolutely agree.
  3. I certainly hope you are correct about that, since this is a game of choice, being a sandbox after all; Ends up indirectly forcing you into the kill-other-people-or-else-you'll-die-of-starvation-and-whatnot-and-loose-the-game-because-you're-a-wuss, if that would indeed end up being the case then i'd retract everything i liked originally about this game and close the case as hogwash. I state that in absolutely no personal manner but only as feedback from a gamer/buyer's perspective. :idea: I apologies still if this offends anyone still, but that might indicate that you yourself are a little bit too into the game in return, yes? :geek: It might be what make people like The Long Dark more as it reminds them of The Road and whatnot, personally i think people that enjoys conditions as introduced in that movie; Got some unseen issues while i myself almost got depressed watching that movie, how can people seriously enjoy that? It was literally stated as a 'feelbad' film :!: Perhaps i'm missing a bigger picture here but whatever, that's not the point. I mean, if it absolutely have to be included then i hope it better ends up as an observation and nothing more at least, considering that you choose to have no part of it. Or else i'd have to say i like the unfinished product better along with my imagination. Lacking these things was one of the main things i liked about The Long Dark, i have purposefully avoided games like The Forest and Ark Survival Evolved to not get into that 'murder=survivalism' concept which i again find rather... underwhelming, as it (as they themselves are trying to achieve through immersion) inspires, and it inspires to nothing good and any artist should understand that, question is; Do they care? :shock:
  4. Not trying to be mean or anything but i am utterly confused. Not only are the attires of the two characters vastly different as opposed to what we have found so far, are this the kind of improvisation with clothing we will get with the finished product or is it a starter set? Which makes me wonder if we begin the story at the beginning of the disaster oooor jumping in some months (years?) after the incident? And boy, did it take a darker turn! If i knew about this game in advance i'd support it in kickstarter for its game value but i can't say i like the story much, it's disappointing to me really. Were i the only one thinking the game was about to survive, to hold on until a certain time limit were met and then we got rescued out of the inflicted danger zone? This is a very different setting than what i expected. I hope this isn't a game we will have to kill people in order to survive, that's what Tomb Raider did wrong in the newest game in my opinion and what made Legend, Anniversary and Underworld better. I mean, you actually had a tranquelizer gun as an alternative aaaall the way. :roll: On a sidenote :arrow: : I know this might be a production secret, but may i at least know if the garment of the female character around her neck is supposed to be a military wool blanket? The red stripe makes it look identical to the Norwegian Military Surplus Wool Blanket and i think that's awesome.
  5. I only learned about two, recently the broken highway to desolation point and earlier the dramatic train bridge down the cliff.
  6. I'm assuming you're using a really OLD save game... so much has changed that some of your settings might still be locked on very outdated settings [playable, but not matching the actual current versions]. If you're not using an old save, then all animals running (unless you're in Pilgrim mode) would likely be a bug. This is my female character save, she were going to meet the angry animals in the game once i got used to the nature to the game on the safe setting with my male character.
  7. Is the fact that i can get trapped by a toe high square being a block of ice at Desolation Point, it has broken glaciers everywhere with secrets and you get trapped easily! The fact that you simply can't step over the piece of ice makes me cry in agony. Did anyone find the fallen car below the bridge? Did you know you could actually go INTO the car without problems like any other car? It's hilarous and takes no damage whatsoever even though you're diving into freezing cold water. I mean, now you can get burn damages by standing on your own fire but even that fails when the character dosn't scream in response and what happened to burn damages to the clothing? The naked skin beneath gets burned but not the clothed surface? The pattern of animals are surprisingly easy to predict, i can literally just wait for the deer to come running back as easily spooked as it is even without even noticing me, proving a radar concept rather than eye concept. The sound effect are pretty odd too as the hoofs could be heard too well, the quality of their stomping is equal on the concrete as well as the snow and that's just weird. The layout for the character status has changed absurdly much, i personally enjoyed the previous one better in regards to the weather meter, it easier to look at, easier to read and much faster to realize how much the weather have changed and how it is affecting you with the help of the most basic use of layout design there is; Contrasts, now it's pretty minimalistic, boring, and takes too much space for a window that dosn't have details to fill itself full with and it makes it look like a design failure while the previous one served itself much better in its simplicity. Please rewind the design and gladly implement the new details ye wanted but please don't degenerate what's already working. Turns out animals don't attack any longer, they all get scared off once i resumed my harder difficulty adventure, my only enemy now are dangerous shortcuts and bad patience. I'm going to bed now, the update took my entire night away from me. zzzzzzZZZZZzzzzzzz
  8. I don't know what or where the commuters lament is but since you said down i'll guess it's either of the blocked roads.
  9. Did you mean 'multiplayer'? If so, no, the point were to survive on your own. Or make it so you can buy an add on I'm not even sure a paid 'add-on' grants any multiplayer possibilities since it's a whole new game technology implemented and how many players would you find willing to play with you when the whole game are designed for solo campaigns since others are required to buy that tiny 'add-on'? If i multiplayered then i'd only club your face to store your corpse in the basement and to later on eat your fleshy arse and then eat the normal food later on to finish the day with a good taste in my mouth. Survival lol. :mrgreen:
  10. Where did anyone promise a new region? If you watched the major update video from the staff then you would hear their promise of a new level (finally! And out of how many more to come? Come on, how big is this game really?)
  11. Did you mean 'multiplayer'? If so, no, the point were to survive on your own.