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Hello there, I've just became a new addict to The Long Dark, and I would like to know if will have some kind of new building Options, not necessarily houses but, maybe storage devices?Like chests, bookshelves, kitchen stuff... though a full house would be nice too! Hehe

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Probably not, it would be a nice addition if devs made some buildable things, perhaps platforms on trees for hunting or booby traps, but furniture or storing devices are not needed.

There's a buildable rock cache in the navigation section, but its more of a navigation thing than storage. There's enough of chests, lockers, wardrobes etc. that you can use to store items.



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I'm against building in general, as that would defeat some of the game mechanics.
But ability to move more stuff such as boxes, furniture and barrels, both indoors and outdoors to some degree. That would make some things more interesting.
Not where one put a whole barrel in the backpack and carrying it to the other side of the island.
Just slowly pushing a box or a barrel very slowly and with a lot of effort so it doesn't become game-defeating feature. A makeshift shelter or block off an entrance. Or to slowly move that box a bit aside to reveal some candy bars or rifle rounds behind it.

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On 3/24/2022 at 10:32 PM, Jeremy4200 said:

I think binoculars would help also!

yes. there's a lot of times where i wish i had binoculars. like if i'm up on a hill, and i can see the trapper's cabin, but the game won't render the moose because it's out of range, then i come running up another hill, only for the moose to stomp on my ribs. this has never happened to me, but i bet it's happened to someone.

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