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The lockers were flooded with guts, cloth and hammers. A month's worth of bear meat was piled in the yard. My guy MacKenzie needed a new hobby. So he reawakened his love for books, gathered all skill books he could find and brought them to the Dam. These are the 52 books he collected. 

Survive The Outdoors! (fire starting): 7
Stay on Target (archery): 6
Field Dressing Your Kill (carcass harvesting): 6
Small Arms Handbook (revolver): 6
Frontier Shooting Guide (rifle): 5
Frozen Angler (fishing): 5
Wilderness Kitchen (cooking): 5
Sewing Primer (sewing): 5
Practical Gunsmithing (gunsmithing): 4
Advanced Guns Guns Guns! (rifle): 3

This collection of books were found on interloper difficulty, 100% explored. 



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Though a keen booklover, my guy MacKenzie has his limits. He read about half the books while exploring, then I suppose he got tired from reading too many doublets ;) Never reading a skill book sounds like a fun idea for an extra challenge in the first 10-20 days. I chose to opt out on feats in this playthrough. Perhaps reading no skill books could add some extra flavour next time around. 

These are his skills at present, as you can tell he's much more of a huntsman than fisherman. But apparently he's also quite able with rifles and pistols even though he hasn't fired a single round of ammo. 




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