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We need Spear in game. 

To build it you need Scrap metal, Two pieces of Spruce wood and Cured gut.

You can throw it and hit upcoming wolf with it or even fight against bear like in wintermute.

Is it possible to make something like that?

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The developers wanted to bring the Bear Spear of story mode (Wintermute) into survival mode but that seems to have been a much more difficult proposition to implement than they had originally thought.  

Given how a player/character might use or be expected to use or try to use a spear outside of a scripted encounter (as in Wintermute) the implications of spear use in survival likely presented the developers with a host of things to consider that would be affected (at least in their minds) and then having to work out how the changes would affect game-play.  A not so easy process when considering playability and game balance. 

Probably once Wintermute is no longer a factor in the development process, we'll eventually see something be developed into an implementation (if survival game development continues). 

The ITEM itself is the easy part.  How the item is to be used in the game environment with what consequences is much harder.  Other than that non-trivial aspect, there's nothing wrong with the concept. 

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I feel there would be a couple different ways to use it, like for attack/defense. One would be planting the spear like we've seen in the story mode. Another could be charging up the spear to throw, takes a while to bring up and bring to full throw charge, (like a bow's draw), but the power would be devastating to anything it hits, potentially one shotting deer and maybe wolves. A third could be charging the spear for a traditional stab, could ward off a predator for a second after you stab at it and cause that animation for when a flare is lit, (when they stand there snarling, but don't rush you).

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